Ads apply directly IN head - creepy A&E Billboard makes you hear voices

Adage reports on a new A&E Billboard that employs an "audio spotlight" widget to beam sound straight "into" passer by's cranium. No, seriously.

It's an ad for "Paranormal State," a ghost-themed series premiering on A&E this week. The billboard uses technology manufactured by Holosonic that transmits an "audio spotlight" from a rooftop speaker so that the sound is contained within your cranium. The technology, ideal for museums and libraries or environments that require a quiet atmosphere for isolated audio slideshows, has rarely been used on such a scale before. For random passersby and residents who have to walk unwittingly through the area where the voice will penetrate their inner peace, it's another story.

Wow, now I'm waiting for the American Apparel ads that beam directly into your gonads. It's just a matter of time, innit?


You Take the High Road and ...

... I'll take the low road


Ad agency Holiday wishes - and some that are not.

Butler Shine Stern and partners brings us advent-o-rama where they shoot down Santa with a machine gun on Dec 4, and today they greet us with a terrible pun on misteltoe. Cute. Wonder what they'll do for the 25th now that they killed Santa already?

ads suck rewrites twelve days of Xmas from a bitter adgrunts point of view - The Twelve Days of Advertising. Notice how 'Seven Conference Calls' gets lost right quick. That's what working under pressure is like mate!

Pool go all out to not do a 'proper' holiday card, instead they sort of invite you to their drunken season party by challenging you to a Guitar Hero competition - you can see their guitar trasing film invite under that link, and the challenge winner will go up against Janne Schaffer in the Guitar Hero duel of the century at the ad agency Pool's offices in Stockholm come January.


Scandinavian airlines mocks stereotypes with...stereotypes.

SAS wants Europeans to get their facts straight about Scandinavia - and gently mock stereotypes of Italian mothers, French antique dealers and German ski bums with this pan European campaign from Pool, Stockholm. The campaign ties together with a website Scandinavian facts where you'll learn that we don't in fact, have any polar bears roaming the streets of Stockholm. Elk do on occasion though, but they're shot within hours.


Channel 5 stop advertising aimed at children

Looks like the SVT promos which pointed out that the competition can advertise to children came at just the right time for Channel 5 in Sweden. They've just gone out with a press release stating that as of next year, they've 'banned' all advertising to children on channel 5. Course, what they've really done is given up on the children's programming which none of their viewers were watching anyway, and the few nickles they were making on that, to replace the hour with some more teenage aimed programming where they rake in advertising bucks instead. Channel 5 stopped buying children's programming over 12 months ago - so the SVT anti-advertising to kids ads came well timed for the channel 5 guys as nobody would have read a press release about this if they couldn't have angled it as a response to the SVT promo. Merry Xmas.


Spirit Airlines "MILF" campaign goes awry

When the emails began coming in today to the folks at Spirit Airlines, they claimed they had no idea. No idea that is, that their fire sale which promises "Many Islands, Low Fares" deals as low as $9 for future travel dates between Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas was using the MILF acronym.

Arbelaez said that Spirit's senior vice president of pricing is a British citizen who was unfamiliar with the MILF terminology and that the airline is not trying to offend customers.

"The most obscene thing we've noticed," Arbelaez said, "is what other carriers have charged to fly the Caribbean before Spirit's $9 fares." The airline has no intention of pulling the promotion, which runs until midnight today, he added.

Still, some observers wonder about the airline's claimed ignorance. A careful look at the Spirit's online ad shows a cluster of islands that appear to form a woman lounging in a pinup pose.

This is not the first marketing campaign by Spirit to attract attention some may consider dubious.

Prior campaigns aside, looking at the homepage of the airline which features islands in the shape of a woman with the M.I.L.F. above it, really makes me doubtful it was unintentional. Although, as Tobe says, it doesn't really matter.


Weekend roundup - linkies around the adblogs.

Mediabistro's Agencyspy emails adrenalina in the wrong country gets confused responses from some guy named Bernardo Torre who has never heard of Agency Spy, wrongly assume that ADRENALINA-NY.COM are afraid to talk to them. Ha ha. Misunderstandings are funny. Agency spy might wan't to hold off on assumptionpostings (a.k.a. AP) in the future.

Welcome to Scotland. Stay out - commenter Steve Feinberg at adfreak reckons the Scottish flag "looks an awful lot like a "Do not enter" sign. " Hahaha.

American Copywriter is creeped out by Canadians, or rather that "safe happens" horror campaign they're running. It's freaky, and I don't like it at all. Having worked in a kitchen, I know all about cleaning shit up. Never needed an ad to tell me that, it's part of the job, so I don't quite understand who these ads are targeting. Just trying to scare the bejeesus out of random people watching TV are we? Well, it's working.


Link Lust: Linking Rain Cherry Chocolate Rain **breathe

Heeey, there's now an Alexa Toolbar for Firefox called Sparky that works on Macs. When did this happen? Give it a whirl, because you can never have too many silly add-ons.

Slideshows are soo last year. Make animated videos instead with

These links brought to you by the Cherry Chocolate rain Dr Pepper ad sung by Tay Zonday.


Yahoo and Adobe open an new frontier in online advertising, ads in PDF's!

There's advertising everywhere, and if it isn't we'll soon make sure to get some ads where there are none. Someone must have looked at all those PDF's lying around on the web and sent around in emails, and noticed that they were ad-free. Well, no more - if you've ever wanted to put dynamically generated ads on PDF files posted on the Web or distributed via e-mail this is you lucky day as Yahoo and Adobe have teamed up to offer just that. "But I've seen ads in PDF's" you protest, ah yes, but those were static ads, these are dynamic. Difference.
Cnn Money reckons content producers are gonna be rich. You know, like how all those blogs with adsense are totally raking it in, rich.

For publishers, it's another way to make money on content.
Content now available as paid downloads or on a subscription basis could be opened up to a mass online audience using the Adobe-Yahoo ad service. Some publishers haven't been taking advantage of ad opportunities for their content. That's the case with many hobbyist and enthusiast newsletters.

Sure, if you say so. Here's what I find just a little creepy:

Publishers pay nothing to participate. They'll first upload their Adobe PDF content to Adobe, so the content can be ad-enabled. The content then is distributed however the publishers distribute the content, be it on Web sites, via e-mail or whatever.

It's all a clever ruse from Adobe so that they get to read subscription content first, admit it. ;)
Via Tech crunch


Words & Pictures weighs in on Orangina's juicy ad

I know, it's last weeks W&P but bear with me I was busy building search features mmmkay? W&P say what we all were thinking when we saw that outrageous furry inspired Orangina ad. And bless'em for giving this awesome animated gif of "Cthulhu's girlfriend" which I will many uses for. Hehe. It's soooo... Juicy! And Hypnotic. Don't stare at it too long it may cause permanent damage.

ps bonus-linkage: I'm the redheaded shadow here in the 100th words & pictures comic. Am too. Can't you see me? I'm right there man. What do you mean that's a blond? No way. You're just jealous.