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Right, yes that was quite pathetic.
At first I really wanted to see the silver lining and thought "gee, isn't it great that there is so little actual racism in Sweden these days that Center Against...
Wow. that. is. really. bad.
Don't mind me, but haven't they already launched a 3rd one - with the half Muscle Car and the Iron Maiden song and the bubbles...???
why is the wii character totally retarded?
i have loved this since i saw it the first time!
i haven't, and besides, why do some people still think that beatles songs are still widely recognised?
ask an average myspace kid - or the majority of anyone under 40 - about his favourite beatles'...
i appreciate the problem, but from a client & agency perspective, the odds of anyone seeing both (let alone remembering both) are so minutely small.
that being said, it's a nice little idea, but...
maybe it's the one scene where he is young, which is from bond. in any case, he may have done 100 other movies, but bond is what he is remembered for... anyone for entrapment eh?
oh roger m did drive a 2cv in FYEO in one of the most memorable bond car chases ever... surely they could have updated it with better effect :)
it is definitely off...maybe fun for those of us advertising wankers in the universe who also happen to be music idiot savants. what of the other 99.9999999% of people who don't get off on this type...
damn, what was the budget on that sucker? (and it's a shameless badlander)
saw the article last week! congratulations, it's well deserved for the great work you do here on adland!!!!
agree with dab... thank g-d for ngo clients! :)
it's always easy to be a naysayer, but it feels like they could have done so much more with this.... the whole execution just sorta falls flat and isn't all that enjoyable... it's a shame.
opel corsa? how flat. but not exactly as in flat eric.
funny thing about buzz, it doesn't seem there's been all that much interest in any of the cmon stuff on youtube... this wreaks of expensive marketing campaign gone sour...