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"I pee with LGBT" has to be the worst tagline of all time.
Sweden blocked Julian Assange, and he's pointing it out to draw attention to the flimsy rape case in Sweden which had him eventually holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy....
@passionatechica @sweden...
The workitkitty website is now some sort of scam site talking about credit cards. Those websites never stay up long, do they?
Goodness, you guys are quite sarcastic, aren't you?
This has to be the only adsite where the comments veer into Dworkin, and the main writer joins in to correct the absurd misconceptions about her body of work. And they say people in our industry are...
Yes, it's stupid. If they're not sending the chicken into space it's just a silly retro-looking ad, mocking the space race which is fair enough as a concept. But if they're actually going to send a...
This will go down in history as one of the biggest advertising stunts that ever was. KFC and their space-chicken can suck it.
Looking back at this now that vaping has become big business... It kind of worked, didn't it?
This is just a long fail.
This is brilliantly weird.

The Dead Rockers Dr Marten ads that got Saatchi fired should be on the list. They were everywhere.
Somebody had to do it.
The animated sushi-car is adorable.
You are one warped puppy.
Holy shit, this was a carbon copy as well.