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(insert ironic comment here)
Det undrar jag med. Och vi är inte ensamma om det:
After Adriana Lima, this advert makes total sense. Just not very good sense.
Coloribus ADmirror has several of these
I wanna a fur hat like that
This is without a doubt worth a TED Prize. At least.
Hmmm... That was ok, but I think these South Park avatars are a lot more "life-like"...
I like the rant part
Best ADDY promos since the "When I grow up I wanna work in advertising" work. Kudos.
Reminds me of the old FedEx "10 Things" spot.
Caught in the act...
Nu är jag hungrig...
Old Spices' "Responses" have really put the "social" back into social media campaigns. Thumbs up.
Du, jag är ju omringad av tyskar. Hjälp mig! ;)
I have a problem with this headline. I can't see that this stunt has backfired one bit. It's only further revealed just how deeply rooted in traditional ways of thinking most Swedish politicans are...