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I remember the other ad, but this is specifically referencing MacGruber, the SNL skit.
Sounds like they added a little ominous music this year.
Wait--what was the place?!? It's a cliffhanger!!!
Man, Schlitz drinkers are active!
A woman? Wha--!?!??
I do miss 70's stunts, but there's no way a two-wheel drive Ford truck can do that mess. My '91 F150 gets stuck in flat ground...with grass...after a moderately light rain.
Whoa! Wine advertisement on the Superbowl? Where's the cleavage? Where's the Cheesy Poofs?
Pretty classy!
Man, what a jingle. Never even heard of Hamm's. That bear made sure to lick every drop of it off the basketball, though.
I remember back in red meat prohibition...those speakeasy passwords were brutal...
Let's see Xerox shell out for sixty seconds of Superbowl airtime now.
Classic commercial.
:I can't get it on, honey, you do it!
Wow...five stars..
Feels a tad more like modern Superbowl commercials.