Dove Cream oil - user generated ad on Oscar night and the youtube spawn

Slate calls it "more cheap feminism from Dove" and they're talking about the Cream Oil ad that debuted on Oscar night. Watch the cream oil ad here. It is yet another step in the "embracing real beauty campaign" where real women - or cartoons - take the place of airbrushed supermodels, shocking by being perfectly normal.

I still can't shake the feeling, though, that this reasonable impulse is a bit misguided. Dove's appeal to righteous sisterhood is just another flavor of marketing. And it's not particularly grounded in reality. Are we meant to believe that Unilever, the company that makes Dove, is a force for good? How to reconcile this notion with the ads for another Unilever product, Axe body spray, in which nearly every woman shown is a skinny, fashion-model-gorgeous nymphomaniac? (And by the way, Unilever also offers Slimfast, in case you're not quite as happy with your body as the Dove girls are.)

Well, yeah, duh. Of course it's just another marketing tactic - but as it zigs instead of sags (pun!) it sticks out, and dare I say even works well as the original campaign has quite a following.

Their consumer generated/user generated ads however, don't. The "Knowing You're Beautiful" commercial by Lindsay Miller, a 22-year-old TV production assistant coordinator of Sherman Oaks, California is basically the same old 'read the brief in an entertaining manner' concept seen shilling thousands of products every day. "Your skin has never felt like this!" she says, and perhaps not but we've heard that line before.

Miller said, " I've been intrigued by the recent trend in advertising of having mere mortals make commercials that end up on national television, so the contest caught my attention immediately.

I'm not sure, but Miller might be under the false impression that us adgrunts are some sort of Gods. I won't correct her if you won't. ;) The only place this ad "stuck out" was on youtube, where the community had a hissyfit about the ad for being an ad. An ad that asks the youtube community to make an ad.

Some reactions were against it, like this one.


Link Lust: Baby I Link Your Way

Geico Cavemen ad is being developed into a sitcom, the three "cavemen" battle bigotry in modern-day Atlanta. Oh joy. Will it be anything like the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? If the show doesn't work out, the Caveman can always pitch for Quiznos.

Yet another study, this one from the University College London, finds that Sex does not sell. "Television viewers tend to have a poor memory for ads that appear on sex-laced TV shows." True.

RFIDs make ads talk to you - to which Leslie/ Burns Auto Parts quipped "Great...just wait until the tampons start screaming at women in the aisles: You've got ice cream and Motrin in your cart--don't forget about us!"

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The Perlorian Brothers fight plaque, Mastercard goes shopping & more

Heads up on some fresh stuff in the commercial archive.

The Perlorian Brothers don their superhero suits to fight plaque together with AMV BBDO, London, for Orbits. View Cheryl and Richard here.


Åkestam Holst speed life up a notch for Bredbandsbolaget

Åkestam Holst has created a new campaign for the ISP called bredbandsbolaget (the broadband company) in Sweden. The BBB have served Swedes with fast & fat pipes of delish internet since day one, so the campaign proposition - and tagline - is "our customers are used to things going fast".

In the above poster, the lines read:
- "Anna. You seem to be a really nice girl..."
- "My name is Hanna."

(more inside)


Coke to sue itself

The New York Times reports about Coke Zeros new campaign in: Can’t Tell Your Cokes Apart? Sue Someone. The campaign created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky in Miami touts the "tastes exactly like original Coke" idea by showing Coke having a hissyfit and wanting to sue Coke Zero for taste infringement. It plays down the whoe "diet" thing while playing up the taste thing quite well.

The "notion is to show what happens inside the company when the company sees people getting confused between Coke and Coke Zero," Mr.

Revisiting Embracing Real Beauty campaign by Dove.

Been seeing a lot of revamped cartoon gals in my RSS feed recently, (#1, #2) and as far as I can figure it looks like the Dove campaign from early 2005 with vampy Velma, wild Wilma and magnificent Marge has only just recently made it in to the ads of the world archive, thus prompting many a adblog to point and say "oooh, purdy". Yaknow, like we do.


Weekend roundup - commercials this week in the archive

Ah, Sunday. Just to recap folks, there's been quite a few ads sent in this past week you might have missed.

Iphone - Hello! sortof does that Virgin "spot the movie" thing - can you see which films they clipped their greetings from? I'll start you off - Pink Panther, Bullitt, Flintstones, Three Days for The Condor, Back to the Future, Patriot Game, High Fidelity, Amelie from Montmartre. I'm sad to see that there is no "pronto" or "moshi moshi". Could wee Sophia Loren and Tomorowo Taguchi in the next one please?


Top 10 worst marketing gaffes, flops and disasters.

From the good folks at

The Consumerist's guide to the top 10 worst gaffes, flops, and disasters in the history of American marketing and advertising.


Link Lust: Lonesome Link

I know, this is ancient, but still - Gawkers wonders "Did Bud Super Bowl Commercial Rip Off The Whitest Kids?" Naaah, I don't think so, do you think so? Input plz.

We got this email that follows every single rule of skanky seeding mails: "Hi dude, have you heard about this? it's a link to this year's viral oscars 'germ'. There's a category for best image, video and interactive viral. I think the deadline is march 31st. I've just craeted some cool new clips so will def enter them"

Bad spelling? Check. Mysterious tipster from throwaway email account? Check. The phrase "have you heard" used? Check. We replied: "Hello Mystery dude emailing from a throwaway hotmail account. If you are in any way involved with this we'd really appreciate it if you said so now, so that we could ask follow up questions and make a better article about this germ award." - we got no word back so here's a single crummy link with no more info, have fun with that.

Adland: might make you loose your lunch

lostjaw logo A pressrelease sent to us reads "YOUTHOGRAPHY AND THE NOT TO KIDS! COALITION LAUNCH GROTESQUE CHEWING TOBACCO PSA CAMPAIGN TO ONTARIO TEENS" - and by golly, they aren't kidding about the "grotesque".

In order to resonate with the 13-18 year old target demographic it was important to show the possible physical effects of chewing tobacco in a visually arresting manner. "The shocking image of a typical high school student on picture day with a portion of his jaw left exposed and raw from mouth cancer or ulcers was designed to promote a reaction and stick in the minds of consumers who see it." says Youthography Creative Director, Sean Claessen.

(the horror inside)