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uh, I like the Apple 1984 bashing. Yes Apple your customers have become drones
why is one of the guards wearing a watch?????????????
I wish all catholic models would do these kind of ads. @kaliganges: They are real feathers from an adopted ostrich
Kind a creepy with James Lipton in your lockerroom, no?
If it' was once a good idea it'll be twice as good if you redo it
That way of thinking is what started the whole ponzi-bubble-slide-to-hell. What's next. Will work for stock-futures? Aaargh will it never end. People, please say no to this one.
It's on the Cannes shortlist. We'll see how it places.
droooooooooooool. They make it look so easy and elegant.
It looks very much like the Danish flag. It could be a new logo for the Danish Soccer Association or maybe for the cherrywrapping company cherrox. But you're all missing the big mistake. The name!...
These models aren't paid enough!
Agency Spy has removed the post
but googles cache does not forget that easily.
Do I need to print out something on both sides of the paper and photocopy what I've just printed onto both sides?? What a mess. And how stressfull.
Denmark didn't make it to the World Cup, so we have nothing to celebrate. Coke taunts our nation and I will never drink a Coke ever again.
EU + swans = Bird flue (H5N1 virus). They should have seen this one coming - every year.
It read 666 the number of the beast, the bottle was Smirnoff, fit for a feast.
Devildemons played football, and our soccer heroes near greased
in a film where special effects were spared, not in the...