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A little weird, but still quite cute.
I love this one. The baby even has makeup!
That could not possibly be any more adorable. Nice one, Disney.
This may be the best possible way to sell to dads. I know it would work on mine.
That guy is trying to read Ulysses on vacation.
Don't think I've ever seen glow in the dark ads before. Pretty neat, although this is super creepy (as it is obviously intended to be.) I wonder if Disney is ok with the using all those Winnie the...
I'm a Mac user, so I guess I like these ads too much, but I really love this one. My PC died on me ALL the time, exactly like the PC in this one .
A little cuter than the Tigger toy they made.
Great use of repetition. Didn't really like the chocolate oreos, though.
She's not gonna get too far wearing those shoes all day, but this one did give me chills the first time I saw it. So sweet!
Turns milk blue -- but not you!
Nowhere near as awesome as the Mickey's Magix cereal.
It looks like a Dove commercial, or the Dove commercials look like this one. I guess advertising a hotel is kind of difficult, though.
I love the idea, but I don't like that this ad is totally useless if you're in a bar or at the gym.
The whole style of this set of animations is wonderful.
Fun commercial, but it doesn't make sense that that wall didn't have the inside of a building behind it.