Ad Age Green Conferance report: Ever thought of your websites carbon footprint?

In todays three minute Ad Age they reported from yesterdays Annual Advertising Age green conferance and the question asked there was What's the carbon footprint of a banner ad? - Don Carli also compares the electricity 'waste' of the paper making industry to the electronic communications (servers and whatnot) and finds that the "Don't print this email" campaigns is barking up the wrong tree, sortof. Oh c'mon I had to get a tree pun in here!

Papermaking, in the united states, consumed 75 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2006. That's the second largest industrial use of electricity.
During the same period of time, people have been saying "Don't print this email"..send it electic, don't print it send it electronically, save trees.
Just data centers and servers in North America, according to the energy information administration, consumed 61 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, and they're growing at a prodigious rate."

Dum dum DUM!
Point being, being green isn't only about saving paper. - which strikes me as such a late eighties way of looking at the environmental problems we have today, what rock have people been hiding under? Yes, I know I've said that before in "Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.".

By the way, If anyone fancies moving to a Carbon neutral server host (in the UK) , I really like the people here at memset and recommend their services.

Newspapers run ads about fake airline Derrie-Air

"Derrie-Air has been exposed. Readers of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News opened their papers Friday to see ads for a new airline called Derrie-Air, which purportedly charges passengers by the pound."


Bud Light "Limey" campaign launched

The DDB "limey" campaign which features a song by Santogold in one of the ads has now launched.

Director Johannes Gamble of superstudio recently partnered with ad agency DDB Chicago on a viral campaign for summer's newest beer, Bud Light Lime. Created for YouTube consumption, the spots introduce Limey, Anheuser-Busch's new Bud Light Lime mascot, who does stunts and features the tagline, "It's amazing what a little lime can do."

"This was one of those ever-evolving projects, which kept growing into something bigger, and blurred the lines between TV and Internet," says Will St. Clair, DDB Chicago VP & Executive Producer. "We needed someone who had the experience and versatility to bridge these realms. Johannes not only had the right mindset, he also embraced the challenges and found solutions. He was inventive enough to work within our budget; he materially improved upon our concept and developed it into something both cool and doable."


Link Lust: Classic Badlanders and Vespa everythings.

Sunil puns "Whose beautiful laundrette?" as he compares the 1968 Hamlet "Laundrette" commercial with the 1985 Levi 501 (Nick Kamen) "Laundrette" commercial. They are an interesting pairing, and I remember having seen them compared in class way back in advertising boot camp, the story being that it was an intentional homage. I can't be sure f this since I can't find my notes from that class and it is a million years ago, and I had totally forgotten about the pair when Sunil who's advertising brain is far stickier than mine dug them both up again. He says about the pair:

I don’t for a moment think that John Hegarty or Tony Scott would stoop to purloining someone else’s work. I prefer to think of the Levi’s ad as a tribute to its predecessor which, although not one of the best Hamlet ads, was an idea so natural for Levi’s that it proved simply too good to waste.

Too good to miss, go read his post and watch the classic ads.


Now for the vespaheads in the audience - get this nicely stencilled vespa T-shirt designed by Matt Bugeja, and for your desk, The vespa lamp (Thanks alec!).


Forget Batman, Iron Man and The Hulk, Volunteers are this summers biggest superheroes!

A Scottish social economy organisation used volunteers this week to launch a “Local Heroes” campaign (costing only £50!!) targeting people with the message that through volunteering you don’t have to possess a superpower to really make a difference and that everyone has the ability to help within their community



Publicis/Saatchi to buy Leo Burnett in Stockholm?

The Swedish CEO Hans Sydow says to Resumé "We're currently in talks, I can not comment further"

The Publicis network already owns Saatchi Stockholm (which is owned by Danish Publicis holding), and the rumors are that they will buy Leo Burnett as well, and in the future merge all three Stockholm agencies into one. Pubsaatchinett? No, Saatneticis? Leopubchi?


Southwest airline: coupon ad that reads "don't #$*!% me over"

Southwest airlines aren't messing about with their Nofees promise. To show you that they're serious they published this simple coupon ad in the Wall Street Journal.


Honda skydiving plane crashed, two dead.

The "Honda skydiving plane" was involved in a crash, and depending on who you ask it was either a day later or while they did the live ad.

Honda Jump (not live) and Honda Channel 4 Live ad Jump

If you read tabloids, such as the ever sucky Aftonbladet in Sweden you'll find the headline "Nine people jumped out of crashing plane" and the incorrect version of events:

Two died during the filming. They were shooting for British TV when their aircraft suddenly crashed. Luckily they all played the parts of skydivers.

Aftonbladet got their information from El País and the writer might need to brush up on their Spanish, because Hondas official statement says the crash happened the day after the live ad - their statement is quoted at The Guardian and other proper newschannels.

"No-one on the plane was in any way connected to Honda or with the company's advertising shoot," according to its statement.
"Honda extends its sincerest condolences to the families of the two people killed."

Still, how terrible, imagine if the wing had come off the plane during the live ad.


Greenwashing - a dangerous habit?

Stimulansbloggen has a good post on 'greenwashing' which seems to be increasignly popular in advertising. It never fails to annoy me to see ads doing the green thing put out by a company or shilling a product that clearly isn't.

The danger of greenwash is that when companies use unsubstantiated green claims, they confuse consumers who want to do the green thing. This confusion might turn into a reason for consumers to do nothing at all. If everything seems green it becomes unreasonably hard to find the "real" green alternative.

Stimulansbloggen also points to the usful greenwash guide put together by ad agency Futerra (and where the image on the left is from).


The mystery (and fake) forwarded email chat between Bogusky and Serpa.

So, a little birdie sent me an email forward which showed Bogusky and Sherpa talking, about The Israeli submissions to Cannes 2008 which have their own little place on the web at "creativevalley".

Now, forgive me if I don't for a nano-second believe that Sherpa and Bogusky were talking about this, or even at all. And I really really doubt that Bogusky would say things like "Say, you don't think it's too innovative?" There are no headers in the forwarded email so I can't pick it apart and see where the supposed forwarded chat really did come from. But OK, fine, so someone likely connected to creativevalley thought up that little conversation just so that we'd talk about it too. Consider me suckered, then.