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Great surprise. Where were those ads (?) published? Seems like that other campaign playing with words (like "penisland") - I never saw that anywhere.
Great that you're back. I got really worried. Wish I could help. Kisses and hugs for you and your girl.
Hey... Just woke up... where am I? I waited for you guys until the 7th caipirinha, then I don't recall anything.
Well, congratulations. A lot. You people deserve it. Adland is great, it's helpful and I make a point in stopping by everyday. Dabitch and the whole team, thanks for your great job. No wonder Adland...
Just one correction: I believe they're not Brazil print ads, but ARGENTINA print ads (Buenos Aires).
May you be very happy and blessed,Caffeinegoddess.
And what a beautiful and cute little girl you have, Dabitch. Congratulations to you all.
Beautiful, skilled, smart... You're really dangerous. And thanks for everything in Adland.
First of all: it's great to be an adgrunt. You don't know how much you've helped me; besides, it's always a pleasure to read your notes.
Congratulations; thanks for being there.
Wow, Dabitch. Loved to see your picture. Guess now you have lots of new brazilian admirers...