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We are so frickin‘ insane over here about the dumbest of shit in ads.
I think I've ranted about each one of these at some point, cool to see them all in one place.
#3 is one where I’ll say I prefer a link because I get huge clips from people sometimes, then I have to...
@stimulans-In my mnd the cars are irrelevant though, the core idea is the same, no?
Maybe it's like Hugh's Gapingvoid but from a stalker. He leaves bc cards behind of the ones he follows?
Or not. 
Uh, the Rooney one is miles better because Nike did it. First. ;-p
That shit is brilliant and funny.
I’m waiting for someone to bring John Belushi back. That’d be a real hoot.
I knew the Careerbuilder chimps would find work.
I think it works.
While I can see the idea is the inspired by Dove, I don’t mind. It’s taking it a step further and I agree, at least they're talking with real people in mind. Certainly not the Uber Sex Nazis who...
I doubt Greenpeace would mind. For orgs like them and PETA, any PR is good PR.
All I can say to the Kodak thing is wow.
And if they pick the right airline, that's more 'mindshare' with the brand as they wait for their delayed flight.
I always knew he was a Druid.
Shower kid - bad ad of the year. By far. So bad it's, well, still pretty bad.
Ford's Bold Moves? Not so much. Now they’ll merge with Toyota.
Head On = headache.
Not yanking Da, ;-p, it's all good. I came in last year on the blog thing after it started. (I'm always late like that.) Just saying there are differences in the blogs like you say, and hi-traffic...