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Philips wins yet another Grand Prix, this time in "Craft" Cannes Lions

Jon Kamen, jury president of the Craft jury; - "It was a great privlege for us to have the opportunity to judge the first Craft category of Cannes Lions. I think it's a very important recognition of the artistry that goes into our work. We were quite challenged and almost daunted by the task of choosing correctly and putting our focus on a very specific category of craft. I was very fortunate to have such a dedicated jury with each one having different perspectives on the craft."

-"Our industry is quite unique in that, we still make something and it's about craftsmanship."

- "Sometimes you look at commercials, ad they are seemingly perfect, from the perspective of just an idea. But if you then have to look at the very specific executions, you might see subtleties of change. Craftsmanship is a neccesity of life. It's in everything that we do, and we're very proud to look at this body of work and reward craft for the first time. Everything that we put on the shortlist, is superb. We really had a bit of a problem saying "but which thing is better than the other?"
- "There were certain things that rose to the top like cream."


Improv everywhere at Cannes Lions.

Charlie Todd brief the audience at the Hill&Knowlton / Charlie Todd/ Improve everywhere seminar to stop by the next day and "create a scene of chaos and joy", or rather "to create the most exclusive party in the whole of Cannes."
Over 200 people joined in, waiting patiently for their turn to dance at the club of cool.


Have you been shortlisted asks @HvUBeenShrtlstd - Cannes Lions prize giveaway tweeter

Hmmm. What is this? @HvUBeenShrtlstd tweets everyone about The site has quite a few twitter-images of friends, well known ad-tweeters and the other usual suspects. Five hundred images to be exact, and it reveals only that

"500 have been chosen. Many will win. Watch it happen every day in Cannes."

Hmmmmm. I'm shortlisted, but I still have no idea what the prizes are one could win, nor if it's just a simple lottery. Swag? Free Uniqlo t-shirt? (yes please!) Helicopter rides to Monaco? A bottle of Dom? A fresh bottle of SPF factor 150 which I will desperately need by the end of the week? Either way, I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. Have you been shortlisted?


Fancy seeing Goldfrapp the glitter-vampire live? Win tickets to gig in NYC

You know I'm just posting this because I needed an excuse to point to this crazy video again - the one where aerobic-gals eat death metal men. You can win a free pair of tickets to see Goldfrapp in NYC on 6/23 if you caption this crazy video. You need to be armed with a facebook account and some creativity, head over to Baeblemusic's caption contest page, and sign into using Facebook Connect to post a caption.

Massive Music anno 2000

MassiveMusic celebrates tenth anniversary with kick-ass party in Cannes

In the summer of 2000, MassiveMusic heralded its birth with a rollicking party on a beach in Cannes during the annual International Advertising Festival. Next week on the 23rd of June,
MassiveMusic will host its 10th party, celebrating the company's anniversary with clients and friends on that same beach in Cannes.

My god, has it really been ten years since we threw that Political Party Party on the beaches of Cannes? The small musical hot shop seedling in Amsterdam has grown to a large tree with many branches. Famed for their festival parties, MassiveMusic actually uses them to get business done, as they did at another party in Cannes 2004 when: "We had business intercourse with some Americans", jokes Brouwer, and that was when MassiveMusic NewYork became a fact, it opened in 2005. LA quickly followed, opening its doors in 2008 and was soon working on tracks for high-profile clients. A year later, ex-MassiveMusic Amsterdam creative director Diederik van Middelkoop set up the Shanghai studio, becoming the first international music production company in China. MassiveMusic are everywhere - quick guess who made the sound on Nike: Write the future? See? Everywhere!

BP logo redesign contest

BP logo redesign contest, mock the oilspill & collect 200

More mocking of BP! The Greenpeace logo redesign competition wasn't enough, now there's a brief up on Logo My way where you could win $200 if you come up with a more creative way of mocking that oilspill. There's already a few really funny ones among the 479 entries, like the dead fish logo, but you have two days left to get cracking answering the brief, which reads;

Top Three Things to Communicate Through Our Logo Design:
#1 Oil spill disaster - Toxic
#2 Death of wildlife
#3 Incompetence

Yeah, BP, after that oil spill is cleared up you're going to have your hands full cleaning up your brand. /obvious

Previous BP
The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct. #bpcares
Even car makers like Fiat hate BP now
Leroy Stick behind BPGlobalPR speaks out: The best way to get people to respect your brand? Be respectable.
If Cannes Lions had a "worst PR" category, BP and Israel would compete for the Grand Prix


We interrupt all this Cannes-chatter to talk about the anti-Cannes Wrath Of Cannes

Yes kids, the Wrath of Cannes is back, and they start the alternative festival with a loud mocking of the over-use of the word content that has been a plague in advertising, marketing speak and in even taxi-drivers vocabulary lately.

Now in its 4th year, Wrath of Cannes—known as the “other” awards show—is a bitter response to the self-congratulating, glad-handing, marblebag-wearing, Dom-swilling, bronzer-slathered soirees that fester up on the beach in Cannes. But make no mistake, Wrath of Cannes’ creators—indie agency Woods Witt Dealy & Sons—would rather be there. So it’s time you kicked back with a foolish, boozy, pointless celebration of the best work your overworked and underpaid souls can muster.
Now, what exactly is Cannes-tent? It is anything on video. Is a television commercial Cannes-tent? Yes. Is a print ad Cannes-tent? No. Is a video of a print ad Cannes-tent? Obviously.
Entrants must be junior level (2 years experience or less) or have absolutely no experience at all. There is no call for entry, no paper work and no entry fee. Just be sure to bring your Cannes-tent—on a thumb drive, or other removable media—by 8pm the night of the show. Entries will be judged in real-time, and The Grand Coney will be awarded at the end of the night.
When: Wednesday, June 23 @ 7pm
Where: Kabin (92 2nd Ave bet 5th/6th St)

Let us know if you can make it. Whether you enter or not, come for the $1 cans of Butternuts Beer & Ale (that’s less than a euro). And remember, Those who can go to Cannes. Those who can't go to the Kabin.

