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Fred: "We're lucky, the crisis probably helped us win" - Cannes 2009.

Fred from the fabled Fred & Farid, Paris, has just flown in, to accept the award"I was on vacation, I didn't even have long pants packed - I had to buy these" he says pointing to his slacks. So he's brought the family to the buzzing advertising festival. Is that different? To have the family in Cannes during the lions? Yes.

- Does having children make you think of advertising different?
- Fred: Yes. ... Before you only had the "idea" of a babies, you didn't understand. I look at things now that we made, even, like tattooing babies, and I cringe. We didn't know. You will only understand it once you have children. Back then we didn't understand. I have the family here, and it's so different, we were on the beach all day. Before, I wanted to seperate advertising from home, but now that I have brought them, this is good. It's bring your own bubble. It takes the edge off Cannes."


Stardust Studios launches revamped site

Our friends over at Stardust Studios, a design-driven bi-coastal U.S. creative production company have redone their site. The original site launched at in 2005, which was designed by founder/CD Jake Banks and developed by Joshua Davis Studios.


Freddie Laker - Sapient - Spontanious combustion & Coke Vending machines - Cannes 2009

We met with Freddie Laker of Sapient today and gossiped about Sapient itself, their seminar yesterday that they held with Coca Cola and how advertising smothers new technologies to death.

Dab: We're here with Freddie Laker, Director of Digital Stragety of Sapient, and - you've been on the internet since forever, actually.

Freddie: Yes, for as young as I am I'm pretty old school actually.

Dab: Since -95, and the 24 hour internet radio station, the Womb!


7th Annual Porfolio Night hopes to be in 22 cities again this year

It's that time of year again. The time for hopeful adgrunts fresh out of school to parade their books in front of their city's top Creative Directors. That's right,'s Portfolio Night 7 is approaching. Get out your Sharpie and mark June 11th on your calendar.

Last year the event took place in 22 cities around the globe, and this year they're hoping to match (or surpass that!) with 16 cities already confirmed. Tickets for some cities starting selling on Monday. You can find a list of the cities here. HINT: There are a few locations that are looking for hosts if you're an agency looking for new talent.

Here are a couple of videos the agencies made to promote the event in their hoods:
Amsterdam/Montreal (hosted by Sid Lee)- watch the vid

Chicago (hosted by Gertrude Inc)- watch the vid

Los Angeles (hosted by David & Goliath)- watch the vid

Quebec City (Socom)- watch the vid

San Francisco (PJA Advertising)- watch the vid

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Looking back - What would you change about your career in advertising?

As the economy is in termoil and agencies and brands begin looking inward, it is also a time for individuals to be reflective on what they have done, where they are and where they want to go. It's a question I ask myself as I try to figure out what is the next step for me in my career, and I know I'm not alone. Maybe it's because we work in an ever-shifting business that is always basing hires and fires on winning new business or that many ad folk are willing to move to wherever the best opportunities are located, but there's something about a perspective on looking back on where you were before you look forward. So I posed a question to ad folks I follow on Twitter, as well as some others to find out the answer to this question.

What is one thing you would do different in your career if you could start over?

And, I got some very interesting responses.

Mark Wnek, Chief creative officer of Lowe NY, AdAge columnist: I would have started my own agency very early on.

Alex Bogusky, CCO/Cripsin Porter + Bogusky: I’m pretty sure I have made one ill-advised decision after another. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Luke Sullivan, CCO/GSDM Idea City: I wouldn't worry as much about what the ad judges thought of things, like I used to when I was younger. I SO wanted to score in the ad books and I think that wasn't a great idea for a couple of reasons. First of all, it limits your thinking. Before you put pen to paper, you are skewing your thinking to what other ad people might judge as good -- rather than doing what you think is the right thing for the client. The other reason why it was probably a bad idea is I beat myself up so much about it. Don't get me wrong, the shows are great. I love looking at the books. But don't judge yourself by them. I did, for years, and I always came away thinking, "MAN, I suck."


One Show Interactive Judging : Final Day

The crew has grown weary and slow. Pulled pork sandwiches and cheesy pasta for lunch hasn't helped. There are fewer engaging conversations, but still some bursts of passion. Right about now, I'm longing for the bygone 80's era of advertising when cocaine and vodka were constant and relentless companions. Instead I'll just suck down this, my fourteenth Coke Zero and plug on. Despite the long days, we have seen some incredible work. It's really interesting how quickly trends move through our industry. Looking at entries like Modernista!'s self-promotional non-site (, seems like we've covered ten years of innovation in the past 12 months. Also makes you realize, in this era of constant innovation, sometimes going first means being the only one to go. For example, Skittles' new site ( is receiving all sorts of negative feedback because it's so similar to Modernista's original idea. Rightfully so, perhaps. But is it wrong to copy something if its a good idea? After all, isn't that what our entire business is based on? Stealing from Hollywood on behalf of our clients? It's just now we have more sources to steal from.


One Show Interactive Judging : Day 3

Lots of great stuff in the show this year. Finally, some real emotion is going into and therefore, coming out of the work. For laughter and sardonic joy, check out - an effort on behalf Tostitos to eradicate any kind of fun and enjoyment in the world. It's ROTFL funny. To be genuinely frightened, visit - another corn-based dip chip experience, this one for Doritos. If it doesn't scare you, there's something wrong with you emotionally. To have some fun, like real, light and refreshing enjoyment stuff, plug into the sprint now widget at . And finally, if you just want to feel extremely depressed and confused, take a prozac suppository and type in - Diesel's latest in a storied descent into hell.


OSI Judging: Getting weird

Photo of Flo Heiss and Rob Schwartz reviewing some work.


OSI Judging: The Device

Just like America's Funniest Home Videos in the 80's... Well into our third day of judging, we are going through the finalists. Reviewing as a group. Discussing. Arguing. Taking Excedrin. Then using these funny little machines to anonymously vote for each entry. After this, the One Club staff will average the scores and dole out the pencils and merits. Only they will know who wins what until the winners are announced at the actual show. So don't ask us.


One Show Interactive Judging : Day 2+

The individual judging is officially and finally (almost) complete. Which means starting tomorrow, we will begin discussing the work that has risen to the top. I sense a lot of head-nodding is going to happen over the top picks.