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basically, not much has changed between then and now for Allstate.
a classic EFH commercial
Nothing like a fine beer at the end of a long day skiing
Equitable was a big name in Baltimore when I was a kid.
who knew that IBM was in the copier business at one time?
The '84 Superbowl must have been full of technology ads.
Everyone remembers the Apple spot, yet nobody remembers this gem?
You could say that about many smokers today.
That is pretty cool. I could never suck the cigarette out of the pack like that without looking like a fool.
I love the winston jingle. You never see these kinds of things in ads anymore.
Ah, the imfamous Selectric III!
It's amazing how different this company was in the 70's to now, and yet how the same.
A classic Apple piece.
I'm sorry, but these "mac/pc" ads just aren't, IMHO, all that stunning. They seem to play to a lot of outdated stereotypes, which really have become irrelevant in the last five years or so.