Denver Water campaign turns supermarket conveyer belts into rivers.

The Denver Egotist tips us to this neato Denver "river" conveyer belt created by Sukle (you know, the guys who did that awesome redesign of Total Beverages.) Quicktime movie under the image to watch it in action.

Now it looks like ones food is river rafting. Cool.


The green party (Miljöpartiet de gröna) advertises for equality, using money as visual.

Miljöpartiet de gröna in Sweden ran a full page ad in Dagens Nyheter (morning newspaper) today highlighting the fact that money with females on it, is worth less than money with males on it - and with this they want to draw attention to the fact that women still make less money than men.

- "The salary level is a symptom on how women are valued and what position they are in at work and in soceity at large. The systematic salary discrimination of women is an explanation to that the structural inequality exists." says Esabelle Dingizian (Miljöpartiet).
"It is unacceptable with gender-based irrelevant salary differences. With our ad the topic can get more exposure."

Large ad inside folks, click on.


TBWA are two-faced, according to Chinese netheads.

The Amnesty "after the olympic games" China campaignThe Wall street journal reports that TBWA Worldwide has gotten into trouble for the bronze Lion winning Amnesty International campaign "after the olympics". (if anyone here reckons that campaign is similar to the Swedish Red Cross campaign which compares human rights violations to olympic sports it's 'cuz, well they are kind of similar) - or rather attracted the ire of Chinese netheads. Why? Well, while TBWA in China do chest-thumping olympic sports ads for Adidas with a Chinese twist, TBWA Paris do ads for Amnesty International highlighting the countries poor human rights record. Conflicting accounts are pretty much unavoidable when you're in a global network of "258 offices in 75 countries world-wide".

Chinese bloggers, spurred by a report in state-run media of the Amnesty campaign last week, are now calling for a boycott of all TBWA ads, among other measures.

"I suggest that all Chinese employees in TBWA resign from this company," wrote one blogger on

Uh, yeah, that'll happen.

TBWA's headquarters in New York said it wasn't aware of the campaign. "Had TBWA management known about this ad, not only would the ad not have been entered into an award show, but it would not have been produced," said Tom Carroll, chief executive of TBWA Worldwide. "This is the action of one individual at our agency working on a pro bono account." He said the agency is investigating the matter and will take appropriate action to "ensure this never happens again."

Say, what? The Amnesty campaign wasn't a one-man job, there were five people credited both here and at the Cannes Lions.


Mystery 'ad campaign' for the Hijab. Lollipops need to cover up?

I really want to know if this is a real ad, and who did it. What is it saying? Are women lollipops? Are men flies, or are the flies representative of "evil thoughts"? The text with this ad reads “You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself.” (or so the arabist says and since I don't read arabic I'll take his word for it)

Web trail: The Arabist got it via an email forward, soon Sandmonkey picked it up, Andrew Sullivan weighed in, Adfreak spotted it and Gawker laughed at it in "Baby Let Me Rub My Thorax On Your Sweet Candy Face". Since the Arabist "received it as a completely random (but genuine-looking) email forward" I really couldn't say for sure if this campaign is a real ad campaign or not. What do you think, or do you know more details about this campaign?


Why web 2.0 won't work with tradepress sites (like Resume)

Resumé in Sweden (which is either adage or adweek, take your pick) has decided to start a 'community' and force people to stand for their comments (as users). I get that, they're sick of "anonymous". Hell, that's why I only allow comments here from anyone who signs up - you could be "jacktheripper" both here and at Resumé and your comments will always be yours, yaknow?

But then they did the extra-weird thing and allowed signed-in-users to be anonymous. Ah, okaaay.... Wait, you didn't want anon comments, right? Wait a second.... Wasn't that the problem?


Google turns over youtube users' names and IP addresses, to Viacom. Including ad agency IP#'s

By now, you've heard:

Google must divulge the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube, a US court has ruled.


Viacom wants the data to prove that infringing material is more popular than user-created videos, which could be used to increase Google's liability if it is found guilty of contributory infringement.


I wonder how long it will take before some ad agencies ask Google turn over the IP#'s to try and prove that other ad agencies 'stole' their drumming Gorilla ad ideas in order to get even the tiniest whiff of a Grand Prix Lion. ;)


It's a bird. No. It's a plane. No. It's an ad!

Are there so many ads in planes that Ad Traffic Controllers need to be used? The New York Times seem to think so.


ON a recent US Airways flight from New York to Jamaica, coach passengers nursing their drinks were greeted with ads on their tray tables promoting General Motors’ OnStar navigation system.

Later, a flight attendant strolled up and down the aisles offering applications for US Airways-branded Bank of America credit cards. An announcement was made over the public address system notifying passengers of the 500 extra bonus miles they’d get by signing up onboard.



What everyone wants: Head. Lots of head.

Bizbash reports that to promote the new Eddie Murphie movie "Meet Dave" 20th Century Fox took a 15-foot-tall foam head on a cross-country tour in the US.

"The sell has always been Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy. Eddie as the vessel and Eddie as the captain of the vessel," said Iannelli. This concept was key as the movie centers on Dave Ming Chang—a human-shaped ship—that is controlled by a miniature crew of aliens.

This explains this photograph, where people can walk into Eddie Murphy's giant head (how Malkovich) and hang out in his ears. Ew, gross. But if you ever wanted to get inside the head of a celeb, I guess this is your chance America.
Via BizBash NYC


Visit London's Great Outdoors sets up office in St James' Park

'Photo by Sebastian Meyer/Getty Images
An outdoor office has sprung up in St James' Park, complete with watercoolers, Wi-Fi, a reception area, boardroom, creative room, work desk area and the occasional ducks wobbling across peoples desks. Anyone can come down for a meeting, or to brainstorm or simply just to sit at a nice hot desk in the sun. ;)

See more images of the outdoor office here on flickr. This little outdoor stunt is brought to you by Cake.


"We're famous, find us on google maps"

I just found this image on Ad Innovator - a Japanese ad blog I can't read no matter how much I try but I try almost daily anyway. (Still seething that I wasn't allowed to tag along with Dad to Osaka the years that he worked there as someone thought it would be better for me to stay put for once. AAARGHHH! /end derail.) Apparently, being on google maps is so cool flower shops are announcing it in their shop windows. This reminds me of those digital cameras that have the stickers reading "youtube ready" on them. Online is truly slipping offline these days, and brands are piggy-backing on other brands like nothing else. Interesting development.