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Twitter contest: submit photos of the Russian wildfire #smog & compete for new HTC phone

The wildfires in Russia are devastating and Russian troops are busy digging canals to protect nuclear sites.

"I woke up this morning, looked out of the window and saw a monstrous situation," said President Dmitry Medvedev. "We all want this heat wave to pass, but this is not in our hands, it is decided above."

But if there's one thing Russians are good at, it's making lemonade. While smoke rolls in over the cities, HTC started twitter contest for the best smoke photo, and a chance to win the new HTC Wildfire smartphone. You play by snapping a good photo and then hashtagging it #HTC_Wildfire and #smog. There hasn't been a press release yet, but Russians are already sending in lots of pictures to twitter - for us not eligible to compete it provides a realtime update of the current smog situation.

Maybe HTC should give these guys, who were suddenly surrounded by fire after driving into a village to help a phone as well, that footage can't be beat. (scary!)


Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” has been nominated for four MTV Music Video Awards

Great news! Ever believe that a video can sell a song? I have this idea that some songs are made better by the right video, and I've been crazy about "Dog days are over" all spring and summer. In fact ever since I first saw the video for it, directed by Legs’ Georgie Greville & Geremy Jasper via Rokkit. Florence as some sort of magical witch-shaman, who dances about love and brings forth beehived purple women, drumming giants and cape-clad harp players added visual poetry to the already poetic lyrics. Please let it win MTV's video of the year: Granted "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" are good contenders too, my my the ladies are on top this year aren't they?

Read more for a Q&A with Legs' Georgie Greville & Geremy Jasper on Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over”


Luerzer's Archive Student of the Year 2010 Contest

Time to log onto Luerzer's Archive portal to elect the Student of the Year 2010. Professionals from throughout the world of advertising are once again invited to select the most promising new and up-and-coming talents.

Past experience has shown that the award can be a serious stepping stone for students looking to jumpstart their careers. Menno Kluin, for example, winner in 2005, is now a top creative on the advertising scene. The work he did for Saatchi & Saatchi New York earned him several Cannes Lions, and he's becoming equally successful at his present agency, Y&R, New York.

This year's winner again stands to scoop a trip to an international advertising festival plus the now legendary Lürzer's Achive Sixpack!

It would be wonderfully if you vote for us. But also check out other works. Cheers.


Get a job at Sterling Cooper- Mad Men Job Interview

OooH, thanks Leslie at burnsautoparts for sending this over, I can't get enough of Mad Men related hype right now, I'm on pins and needles waiting for the season to start again. Play The Mad Men Job Interview - Leslie got a gig as a copywriter and I.... oh my god, I'm an account manager. *sobs*

More visual fun with Mad Men can be had at the fan blog from the the fabulous and opinionated Tom and Lorenzo where each outfit is thoroughly dissected as it shows where the character wearing it is at. Shared this earlier on brandflakesforbreakfast which Bill Green, Ben Kunz and I are baby-sitting while Humongo are touring the states. We promise to keep the baby up late at night and feed it too much soda pop.


Amsterdam Loves Oranje (still) - Competition

I Amsterdam have a competition where you could win an Oranje IXUS 130 camera, or fabulous diamond from Gassan Diamonds with a value of 5000 euros! The english rules of engagement are available here.

The homecoming ceremony for Team Holland will be an unforgetable day and we would like to challenge you to put it to film! Think over-the-top orange-clad supporters watching the canal tour or a unique perspective of Amsterdam during the Museumplein ceremony.

The mystery Cannes lions winners: 1 scam and two repeats found?

Everyone knows by now that the Scrabble Billboard from Ogilvy Mexico was disqualified for a Press Grand Prix and had to make way for AlmapBBDO Brazil's press campaign for Billboard magazine. Reason? Scrabble had been submitted to Cannes last year and thus was too old to play. Bummer for Mexico.

But wait, what about The Cheer Dark campaign that can be found in Press Lions as a Bronze winner 2010?

Isn't that the same exact campaign that can be found in the Cannes Lions Press archives of 2009?

Granted, they got no award then, but then neither did Scrabble last year.


Can we talk about the Titanium & Integrated awards now?

I was way up on the balcony tweeting away when the Titanium winner was announced, Twelpforce, and as the applause began I clearly heard several audible "What!?" from the people around me in the audience.

It didn't take long before all of twitter was aflame with people wondering what the hell happened. Has Titanium become the "twitter award"? The Cannes Titanium Badlander is but a distant memory, everyone recalls Obama's win last year, and even that confused half of the Croisette.

I don't envy the judges - even though it seems like fun to look at ads all day while having access to lovely french food, so I'd say hells yes if anyone asked me - as they scan through thousands upon thousands of entries with a infrared-gun, robotic as supermarket workers for days to whittle down the entries. What floats to the top is what everyone understands, what cuts through the clutter, what has impact, and more often than not what is familiar. If you've seen the twelpforce in action, you know what it is. Twelpforce are the Best Buy Blue shirted geek squad people reaching out on twitter with their geek-skills to reinforce the brand that is Best Buy. Not that you'd ever be able to tell from the name Twelpforce, which seems to be branding twitter more than Best Buy. Like those ads of yesteryear that spend valuable adspace stating "AOL keyword is..", but I digress.


Philips wins yet another Grand Prix, this time in "Craft" Cannes Lions

Jon Kamen, jury president of the Craft jury; - "It was a great privlege for us to have the opportunity to judge the first Craft category of Cannes Lions. I think it's a very important recognition of the artistry that goes into our work. We were quite challenged and almost daunted by the task of choosing correctly and putting our focus on a very specific category of craft. I was very fortunate to have such a dedicated jury with each one having different perspectives on the craft."

-"Our industry is quite unique in that, we still make something and it's about craftsmanship."

- "Sometimes you look at commercials, ad they are seemingly perfect, from the perspective of just an idea. But if you then have to look at the very specific executions, you might see subtleties of change. Craftsmanship is a neccesity of life. It's in everything that we do, and we're very proud to look at this body of work and reward craft for the first time. Everything that we put on the shortlist, is superb. We really had a bit of a problem saying "but which thing is better than the other?"
- "There were certain things that rose to the top like cream."


Improv everywhere at Cannes Lions.

Charlie Todd brief the audience at the Hill&Knowlton / Charlie Todd/ Improve everywhere seminar to stop by the next day and "create a scene of chaos and joy", or rather "to create the most exclusive party in the whole of Cannes."
Over 200 people joined in, waiting patiently for their turn to dance at the club of cool.


Have you been shortlisted asks @HvUBeenShrtlstd - Cannes Lions prize giveaway tweeter

Hmmm. What is this? @HvUBeenShrtlstd tweets everyone about The site has quite a few twitter-images of friends, well known ad-tweeters and the other usual suspects. Five hundred images to be exact, and it reveals only that

"500 have been chosen. Many will win. Watch it happen every day in Cannes."

Hmmmmm. I'm shortlisted, but I still have no idea what the prizes are one could win, nor if it's just a simple lottery. Swag? Free Uniqlo t-shirt? (yes please!) Helicopter rides to Monaco? A bottle of Dom? A fresh bottle of SPF factor 150 which I will desperately need by the end of the week? Either way, I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. Have you been shortlisted?