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PS. Yo Dabz, no mention of the apple vs. the state of NY thing?
Toot-toot! ;)
LOL! Yeah I second that.
I don't know if that german woman is a celeb or not, but not having seen her before makes it all the more bizarre and fun.
What's that last line, "now let's get you back to the internet" - ?
I had a little trouble viewing it for some reason but I did pick up bunny-Clockwork Orange and bunny-Gladiator.
I don't know what the situation is with Europe, but it bugs me how none of these music services are available in the country I'm in. The www is supposed to be world-wide.
They tried to make the applicator look as phallic as possible huh?
Yeah, but they must've got some help getting on to those chairs. They seem rather high.
I really like planbdextrous but I don't get sumpnspicious.
oh wait. I got it.
You brushed by the main point just at the end there. Volvo used to be an independent company -- now they are owned by ford. I seem to remember something here recently saying that Ford is the least...
Wow, Nice. I particularly like the shoulders one.
That MotherLondon URL needs a slight tweak.
I like the first one. Qite funny. And besides, last time I looked I didn't bear much resemblance to a kiwi fruit.
Wow congratz on giving up the fags Dab ;) Y'know... since you mentioned it.
Wow. Lucky I'm a white male aged 25-49 or I might've thought I was havin an acid flashback.
Why the heck can't they make dancin' shoes for boys?
I wonder if this defense would work: "Who the heck is Tom Waites? We were ripping Rolph the Dog from the Muppets!"