Like all the cools kids, Wrath of cannes is everywhere on social media (spreading content!), they have a facebook page, an adgrunt account Grandconeycam which they used to Bambuse from their party LIVE last year, and a twitter feed @WrathofCannes


David is your subservient Cannes-barfly, meanwhile adage tweets from the gutter bar

Hold on to your hats people, Cannes Lions fest will be tweeted, bambused and sent live like no other!

Adage launched their little barfly-spy @GutterTweets where you can expect to find lots of loose lips. Everyone follow right now.

Then, David on Demand comes along and ups the ante, he has webcam enabled glasses, and anything he sees you see. Follow @DavidonDemand to see what he is up to and bark order at him like he's you bitch. He even offers one idea ; you tweet me to go jump in the fountain at the Martinez, I'll do it. I will tweet him right now, it's the pool, not the fountain. ;) I'm sure we can think up quite a few things we'd like to see him do, and some we'd rather not.

Wrath of Cannes are still not going, expect them to be seen here instead like last year, on the Bambuser page, which is the page where any adgrunt can send live video to, so if you are going to Cannes, don't forget to set up your account (see faq for help) for this and lets see if we can't film David on Demand as he films us making it all so very meta.

Detroit Public Schools - I'm In

Detroit Public Schools’ “I’m in.” from Leo Burnett won Grand Effie last night

To sum up lasts nights Effective Advertising awards - Omnicom has Most Effie Wins, WPP Wins Most Golds

The Detroit Public Schools’ “I’m in.” campaign, created by Leo Burnett as a movement to save the city’s school system, captured the Grand Effie Award at the 42nd Annual North America Effie Awards, which was held last night at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York. Since 1968, winning an Effie award has become a global symbol of achievement, as the Effies honor marketing ideas that work.

The most effective advertising and marketing services holding companies include Omnicom (31 wins) and WPP (24 wins), with WPP bringing home the most Golds (11) while independent agencies won (32) Effie Awards. Saatchi & Saatchi, part of the Publicis Group, landed the most Golds of any agency in the competition (4). Goodby Silverstein & Partners, JWT and PR Agency Dig Communications won 3 Gold Effie Awards each. MillerCoors and Ford Motor Company are the marketers with the most Golds (3 and 2 respectively).

The Grand Effie Award was deliberated by a jury of esteemed marketers on the day of the ceremony. Grand Effie Award finalists (top scoring campaigns, which were also Gold winners) included Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab’s “There's an App for That.”; Ford Motor Company and Team Detroit’s “Drive One 4 UR School”; Hyundai and Goodby, Silverstein and Partners’ “Assurance”; Kraft Beverages- Capri Sun and Ogilvy & Mather’s “Respect the Pouch”; Miller High Life and Saatchi & Saatchi and Dig Communications’ “1 Second Ad Campaign”; People's City Mission and Bailey Lauerman’s “Great Coffee for the Greater Good”; and Thirteen Reasons Why (a novel) and Grey’s “Thirteen Reasons Why Viral Campaign”.

“I’m in.” was a Grand Effie finalist and Gold winner in the Government/Institutional/Recruitment category.  It also won a Silver Effie in both the Small Budgets – Services and GoodWorks – Non-Profit categories. Contributing agencies credited included Berg Muirhead and Associates, Brian Alexander Productions and their media partner, Starcom.

According to Leo Burnett’s Effie Awards entry: In March 2009, Detroit Public Schools was facing bankruptcy, a $305 million deficit, a decade-plus of substantially declining enrollment and now the public backlash of closing 29 schools. All told, the schools could lose as many as 16,750 students for the 2009-2010 school year and millions in funding. The schools needed city families to believe great things happen there. The schools didn’t need ads but rather a movement. They got one. Results exceeded their enrollment projections and generated the $49 million in funding necessary for financial viability.

Carl Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Effie Worldwide, Inc. and Co-Founder of Anomaly, said that today’s Grand Effie deliberation was one of the hardest decisions in recent years due to the level of excellence displayed by the finalists. Past Grand Effie winner Apple once again demonstrated their mastery of communications strategy with massive sales success, while Hyundai acted with boldness, simplicity and insight to perfectly gauge the mood of a nation allowing them to reverse the dynamics of an entire category.

“Our deserved winner is Detroit Public Schools who took on a challenge decades in the making,” said Johnson. “Acting with passion and proactivity, they reversed the negative perceptions surrounding their schools with a powerful and engaging multimedia campaign that moved people emotionally, inspired them to get involved and resulted in them being entrusted with people’s most valued possessions-their children’s futures.”

A complete list of winners can be found on>.

Winners of the Media Effie Awards follow.

Cannes lions winners 2010

What will win in Cannes? Place your bets people.... here's ours.

It's 15 days until Cannes Lions Fest and we know that Spike Jonze, Ben Stiller and Yoko Ono will be there as well as Uniqlo with their T-shirt competition, the silverbacks Sir Martin Sorrel, Maurice Lévy, the creative leaders David Droga, Jeff Goodby, Akira Kagami, Marcello Serpa, Mark Tutssel, Erik Vervroegen and Fernando Vega Olmos as well as the godfather of flashmobs Charlie Todd.

But enough of the namedropping, who will win? Lets guess and place our bets in the office pool shall we?