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The Other Paper tells the story of a street artist who calls themselves Vinchen. They placed this "Hilton class" poster in a Hilton hotel lobby, where the usual stock image has been replaced by a drunk looking Paris Hilton showing off a nipple and the headline reads: For over 80 years the Hilton name has been synonymous with elegance and class. A tradition that continues today.. Vinchen says: "Advertising tells you what you need, I try to make it a dialogue." Good on ya Vinchen.


72andSunny Stages Ninja Battles (sort of)

Promo Campaign for "Ninja Warrior," G4's new Japanese Action Game Show,
Turns Absurd

Los Angeles, CA (May 3, 2007)—Advertising and design firm 72andSunny is helping G4 TV introduce the Japanese phenomenon Ninja Warrior to U.S. viewers with a promo campaign inspired by the painfully entertaining physical stunts contestants perform on the show. The spots, which include three :30s and a series of :10 cut-downs, were directed by Tim Godsall of Biscuit Filmworks. "Thumbs," "Hand Slap," and "Finger Football" broke April 30th, while "Rock Paper Scissors" broke April 10th. Ninja Warrior airs on G4 weeknights at 6:30PM and 10:30PM ET.

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Brickyard VFX Breaks Into Flight for Honda Motorcycles

In this latest spot for Honda Motorcycles, a frustrated driver punches through the roof of his car in bumper-to-bumper traffic, sprouts enormous red wings and flies off—all with the help of incredible 3D and effects work by the CG team from Brickyard VFX. The spot marks the first time Honda Motorcycles has created an ad based on its classic red wing logo, and is the latest in a series of collaborations between the artist-owned-and-operated bi-coastal effects boutique and director Kinka Usher of House of Usher.


Top 50 Bullshit jobs

.... and the winner is (drumroll, please)... Advertising Executive. Motivation, because they:

Create perceived need/value for inherently generic or worthless products

See the whole article at Stanley Bing Hat tip to the little birde who sent me the link.


Link Lust: Link In The Nick Of Time

Our Industry is Broken is a manifesto disguised as game from Fletcher Martin in Atlanta. (hat tip Brandon)

Brandweek reports TV ad clutter was no worse for 2006.

Four ways to use Twitter in marketing. And if you have yet to check out the hypnotic Twittervision, you might want to.

PageFlakes is an umbrella site for marketing/advertising blogs which launched yesterday. Basically another way to get your rss feeds. If you're looking for Adland, we're under the advertising tab.

Sprig is a new site about green design and ways to make your design and office greener.

And speaking of design, Istanbul Design Week will be taking place between the 4th and 10th of September. Istanbul Design Week is held on the historic Galata Bridge in Balat, which is one of the most interesting areas of the city. The event will include several other projects, workshops, exhibits and joint events. Marti Guixe, Matali Crasset, Alberto Meda and Shin Azumi are some of the returning guests from last year's Istanbul Design Week. See the website for more information.

The Art and Science of Creepy takes a look at how advertising has turned the buzz factor into the bizarre factor. (hat tip Clay)


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Friday link lust for y'all. Finally the weekend is here!

The Fan Club here in Malmö won gold in Guldägget for this DM piece, a phone sent in parts which once it's put together has a message: "Hello, you seem tech savvy. We have a place for you at the technical college". l33t!


Stuff that's shaking at agencies around the world

BETC Euro RSCG opens exhibit - BETC Euro RSCG and the Passage du Désir with the backing of the Paris Municipality, the Caisse des Dépôts, Havas, Partizan, in cooperation with the Amicale Austerlitz, Lévitan, Bassano yesterday opened an exhibition that looks at the looting of Jewish property in Paris titled "Retour Sur Les Lieux" which translates to "return to the scene". The exhibit shows 85 photographs from a small album of photos found in the German federal archives in Coblenz which were taken at the former Lévitan building "Aryanized" by the Nazis, now the Passage du Desir during WWII. Admission is free and the exhibit runs from 18 April to 20 May 2007, every day except Tuesday from 11 am to 7 pm at the Passage du Desir, 85-87, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 Paris - Metro: Château d'Eau or Gare de l'Es.

tbd hires Kevin Smyth as AE - tbd, a full-service advertising agency, today announced that Kevin Smyth has joined its team as a new account executive. "It's great to have Kevin back on board at tbd," said René Mitchell, Vice President and Director of Client Services. "He's been on the client side and managed a national brand in a major category. For our team at tbd and our clients, he adds expanded strategic thinking on how to best communicate our clients' brands." One of the first employees at tbd seven years ago, Smyth was previously the finance manager for the company. He changed career paths, earned his MBA in Marketing at Indiana University and gained several years of job experience in the marketing field. His love of the Bend area, and tbd itself, brought him back.


Ninjas play "Rock Paper Scissors" in 72andSunny-created promo for G4 TV

Los Angeles and Amsterdam ad and design firm 72andSunny has just broken the first of four promos for the Japanese phenomenon "Ninja Warrior" on G4 TV. "Ninja Warrior" (called Sasuke in Japan), is an action game show in which contestants have to perform near-impossible physical challenges on an insanely designed obstacle course.

"Rock Paper Scissors" started airing this week and star two real-life Shaolin monks, who battle to the death--or at least until someone loses a limb--playing the childhood game. The spot is directed by Tim Godsall of Biscuit Filmworks. The other three spots will air April 30th.


Japanese brand's Swedish campaign pulled as it might offend Americans

Resumé reports that the "Action Jackson" Swedish Mitsubishi campaign created by Garbergs in Stockholm, has been pulled after Mitsubishi in America spotted the ads on youtube.

The ads spoof "MTV cribs" kind of filming and show a rich (presumably) rapper who has a garage full of Mitsubishi's, a zebra, a specially built Mitsubishi bed and the tagline was "not everybody's car". The whole cribs/pimp my ride thing is so late nineties and the campaign seemed pretty doomed anyway, but some people liked Action Jackson so much that they posted the ads on youtube. That's where Mitsubishi North America first spotted the ads and forced Mitsubishi Sweden to put a stop to the campaign, apparently fearing lawsuits for ads that could be viewed as discriminating racist.
Carina Carlsson, marketing & press contact at Mitsubishi Sweden confirms the story when she spoke to Resumé: "In North America they worried how our campaign might influence the Mitsubishi brand image over there. " When asked how this might affect their branding work in Sweden she responds: "There is a risk that one plays it too safe, and we end up only with ads showing a car and a price-tag."

This post brought to you by this Mitsubishi tear-jerker commercial, a million miles away from the Action Jackson crib image.


This American Life - Nice Work If You Can Get It

As we all know from Apple's Get A Mac campaign, being a PC is hard. But, I didn't know how hard until I listened to NPR's This American Life's podcast # 329.

The topic of this week's show is dream jobs and the downsides that sometimes come with it. One such job is playing a nerdy, but lovable character in a popular ad campaign. John Hodgman (a.k.a. PC) tells us all about it.