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This is a nice analogy.
Let's see how a misleading campaign can be created:
See, a perfect example of making things right. :D
Yeah, I realised that it might be too harsh.
aha, look at the group leader of the angry group. lol
I am soooo sorry that your heart full of self-righteousness has been hurt in such a horrible way. LMAO
You can always pick up the tiny problems and deliberately missing out the key points and the whole picture. Analogy does not necessarily mean that you need to provide the 100% precise counterparts...
Well, it looks like you are the one who is angry right now. LOL Maybe we can include Dabitch into the angry group you set up?
No one said that couple of press can indoctrinate an entire countries...
To DAbitch,
Let me make it easy for you to understand since it's quite clear that you are not good at using your brain.
Without the consent from the client, this time the AI, the adverts cannot be...
Oh, the campaign from the Swedish Youth Red Cross also used pictures taken in China duing an anti-trafikking practice, right?
I'm beginning to get really concerned about people's capability of...
Totally agree with nonothing.
The whole campaign is providing nothing but biased information to young people in Sweden. The outcome is quite predictable: the hatred against China will be put into...
AI does not need to worry about its singals sent to China being considered as "too nagative" since it has no credibility or whatsoever amongst Chinese people. Hence, no one in China would pay the...