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The Rubberburner story - and clips!

Paul Malmström reveals what I already suspected in previous posts. The rubber burner films were removed from the and sites as they were taking up too much bandwidth.

'I guess Lee didn't really expect that it would take off the way it did.' says Paul Malmström one half of the creative team behind these ads, the other half being Linus Karlsson.
Thousands and more thousands have visited the sites over the past week. 'We actually shot the films for the sites during our lunchbreak at the shoot of the BuddyLee commercials in London. Then that night, we went home and made "crap" homepages for them.'


More on the illegitimate children of the Lee advertising campaign

What I wanna know is, what the heck happened to the video clips on the and sites!? They were friggin' off the wall (but damn tasty).


Towel boy attacks rum girl's bikini in outdoor Wisconsin melee.

Seems like only yesterday that the Captain Morgan dupliclaim was posted, and now the mustachioed rum campaign goes and makes the news, thanks in no small part to an overambitious terrycloth-wieldin' activist o' modesty. (more...)

"I guess they did not want to see her in a swimsuit, which I think is pretty outrageous." - Robyn Rowan, DeLite Outdoor Advertising

Read all about the incident here. Yarghhhh!

SOURCE: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Animal Planet gets a leg up on outdoor advertising.

Dabitch first reported back in January of Bonzo barking billboards usin' ultrasonic sounds to attract people's poochies. Well, only a few months later, along comes something just a wee bit stronger that wants to take the number one position...

Ahhhhhh... the winsome olfactory goodness of eu de canine peeapplied to posters in the UK. Is there any doubt that this inspired modus operandi will leave a mark in the advertising world!?

Urine for a treat by reading all about it here.

(link is dead - new link: Guardin Advertising)


Paul Arden's lecture at the D&AD

"Everybody probably does want to be good but not everybody are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes. To some people being nice, to be liked is important. There is equal merit in that too. But you must not confuse being good with being liked. There may be not one person in this room that truly wants to be great. Most of you have come here for a solution. The way to become good. I have to tell you that I have no such solution. I can't teach you anything. I can tell you, but you won't hear me. The only way to learn is through your own experiences and mistakes. There is no instant solution. But I can offer some guidelines that have helped me."

  • Doing a layout means having an Idea.
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    an Interview with John Gillard

    John Gillard

    The School of Communication Arts lasted from 1985 to 1995 before Gillard retired, I went to that school in 1994 and like the other ex-pupils of Gillard, I'll never forget what he taught us. -- Dabitch

    " John Gillard taught me more than I know."

    -- Graham Fink.

    Other peoples heroes are always disappointing.
    John Gillard founder and principal of the School of Communication Arts, may possibly appreciate the aphoristic tang of that opening sentence.