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Adland's 10 by 10 - top ten celebrity ads/campaigns in the past ten years.

1. Orange's campaign featuring many many celebrities over the years, including Macaulay Culkin, Snoop Dogg, Mena Suvari, Darth Vader among many others like Verne Troyer, Patrick Swayze and Sean Astin.


Mini Tribute to Celebrities Who Have Passed On in 2009

2009 saw the passing of quite a few celebrities. Here is a selection of a few who had appeared in ads during their careers.

Brittany Murphy


Adland's 10 by 10 - top ten Viral ad campaigns in the past ten years.

#1 Ten years ago, Paul Malmström and Linus Karlsson (Now Mother New York ECD's) shot a few purposely crappy films during their lunch break, went home at night and built even crappier homepages for them, emailed their pal


Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten Banned ads in the past ten years. (NSFW)

There are three ways to get your ad banned. Have sex, religion or suicide in your ad. If you managed all three, you'll be insta-banned. These are the funniest or craziest banned ads reported here in the past ten years. As you might expect, this list is NSFW if nudity is NS where you work.

First out (above) are Sofa King who managed with the feat of getting their slogan banned. What's wrong with an endline that fulfills the client critera of having the brand name in it, and touting their low prices? Nothing, except, their brand name is Sofa King. Our prices are Sofa King low read the ad, and all the noo yawakas thought it was Sofa King funny. The ASA didn't laugh.


Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten Freakiest Ads of The 00's

In no particular order...

In 2008, Nike Brand Design EMEA showed us how much like second skin their shoes where. Literally. The result was a bit disgusting and freaky.


Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten Marketing Mishaps in the past ten years.

#1 Cole, Russel & Pryce launched their agency web site by mailing out a chopped off lamb's foot to their pals and potential clients, but their pro-bono client "Djurens Rätt" (animals rights) were not in the least bit amused and soon the Creative Director had to become the sacrificial lamb; he was axed.

#2 johndoom posted the most bizarre ad for toothpaste we've ever seen and all the collective adgrunts scratched their heads. Why is the kid so amused at seeing his presumed mother naked? Why is she in the shower, yet not wet? Where's the towel? What does this oedipal scene have to do with white teeth? Not a marketing mishap as much as the best worst ad we've ever seen, and it has yet to be topped.

What does "Adland" look like at the strike of midnight 2009/2010? You can show us!

We want the world to know what "Adland" - the mythical worldwide land where adgrunts reside - looks like on New Years Eve. Fancy being our fly on the wall in your part of the physical world?

All adgrunts can connect their accounts to Bambuser - just go to user/me/bambuser and hook it up. Once you have your adland+Bambuser account set, you needn't worry about hashtags, everything you Bambuse will end up on Adland's Bambuser page. Live! As you broadcast it. So please do share, and show us what New Years eve looks like in the part of Adland where you are.

You can use your webcamera or cellphone, and joy, the iPhone Bambuser app is now available for you folks who didn't want to jailbreak, or break, anything. For all other phones, check out the phone list to see if yours is on it. While you're there, peek at the getting started page for a quick how-to, as my talkative demo below might not make too much sense. ;) Come midnight and 2010, I'll be Bambusing to the front page, will you?


Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten new ad space ideas in the past ten years.

Another countdown to 2010, in the past ten years the internet (and this website) has matured its way up to "2.0", everyone on earth learned to play along in the security theatre at airports and advertising has broken new grounds offline, these days its not so much ad creep as a great wave of advertising molasses seeking to cover every inch of the earth. Lets see the top ten oddest and most innovative new ad media ideas in the past ten years, shall we?

Eggvertising. You can have your egg and brand it too.
Egg ads media in Canada sold this space alone, meanwhile some folks in London decided that the sandwich wrapper made a great unused ad space, and now no food was safe - we had Printed pringles with logos straight on them, Nanner ads on Bananas, Gourmet impressions - selling ad space on pizza and even ads inside your Tokitos.
It was enough to make us loose our appetite.


Adland's top ten (well, twelve actually) sexiest ads of 2009.

Welcome to that odd Monday where everyone in advertising goes to work but nobody really knows why.

As a distraction, I offer you the sexiest ads of 2009. Since I find good ads sexy, we're not going by my standard but by the most common standard. In short, here are the ones with the most nudity.

#1 PETA came out early this year to try and grab the crown, they had models frolicking with asparagus and being "so smitten that she makes herself part of a steaming "orgy" of mixed vegetable soup." In other words, they had models and phallic symbols, lots of skin and suggestive moves and then they press released the hell out of not being allowed to air during the superbowl. "Banned" they called it, even though it's simply "rejected by network".

PETA - Veggie Love (failed superbowl ad) - (2009) :30 (USA)

#2 "Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her", sexy and it stings.


Adland's 10 by 10 - Top Ten Escalator ads in the past ten years.

Another countdown to 2010, lets look at how creative escalator advertising has become in the past ten years, shall we? From worst to best, here's the top ten (well, eleven actually), escalator ads in the past ten years.

#1 The Nivea shaving ad from DRAFTFCB switzerland uses the time spent on the escalator to make people read, and wait, for the point. Meanwhile the Revita beauty center ad from Brazil has people walking on the models back. Both of these are.... nice but no cigar, as the first one feels a bit too forced hoping people will read all that, and the second one just weird as I doubt anyone thinks "ah, how relaxing" when walking one someones back.