They're (formerly) grrrrreat!

In honor of ABC/Geico's Cavemen sitcommercial, Salon visits the Home for Retired Advertising Icons.

"A show with three guys," Mike said. "You want a show about three guys? You tell me, what's gonna be better, three brothers going through life together, challenging each other, pushing each other to try new things, talking at the breakfast table? Or three cavemen with bad fake beards trying to score chicks over Smirnoff Ices? Huh? You tell me."

Lovely stuff.


The Pepsi Curse might kill all of Stockholm

Oh Noes! We all know that celebs that advertise for Pepsi get cursed, much like the mysterious curse of Dr Pepper. Don't believe me? I got two words for you, Britney's "comeback". Seems that as soon as a celebrity aligns themselves with Pepsi, their career soon ends.

So the globe in Stockholm where the Black Eyed Peas are due to perform has been Pepsified - you know the BEP, it's the band with Fergie who pissed on herself on stage and completely sold out to Candie's by promising to add them in her lyrics.


Shelly Lazarus of Ogilvy & Mather interviewed

Fortune Magazine interviews Shelly Lazarus, the CEO of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

What would you identify as your most meaningful accomplishment and as your biggest disappointment? - Creed Terry, Eagle Point, Ore.

My biggest accomplishment was when I left Ogilvy's direct-marketing arm to return as head of the agency's headquarters at a time when the agency wasn't very healthy. It was after we were hostilely taken over , but the agency wasn't in good shape even before that. We were losing clients and people every week, it seemed. I had nightmares that I would come in and all our clients and employees would have left.

But we turned the whole agency around. And we did it with the people who were there. We didn't bring new leaders in. I figured if you could divide up the tasks into small enough pieces so that a person could say, 'Yeah, I could do that,' it could work. Anytime I lose a client is a disappointment. I take it personally. I feel a true obligation to every client, and when we are fired, I feel personally responsible.

See the link for more.


Flat Buns ad to be edited

A first for CKE's Carl's Jr. and Hardee's restaurants, who has never altered previous ads despite numerous complaints, said has decided that they would edit their controversial Flat Buns ad, claiming this situation was different.

"The ad was intended to be humorous and irreverent," Brad Haley, CKE's executive vice president of marketing, said Wednesday. "Since it seemed to be missing the mark with too many people, it justified making a change."

The new ad will keep the rap song, which first debuted as a radio spot, but expel the teacher. The edited ad should be ready for distribution by Thursday, Haley said.

See the spot here.


Paddington gives up Marmalade Sandwiches for Marmite

The Media Guardian points out a new advert for Marmite featuring Paddington Bear.


Link Lust: The greatest link.

Most annoyingly addictive game of the week: Jelly Battle. There's just something about the way all the little jelly-men go "splat" when you nuke them.


Link Lust: Link In The Nick Of Time

Hennessy's "The Lost Weekend" at

This spot for Cadbury from Fallon London is getting a lot of hype online this weekend/past week.

More smellvertising, this time for for Hollywood.

Adgrunt BrandonBarr points out this mind-numbingly awful billboard in Atlanta, GA.


Trevor Beattie On Advertising

Trevor Beattie talks about the state of advertising in London. Here are some snippets:

Trends, of course, have always come and gone. Who can forget the forgettable spate of "saturated" post-production colour jobs of recent years? Or the equally lamentable folksy/hippie/San Fran sickly gee-tar strings of 2006...?


Hangnails and the little blue pill

Here's something fun within the realm of a certain brand name that most of us didn't know...



The first commercial is from the last year, the second is recently released.