Greenwashing - a dangerous habit?

Stimulansbloggen has a good post on 'greenwashing' which seems to be increasignly popular in advertising. It never fails to annoy me to see ads doing the green thing put out by a company or shilling a product that clearly isn't.

The danger of greenwash is that when companies use unsubstantiated green claims, they confuse consumers who want to do the green thing. This confusion might turn into a reason for consumers to do nothing at all. If everything seems green it becomes unreasonably hard to find the "real" green alternative.

Stimulansbloggen also points to the usful greenwash guide put together by ad agency Futerra (and where the image on the left is from).


The mystery (and fake) forwarded email chat between Bogusky and Serpa.

So, a little birdie sent me an email forward which showed Bogusky and Sherpa talking, about The Israeli submissions to Cannes 2008 which have their own little place on the web at "creativevalley".

Now, forgive me if I don't for a nano-second believe that Sherpa and Bogusky were talking about this, or even at all. And I really really doubt that Bogusky would say things like "Say, you don't think it's too innovative?" There are no headers in the forwarded email so I can't pick it apart and see where the supposed forwarded chat really did come from. But OK, fine, so someone likely connected to creativevalley thought up that little conversation just so that we'd talk about it too. Consider me suckered, then.


Sanjaya next star of Life Comes at You Fast for Nationwide

Nationwide announced today that the next star of the Life Comes at You Fast advertising campaign is Sanjaya Malakar, former contestant on "American Idol." Sanjaya will follow in the footsteps of Kevin Federline, Fabio and MC Hammer, who appeared in previous Life Comes at You Fast commercials.
"I'm thrilled to star in one of Nationwide’s Life Comes at You Fast ads, because I really love the campaign," said Malakar. “My experience on American Idol is a great example of how life really does come at you fast. The ad is a funny take on the serious subject of planning for retirement."

In the spot, Sanjaya visits a monastery in India to seek advice and he is told that he needs a retirement plan, and some work on his hair.

Following is a Q & A with former American Idol contestant, Sanjaya Malakar. Following in the footsteps of Kevin Federline, Fabio and MC Hammer, Sanjaya will star in a new Life Comes at You Fast Ad for Nationwide.


"Goodbye readers" writes one of the 100 fired from the Washington post

100 reporters got the pink slip from the Washington Post today. So how do they bid their adieus? Linton Weeks coded his farewell in his last review published today. Read the upper case letter that starts each paragraph - yes, it spells out "Goodbye readers". Now that's a writers way of making an grand exit. One reader replied "and a goodbye to you Linton"

Tip Ministry of art.


Reklamförbundets tårta (The advertising associations cake in Sweden)

Reklamförbundet has changed their simple black and white logotype to a colorful circle that reminds me of a cross between TV test picture and a printers mark.
To celebrate they decided to let all their members eat cake. Not a ready-made cake, but a do-it yourself kit - with all the trimmings and decorations you could possibly want for a cake. Resumé reported that some recipients of said cake were offended because "canned whip cream is really bad for the environment".

But for those who did get it, it was funny. The cake was a nudge-nudge joke to all the recent cakes sent over to ad agencies by assorted affiliates and subcontractors, but with a twist, as you had to assemble this cake yourself. It sums up the advertising association, you'll only get back what you put in, and it beckons those who can't keep their hands off stuff to interpret the cake in their very own way. Some agencies did this, and their cakes can be seen at (Hat tip, newmateria).


Dabitch's day in Logotypes - a.k.a “Brand timeline portrait”

Dear Jane started it, oh yeah, it's all her fault that I sat here and tried to remember all the brands that I used today and made a timeline of it. Fora brief moment I tried to figure out if I could make a logo-tastic site where one could generate one of these timelines but I soon snapped out of it and just went ahead and photoshopped this little collection of possibly 'exotic' (to non-swedes that is) brands.
Check my timeline out inside.


Max Motors in Butler, Missouri offer free gun with each car purchase.


Eran Creevy and Sonny J make zombie line dancing B-movie rock

So, if you were Eran Creevy, that made the "running man" move ultra-cool despite it's inherent naffness, what would be your next move?

Why, line-dancing zombies of course.

Creevy explains;

As soon as I heard the track it just made me think of a movie, and I wanted to seize the chance to create my own world, we went after it, usual musicvideo casting wouldn't do we went down every avenue to get the most interesting people, the coolest clothes, everyone went the extra mile to make the details of the video spot on, and that made the difference for me.


The biggest drawing in the world: One part GPS, one part DHL, add creativity and stir gently.


The Typo Eradication Advancement League corrects America

TEAL? No, not the color. The Typo Eradication Advancement League are featured in the Chicago tribune. God forbid they come here, they'll kick my ass for god knows how many stray apostrophes and errors that we've managed to throw about here over the years. I'm sorry, so so sorry.... Hey, what are you going to do with that jar of Wite-Out®? Leave my screen alone!

Picture a pair of Kerouacs armed with Sharpies and erasers and righteous indignation—holding back a flood of mixed metaphors and spelling mistakes and extraneous punctuation so commonplace we rarely notice it anymore. But they are 28 and idealistic. Graduates of Dartmouth College, they are old friends with a schoolmarm's irritation at conspicuous errors, and despite their mild and somewhat nerdy exteriors, they have serious nerve. Deck lives outside Boston; Herson lives outside Washington. And together, they are TEAL—the Typo Eradication Advancement League—and they are between jobs.