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For the creative who has everything

The book Cutting Edge advertising has found it's way here thanks to Neil French, who wrote the foreword, and Jim Aitchison who wrote the book, he promptly donated a signed copy of the book as soon as he heard we'd been naggin the publishing houses for a copy.

I heard the book was a good read - nine out of ten Adlisters prefer it - and with a shiny new copy in my lap I am about to find out.


...and the winners are:

The lucky winners of the Epica awards reels are;

user adgrunt "Me" who wins the "Best of Epica" reel, adgrunt "raresh" who wins the Epica 1999 reel.


And since no-one has replied to emails regarding the signed Luke Sullivan "Hey Whipple" book there has been another draw - and adgrunt HaHaSoup wins that one. Winners have been notified via email, only signed up adgrunts are able to win. Sign up & sign in to automagically to participate.


Calling all N.Y. Adlisters and perhaps a few Adlanders

This coming Thursday - the 19th of October 2000 - at eight p.m. (that's 20.00 hours) Dabitch is in New York City hanging with a bunch of New York Adlisters at the White Horse Tavern.

The White Horse is conveniently located at the corner of Hudson and 11th Street and is for those of you who didn't know - the place where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death. We think it's appropriate.

Dylan himself might be there - as it is said his ghost occasionally returns to rotate his favorite corner table.


Winner of the Luke Sullivan Book

netspirit - user number 69 - is the lucky guy/gal who won the signed "Hey Whipple" book. I've sent netspirit an email and will mail the book off as soon as I get a reply. Netspirit is shy gal/guy with no user information or extras - so I'm just guessing that he/she is in the states (the real email ends with .com) So far There have been british american and romainian winners of the competitions here. For all you others - better luck next time.


Win the Epica Videos!

Here we go again - I asked Maureen Lynch and Andrew Rawlins over the Epica Awards if they might have an extra annual lying around - and they don't - they can never print enough of them it seems because everybody wants one, but they did send something even better.( Don't forget, deadline for entry in the Epica's is the 29th!)


Win Luke Sullivan's Book

I can't believe I'm giving this away, it looks so much better than mine - which I accidently dropped in the bath while reading it - a crisp clean paperback of "Hey Whipple Squeeze this" kindly donated by Luke Sullivan the chief good guy over at Westwayne. But yes I'm giving it way, in the tradition of the user-lottery, if you are a user, you have already bought a ticket, if you aren't, sign up now. And don't keep this a secret, tell a friend!


Winners have been notified


Win the St Luke's Creative Company Book!

So you missed your chance to win the signed KesselsKramer book or toys, and now you want in? Well don't despair, thanks to our favorite St Luke's CW Andy Lockley and his lovely collegue Paula there is a Creative Company book to win! "Creative Company! or "How St Luke's became the ad agency to end all ad agencies" is written by Andy Law and published by Adweek.


Which comic do you think should win the signed KesselsKramer book?

Here they are, the brave pens who are competing for the signed KesselsKramer book and toys. The deal is, look through the images, choose your favorite one by number, and then vote. You can only vote once a day (based on IP numbers) and voting will continue until this friday, when the comic with the most votes wins and the others get the KesselsKramer toy prizes.
Click to see comics. (warning, several images on one page, 36 modems might take a while)


Winners Skew and Tigger.

Tigger and skew are the proud winners of Luke Sullivan's Hey Whipple book we announced earlier would be lotted out to users of ad-rag.

And no, maybe it isn't a coincidence that these two are active users (commenting and posting in the forums that is).

Not that I'm dropping hints like leadballons here....*blam*.

Congrats kids. They're in the post. One more book to go.