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Take 3.
Maybe they'll show up with a concept this time.
I bet the brief said "they think they are fat".
A visual itteration of the literal.
Not groundbreaking or even good.
It's like working on bleach where the directive is:
"It makes things white"....
It's very Fischerspoonery.
I can see the headlines already.
"Gene Simmons found in 12 year old's mouth."
The Tupac one rules.
Get a haircut Hippies.
I've chowed here and it could only get better if you ate it off a stripper.
I'm on Lipitor now though.
The friggin dog pours the milk.
What did Tipper Gore do a Madonna and move the UK?
What a bunch of poosewahs.
What up now fistbump?
I work on this account.
Ok, the leaf guy used to actually be a cluster of Boysenberries.
Then FOTL decided maybe it was a little too similar to the grape
cluster so they made him a yellow leafy "...
If I approved ads like this, I'd drink & drive too Pete.
C'mon, making fun of these kids is like booing at the Special Olympics.
This ad single handedly ruins the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune for me everyday.
I'm more of a well-patch man anyhow.
Maybe the new one will actually have a concept.
They should do the Russian ref with 8 arms. All holding red and yellow cards.
Freedom haters.