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Nine days left

You are sick of hearing me nag about it already - but here's another reminder about the YoungGuns award - ok??
September seven is deadlineday - and guess what - you can win a trip to Sydney!


John Webster MPEG release

This arrived from the youngguns.:BMPDDB's Webster Tries To Buy Illicit Street-Cred The Founding Father Of London's Sharpest Ad Shop Solicits Street-Gangs.

Don't miss John Webster, Founding Father of BMPDDB London hangin' with his home-boys in the hood. Webster is the star in the spot titled "Dance Moves", one of five executions in YoungGuns' "Legends of Advertising" campaign.


Dabitch is back (in New York City)

Since I'm so pleased that Adland is back online, I thought I'd throw a little party. You are all invited over to Justine's , 101 2nd street, between 1st avenue and A, on Saturday night at 10:30. The silver backroom is ours kids. I thought Justine's would be appropriate. Yes, it's an S&M bar, what else? Come and have a drink. I might spank you.


You got the guts to be a young gun?

We've spoken about the Young Guns 2001 awards here earlier , and now Michael Kean gives us the run-down on the why and how he helped found the new award which will be hosted in Australia this October. ....


Is Cannes the death of copy?

Seen the ads that win at Cannes over the years?
Do you see any ads with long copy?
No, my friends.
Blame it on the brilliant Brazilians. Or the Swedes.
The sad truth is in our pursuit for international recognition we


Paradisets last gasp wins Grand Prix

Paradisets latest and last campaign for Diesel won the Grand Prix in Cannes for press and Poster.


Time to buy some alka-zeltzer

Cannes Lions is far too soon! Their site revamped, they collected previous winners in a searchable database - bliss! It might be the most 'boring' Cannes Lions site you have ever seen, but it is by far the most useful one they have made. "which seminar did you go to?" is not as common of a question as "which party were you at last night?" , which reaches "did you see the shortlist?" levels of popularity by the middle of the week.. So do your homework: Where will you party once in Cannes?.............. listing here.


Creative Award in Slovakia Losing Credibility

March 2001 was a bad month for creativity in Slovakia. The national creative award Zlaty klinec (Golden Nail) was a big disappointment for many creatives and agency executives. The reason: too many ads awarded that noone would seriously call creative.


Andy and ADCN - and the guld

The international Andy awards are being handed out in New York tonight as the Dutch ADCN parties till dawn in an old warehouse. "Who won what?", "did it really - that piece of..", and "why didn't they enter in the awards?", will be the topic of discussion over free coctails most of the evening. In Sweden at Guldägget the topic will be "do the winners correspond to that list on Adland?". At least, that's why I will be watching.......

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Images Festival

You didn't forget that the Images Festival of independant Film and Video is between the 12th of April until the 22nd, did you?