Design Can Change

The folks at smashLAB have spent the last ten months on a new effort called Design Can Change. The initiative works on the premise that designers are a critical hub to business, industry and the public and therefore have the ability to lobby, inform, and subsequently enable positive change, by working together. Key to this effort is the pledge: a set of guidelines for becoming more sustainable. It gives designers an actionable framework for embracing sustainability and also helps quantify our collective strength as we lobby for change. Additionally, it is a resource and directory that contains project samples, reading lists and tools for conscientious buyers of creative services to connect with like-minded designers.


Easter stories: Madonna weeps. iPod saves soldiers life.

The Daily Mail reports on a weeping Madonna near Old Street roundabout in Shoreditch. Sure the tears are just green paint, and the Madonna is the pop-icon as depicted in ads for H&M and not another famous Madonna but hey, we had you going there for a sec didn't we?

The holy-cow great publicity department: iPod saves soldiers life, or so the flickr text says. It also says that an Apple engineer wants to replace the bulleted iPod with a shiny new one. I think we should make bulletproof vests out of iPods.

These links brought to you by Steve Balmer doing his best Crazy Eddie.


tbd advertising from Bend Oregon

tbd advertising, a full-service advertising agency in Bend Oregon founded in 1997, today announced that it has recently received several awards and honors for its work. Last month, the company was honored with multiple wins through two major awards programs, The Drake Awards and the Northwest ADDYs.

Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy said, "The major metropolitan centers are not the only place you’ll find bright creative agencies. In fact there is one real gem in Bend, Oregon. tbd advertising has corralled some terrific strategic and creative talent from around the country and dropped them in this beautiful high desert town."

"At tbd, our first goal is always to create campaigns for our clients that bring them the results that they want," said Paul Evers, president and creative director. "To be recognized by highly respected awards programs and industry publications is an added bonus for our team and the work we do." tbd's client roster includes Oregon Chai, IronHorse, Deschutes Brewery, NorthWest Crossing, Deschutes River Conservancy and Yarrow as well as community and non-profit organizations.


New young director David Edwards shoots his first commercial for Saatchi Geneva

David Edwards (27) has just completed his first commercial, a 30 sec spot for Seat Cars thru Saatchi Geneva and is now airing in Switzerland.

David has been writing & directing promos for the UK's Virgin TV since leaving University 3 years ago. He has built a decent reel in that time and is now signed to HANraHAN as a full-time commercials director. We think he has a bright future in adland, hope you do too. See some other examples of his recent work.


Now look what you did

MAKE in Minneapolis, creates two new CG environmental PSA spec commercials, all for shits and giggles… and a good cause.

Respect yourself. Respect your environment..

You can now check them out at:


More Ad Icons Return From The Advertising Graveyard

Will 2007 be the year of old icons reincarnated? Possibly. So far we've seen Orville Redenbacher and Uncle Ben brought back. Now Gallo is bringing back 80s icons Frank and Ed for Bartles & Jaymes.


ph34r my l33t skillz, says the advertiser

Brandon at Texturl collected a whole pile of recruitment ads that speak the target markets language, some found here and wonders:

So my question is this: When will this type of recruitment ad become so popular it backfires? When will the target audience (smart cookies, all) see these sorts of ads as simply attempts by corporate entities to “speak geek”? When will L33T become lame?
Seems we'll never run out of these 'code'-ads.

Apple 'hello' iPhone ad a rip-off?

A sequence from Christian Marclay's 1995 film Telephones is a montage of actors in famous films answering the phone - and gee, so is that iPhone apple ad. Similarities first noted at artandcrafts blog. Coincidence? Apple contacted Marclay before creating the ad he says to Radar Online:


Uncle Ben Brought Into Ad Campaign

First CP+B brought back Orville Redenbacher, now TBWA/Chiat/Day is bringing back Uncle Ben.

So about 18 months ago, the company and agency decided "to reach out to our consumers" and gauge attitudes toward Uncle Ben, Mr. Howell said. There were no negative responses or references to the stereotyped aspects of the character, he said. Rather, the consumers "focused on positive images, quality, warmth, timelessness," he added, and "the legend of Uncle Ben."

Joe Shands, a creative director at the Playa del Rey, Calif., office of TBWA/Chiat/Day, said the freedom to use the character to sell the Uncle Ben’s brand was a welcome change from the years when "all we've had to work with is a portrait." "We wanted to know if there was something there we could utilize to talk about new products, existing products, the values of the company," Mr. Shands said, adding that both black and white consumers described the character as someone "they know and love."

"Through the magic of marketing, we've made him the chairman," Mr. Shands said. Uncle Ben's office, he said, is "reflective of a man with great wisdom who has done great things."

Magazine ads in the campaign, which carries the theme "Ben knows best," present a painting of the character in a gold frame with the chairman’s title affixed on a plaque.

The painting is also on display on the home page of the redesigned Web site, which offers a virtual tour of Ben's office. Visitors can browse through his e-mail messages, examine his datebook and read his executive memorandums.

In coming months, visitors to the Uncle Ben’s Web site will be able to discover new elements of the character, Mr. Howell said, like full-body digital versions of Uncle Ben and voice mail messages. The Web site was designed by an agency, Tequila, that is a sibling of TBWA/Chiat/Day, and the budget for the campaign, print and online, is estimated at $20 million.


Ad Prez walks the USA to "feel America"

GSD&M President and founder Roy Spence will embark on a coast-to-coast walk across the USA this fall with the goal to "feel America again."

The genesis of the trek is a belief that marketing cannot lose sight of consumers and perhaps boardroom discussions, and experts running "regression analyses" may have left him too far removed.

"So while so many experts are trying to isolate us, I will be on the road looking for what unites us as a family and community of America," he said.

It's high time, he said, to "get out of the planes, trains and automobiles, if just for a moment, and into the hands, hearts and soul of America and the world, itself."

"Will this make me a better marketer? I hope so," he said. "Will it make me a better person? I am betting everything on it."

Spence's journey looks to take six years, as he said he will walk 25 days a year and 20 miles a day.