Here they are, the brave pens who are competing for the signed KesselsKramer book and toys. The deal is, look through the images, choose your favorite one by number, and then vote. You can only vote once a day (based on IP numbers) and voting will continue until this friday, when the comic with the most votes wins and the others get the KesselsKramer toy prizes.
Click to see comics. (warning, several images on one page, 36 modems might take a while)

Tigger and skew are the proud winners of Luke Sullivan's Hey Whipple book we announced earlier would be lotted out to users of ad-rag.

And no, maybe it isn't a coincidence that these two are active users (commenting and posting in the forums that is).

Not that I'm dropping hints like leadballons here....*blam*.

Congrats kids. They're in the post. One more book to go.

Before the server-crash there was news about the KK book, after the booklaunch party, and where it was sold, like at Visitors didn't want to buy their own though, they wanted the one I had, because it is signed, well good news kiddo's, I got another book! Signed! And this one has your name on it! Kinda.

So who won the PottyMouthTM baby-T?
Chad Rea and me got together, to judge the best slogan of the lot.

Chad: "Hmm . . . lots of good suggestions, only two winners. So, what should the judging criteria be, then?"

Db: " It has to fit on a baby's belly? Short and Sweet?"

Chad: "Some people actually made intelligent comments on current social issues/attitudes. Unfortunately, the

You heard rumours about these shirts, you received emails about these shirts, you read articles about them (at Shots, no less) .. Now you want one!

If you haven't yet gone to PottyMouthTM to simply buy a PottyMouth-baby-T (a bargain at 20 bucks considering this is a very limited edition), you can win one here...

I have two (that's right - one for teeny girls with a pink dot, and one for little boys, with blue dot ...) of these "I'm proof that my Mom likes to fuck"- shirts here.

London strikes again, with saucy ad. The shot may look innocent at first, but only if you have an innocent mind and actually look people in the eye... And who does that in this day and age?