Saatchi Singapore sends out blood shot "eye balls" for ESPN

How delightfully...uh....gross.

To communicate the idea that "you don't have to be there to see all the details" for ESPN, Saatchi and Saatchi in Singapore sent out 'eyeballs' as a DM piece.
No, I really, mean balls as eyes here. Balls!

There was a basketball, a baseball and even a football - and that bright red bloodshot football eye is pretty much how my eyes feel after watching supersonic Russian players on speed outrace the Swedes tonight and beat us 2-0. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. whimper, cry, *sob*

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Smart Car vending Machine in Japan.

Smart Car has a vending machine in Shibuya where it looks a bit like you could drive off with the car, but what happens when you push the button is that you'll get smartly branded tubes with all the Smart car specs. Pretty smart.


Wonderbra wants your breasts, melons, knockers, puppies and jugs.

Jumping on not one, but two, old bandwagons Wonderbra is launching a campaign to find Britain's best breasts. If you have a D to G cup you can flaunt your stuff on the wonderbra site and win the possibility of becoming their model. There's an open-call audition later this month where UK women can take part in a massive photo shoot. Each participant will be individually photographed, and the photos will be put together to one masive mosaic-style billboard ad (yep, that's the second old bandwagon). To advertise the competition they've dusted off the tired old "knockers, jugs, headlights, melons" idea in a small "viral" that they will seed on social networking sites. We'll see if the mosaic a.k.a the "biggest collection of cleavages" will be a "celebration of Britain's busts" or just yet a tired old idea rehashed.


Water water everywhere, especially hot water that makes cup color change.

Remember the WWF "hot water" cups that were given away at the important United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali last December? You poured hot water in them and the the graphic of the world’s land mass vanished under the rising sea.


AP sends cease and desist letters to Drudge Retort - "don't quote and link us"

The Guardian is on top of this story, leading with: AP faces copyright row with bloggers. Seems that the AP has issued a takedown notice to Drudge Retort, a.k.a the left version of Drudge Report. You can read the Drudge Retort founder Rogers Cadenhead's post about it here: AP Files 7 DMCA Takedowns Against Drudge Retort. In at least one case, I can see why the AP were annoyed: "The Retort has received a copyright complaint from a news organization about users who have posted the full text of its articles in their blog entries" - full text is not fair use and never was. But that is not the only organisation the AP is currently after, they also filed copyright lawsuits against the VeriSign division Moreover last fall which contentblogger dubbed: "Mining Disaster: Moreover's Mined Web Content Draws AP Suit". For the legally nerdy the Moreover/Verising lawsuit and the evidence from AP is available in two PDF documents at

Agence France-Presse filed a similar suit back in March 2005, arguing that Google was infringing AFP copyright by headlines, news summaries and photos, without the news agency's permission - they settled out of court which "avoided tackling some thorny legal issues about fair use" as Juan Carlos Perez at IDG news services so eloquently put it.

As blogs, and "mining" services such as moreover - or even digg, reddit and other "link + short text" type of communities have been quoting headlines, a bit of an article and linking back to source for years without trouble I doubt AP will get any sympathy. Add to that the AP distributes local news on their wires without linking back to the original local newspaper as source of the report and folks might even call them hypocrites.

In the case of photographs, they already have egg on their face - recall when the AP was distributing "Spitzer Call Girl" myspace photos without permission, something that the Spitzer Call Girl's lawyer didn't take lying down.(sorry).

The web is a tricky thing. Quote (a little) and link has been the norm, and as far as anyone knew the legal way to do things, as long as you left photographs alone. Why hasn't there been a bigger uproar over photographs being reposted, or hotlinked before?

Many moons ago (2004 actually) we were wondering why big old news media didn't react to the hotlinking of images from sites like the Drudge Report, as hotlinking would be a) using an image without permission and b) using the bandwidth of the AP/newspaper server as well. Back then, none of the old newspapers people seemed to care one iota, and as the practice has been going on for years there's few bloggers out there who give hotlinking a second thought. Or if they do, they probably only worry about the image vanishing from the web later.


K-Rauta throw "yard parties" all over Sweden, advertises them with hand written notes.

K-rauta, our version of Home Depot is the sender of this "ad" which looks just like a hand written note from your neighbour, and is currently taped to doors all over Malmö. The note reads;

Yard party!
Hi neighbours. On Saturday we're planning on having a yard party. Sorry if we get a little loud. If you don't like Mojje or lawn mower racing perhaps you should go to your country house instead?Otherwise you're very welcome to Stortorget kl. 11
- K-rautas festkommitté (party committee)

At first glance, I thought it was a real note, and ignored it since I didn't live there, but then I saw more of them on other buildings and decided to take the time to read it. Even after that I was confused, since I didn't know who Mojjo was and the bit inviting me to Stortorget at 11 on Saturday didn't quite sink in until just now when I translated the note. K-rauta has already held their yard party in Stockholm, so this is what I can expect (film inside). I think I'll pass.

By the way, did you know there's a British Lawn Mower Racing Association? They take this stuff very seriously.


Mint Royale's VW Golf GTI advert song revived by talented dancer.


Why is a three year old song from a Volkswagen Golf gti advert (remastered by Mint Royale mind you) spending two weeks as No. 1 on the UK charts?



Because George Sampson did this on "Britain's Got Talent".


UK to oppose EU plans on product placement

Variety reports that U.K. shuts out product placement - which is kind of correct. The UK currently doesn't allow paid for product placement on BBC televison programmes already, so they're basically just saying they probably won't in the future either. To read what the minister who said it 'contaminates programs' really said, see the full secretary of state speech to the convergence think tank here.


Lindsay Lohan To Front Visa Swap UK 2008 Campaign

Visa announces their new face for the Visa Swap UK 2008 Campaign.

Visa is pleased to announce Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan will front this year’s Visa Swap fashion event. In her first UK fashion campaign, Lindsay will encourage the UK to swap their unwanted clothes at the world’s biggest and most popular fashion swapping event, Visa Swap, in association with clothing charity TRAID.

Recognised for her individual style, Lindsay has fronted campaigns for major international fashion brands including Miu Miu, Versace and Donna Karen making her the perfect successor to Mischa Barton who launched the initiative in 2007. Lindsay’s Visa Swap campaign shoot took place in LA earlier this year and produced a set of five stunning images.


I think Visa has found the right spokesperson to promote their used clothing swap-thingie, I know that when I think "Lindsay Lohan" I think "used."

Friday 13th Is Lucky For Music Lovers

Previously unknown mother-of-two records “Catch a Falling Star” for Tropicana Smoothies advert

Wide-spread interest spurs 1,000 free downloads available from 13th June exclusively at
Tropicana smoothie - Fireworks - (2008) :20 (UK)