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Clever. With all that green and no red circle+stripe through, it might be just a teensy bit weak. Hella nice looking instead.
This is the exact same idea as a Nissan 4x4 campaign done by TBWA/Paris where undiscovered animals were discovered. Here are the examples
Does anyone know who did this ad?
Although nicely done, I must say it's nowhere near as good as the print execution of the same ad and idea. I wonder though, which did Erik Vervroegen and his team think of first, the TV or the...
Yeah, it's pretty neat but th eonly problem is that they played around with the font a bit too much and the first letter doesn't really mean anything. There was an article in CAMPAIGN magazine here...
Yes, it's similar but you have to admit that the second ad (verb) has so many more layers and meaning. They made better use of the sun as the ball element here.
Yeah, I doubt this ad would ever run. It's a kick in the gut. Not sure if I like it or hate it...which of course gives the ad all it needs to become a viral.