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Look's like Viral Boy is having server trouble, so it's probebly gone viral and knocked it over. I'll let you know when its back up.
And now the Asa Bailey clip has been seeded on
, not only that it's gone straight in at number 1 on their top 20, thats 100,000
views a day right away. So there's not much chance...
Anyone got any images of this yet ??
Yes you silly bint - there on your shoulders.
Oh well bugger me backwards; I wonder who put them there?
See evil baby - top right!
Its just a very lame, non funny idea full stop.
and it looks crap
and its a copy of some much better ads
and it looks crap
It's bloody new years eve - what do I know about anything, I should be well...
Oh what DNS fun we have
Oh no,
I have posted a full update to dabitch. I'll leve it up to her to release the
next episode in this mad crazy game.
Just to put this one right.
Some posts have questioned the attack by the viral team as being misguided
as O&M use Ogilvy as its worldwide brand, OK fine, but can any one explain
this then......
Have you taken a look at this little ditty that if figures are to go by, it has
already entered the viral hall of fame. Shame there was not a real brand attached,
its a stunt for their production co...
The team only let it out on Saturday afternoon - when they showed it me, they say they did it at the weekend, to at least get 48 hours out of it before the lawyers
Not t o look a noob but what's a badlander? anyone?
It's a pint of Guinness if you please my lady...
Who me! (Whistles and looks all innocent)