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The #Canneslions must have apps & must follow for those stuck at the office

This year there's no David on Demand, but don't fret, with Luke McCarthy as @LionsFringe with a daily video blog on Canneslionsblog Vimeo you can be a fly on the wall anyway.

If you are attending Cannes lions, make sue to prep your smartphone with Campaigns Festival app, which helps you keep track of the must-see seminars and meetups you want to catch.


Place your bets people: Cannes Lions worthy ads - Craft / Film. (part 2)

Canal Plus went all out when they announced their show about Carlos, the father of modern terrorism. From the point of view of street witness, we roll around in an explosion in reverse, to end on the ticking before the blast.


Place your bets people: Cannes Lions worthy ads we're rooting for. (part 1)

"My diaper is full. Full of chic" - will the fashion diaper fad please the Cannes jury, even if the trend is three years late overseas?


Ad Age Global cover winners: G2/Grey Group in Ho Chi Minh City.

Taking inspiration from a stained glass window, the cover is a kaleidoscope of brands interconnected created by Nguyen Tuong Luan, Art Director Nguyen An Hoa and Copywriter Do Duy Thien, who work at G2/Grey Group in Ho Chi Minh City.

Have a look at the colorful and clever covers here: 18 Finalists From 7 Countries.

The team tell of their late night coffee break which lead to the idea here.


We'll be in Cannes - will you?

As Steve Hall of Adrants already announced, New York-based Cake Group has launched Yahoo Scene that will cover the advertising industry's most high-profile events. Cannes Lions 2011 is of course exactly that.

Writers for the site will include practitioners from various corners of the industry including several from iCrossing. Former Adrants Editor and current AdVerve Co-Host Angela Natividad will join the team for Cannes coverage as will Ask Wappling, publisher of the famed Adland. We absolutely can't wait to see that trio of awesomeness in action.

Trio of awesomeness? I think this means we'll be dressing up as the PowerPuff girls, Angela as Buttercup, me as Blossom and somehow we'll get Steve with his platinum hair into a blue dress as Bubbles. Maybe I'm reading too much into that.

Those who follow @dabitch alone on twitter might wanna hit up @adland as that's where all the gossipy who-won-what tweets will be coming from. Cheers!


Watch the Future Lions Finalists (and place your bets on the winner)....

Here's the future lions entries, we has a peek at the entries earlier, but not everyone made it to the finals. The White Bull Army didn't. There are some really nice ideas here, enjoy.

Nike - run.

1. september 2011 six gold coins will be dropped. Rio, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and New York.
Pick one up with your smart phone. Then you've got one hour. To run as far as you can. You have one shot only.
It's gonna be intense.
AD/Creative: Torstein Søreide Skogedal


Can't go to Cannes? Go to Cannt (London)

Cannt is taking the party to you guys who can't make it to the south of France. It's a bit of fun, networking and inspiration while sticking it out in the cruel summer.

Welcome to Cannt.
This year, Creative Directors and their agencies the UK over want to thank the many people that work on the projects that make them look good on The Croisette during the Cannes Festival, but don’t get to go.
We have a "Gutter Bar" in East London, and link-ups to Cannes through the "Gutterbarometer" app so popular at last year’s Cannes festival; and through live broadcasts from judges and visitors at the festival.


W+K Amsterdam are planning a non navel-gazing workshop in Cannes

Friday June 24th between 10 am and 12 pm W+K Amsterdam have Lieutenant Colonel Chris Paton, from the Royal marines, and Gurleen M Puri, a wedding planner, hosting a planning workshop blissfully free of any agency sc


Ask Patti Smith, Sir Martin Sorrel, Robert Redford or any Cannes Speaker a question via twitter

Fancy asking one of the speakers in Cannes a question? Want to know what Sir John Hegarty or Chuck Porter thinks about something? Want to know Martha Stewart or Pharrell Williams take on creativity? You can ask them questions by tweeting - using the hashtag #CannesQ . If twitter isn't your cup of tea, you can also ask via the Cannes Lions Facebook page, either as a message or as a video. Yes, as video! If you want to make a video question, just upload it to your own YouTube account and then either Tweet the link (again using the #CannesQ tag) or put the link on the Cannes Lions Facebook page. Ta-dah. Philip Thomas, the CEO of Cannes Lions give a quick how-to here.


Hey Mom, what do you think of my portfolio?

Just look at that disapproving face. Portfolio Night 9 is coming up and to do a dry run, portfolios were critiqued.... by Moms. Well played, Portfolionight.

In preparation for Portfolio Night 9, we talked to moms about advertising. And filmed it. The resulting video is totally unscripted. And totally hot. Just kidding. Over to you, Mom.

Tickets are still available for the May 26 event. Visit And give Mom a hug.