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Yay its over for me!!!!! Until next time. Slayin' spots and dolin' out shots.
Yes, I commented on Vizio in the Third Quarter section, my bad.
Taco Bell is also serving restraining orders.
And is MC Hammer sober?
Cash4Gold, is Ed actually dead in that spot?
Coke spoofing Coke was great, I love that stuff,
Hey Vizio-
Don't you tell me what TV to buy.
Don't tell me my brand new 46" HiDef LCD isn't as good as yours.
Go f*ck yourselves.
Snooty ads don't work.
Hyundai's Assurance thing where you can return the car if you can't pay for it, really sets a bad precedent. We're trying to fix the economy, not f*ck it up more. Idiots.
Ok. Celebrity Apprentice. So is Jesse James going to make a Trump bike? It's a shame Dennis Rodman isn't in a dress. Imagine a drunk Dice Clay getting it on with a drag queen Dennis?
Kellogg figured out how to make metal out of plants. Holy shit!! This could be really usefull.
Coke showed me that bugs can work together. Now if congress could only...ahh never mind.
Thanks Carreerbuilder, funny spot
I want to punch the koala too!
Thank you for the updated job listings. As the Moose continues to be fed, the outcome(no pun intended) benefits me less and less. As the moose's ass is directly above me, I...
OK, so Denny's has this thing going, its so-so. they could do so much more if they let the creative people just go. Don't censor them, let them be edgy. Oh no, but we don't want to offend....
Bridgestone lays out the phat House of Pain track-very cool. Then we get to see the looted rover, I laughed real hard!