Link Lust: Link on the rocks

Burns Auto Parts keeps cheering me up. First she confirms what I've always suspected - meetings makes us dumber, and asks us to think for ourselves. Then she gives us all a kick in the tush - are you a creative artist or are you suffering from CRAP? Cognitive Reduction of Art Pathology might not have been a acronym before but is now.

Researcher shares this unintentionally hilarious ad, where the writer has chosen the wrong word in Swedish to try and sound like an older text. In the copy they write "Salig biskopen", where "salig" could mean 'blessed/happy', but using in front of someones name or title usually means "deceased". Oopsie.

Adfreak shows us how the Mac and PC guys looked in the early nineties. Fashion can be frightening. What the hell do you call that color jeans anyway? Washout blue?


Link Lust: Link Will Lead You Back

Logo Orange has a cool directory of logo design history for famous brands. (hat tip GraphicDesignBar)

A NYTimes article talks about the push to measure effectiveness to determine ROI in traditional media such as outdoor, TV, radio and print.

Decoding Adobe Creative Suite 3's Periodic Table of Program Icons. (via DesignObserver)

Need a sound? might be able to help with a plethora of links to audio clips for things from coots to ovens on the world wide web. (hat tip

Looking for letterpress? Design*Sponge Letterpress Guide provides a working guide to some of the best letterpress studios in the country (as well as a few abroad).

Earlier this month, Guinness had a video floating around the web titled "Hands" by Michael Schlingmann. Now at you can create your own "hand" film. There's also behind-the-scenes footage to view.


Anorexia ad update

The anorexic ad we spoke about here earlier this week is now available as film in Quicktime format (in English) in the commercial archive.

Super adgrunts view it here


Who's messing with your trademarks, today?

Oi, what a week to miss reading Adcritic's elert. Move over user-created ads, now there's creative-created ads where the creatives even run the stuff without ever contacting the client. double-u-tee-eff?

It's that are behind the greenpeace ad with the line: "Who's fucking your mother, today?" That comma, sucks.
(see ads inside)


The Making of - Orange "belonging".

If there was ever a need for a "making of the commercial" behind the scenes footage, it is for that Orange - Belonging advert. Some people are rubbing their eyes thinking it's all digital trickery. It is not.

See three films inside from the shoot.


Start-up Company Competes with Media Giants

There has been recent news coverage about Google and Ebay preparing to launch a media exchange program that will help the declining ad sales in TV stations. However, what Google and Ebay don't tell readers is that their software somewhat forces TV stations to become transparent and "give" inventory away. Google and Ebay also take control of the inventory during the auction process.

However, there is another process that has already been developed. Spot Innovation developed a media exchange called Ad-Bid. Ad-bid was designed from a broadcaster's perspective from former TV station execs and sales directors. Also, Ad-bid allows the station to maintain control over the entire bidding process. It is just that not many know about this product because Google and Ebay take most of the headlines. If TV station general managers knew about this product, they Spot Innovation could potentially surpass the media giants.


72andSunny breaks new campaign for Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero

Los Angeles, CA and Amsterdam, Holland-based ad agency 72andSunny is breaking a new TV commercial for Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero today that will air throughout the U.S. market.

The agency is fresh off the heels of launching Microsoft’s Zune, and was charged with communicating the revamped look for the Cherry Coke brand. The new can design for Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero is unveiled in the :30 second spot entitled “Downpour.”


Link Lust: Linking you - a-haaa...

Do you have The Design Disease? Sadly, there is no cure.

Animax Entertainment and TCS created Ink is it .com for Kodak and are seeding a mock talkshow on youtube/inkisit.

Scott The G-Man explains what creatives do, and my mom still thinks I should get a real job.


Old lady and her Dew mashup creative credits.

Remember Sue Teller, the old lady and her mashup with the dew? She has her own myspace page with over 600 artist and musician friends (some really good ones too). She's been asked to go on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen (as in Degeneres) show, and Indie 103.1 (LA's best indie radio station). Several radio stations have sampled the spot to introduce their mash up of the day - in short, the fictitious granny character created by 86 the Onions to sell soft drinks leads a more interesting life than you. Ouch.
Anyway, we like credits so we've updated the original post now that the cat is officially out of the bag.


Anti anorexia ad shows us what the anorexic see

Martin Stadhammar creative director at Grey Stockholm and Oskar Bård Director at Hobbyfilm in Stockholm got together and created a campaign for the national society called Anorexi/Bulimi-contact in hopes of raising aweness about the illness, and gathering donations to the Anorexi/Bulimi-contact soceity. (see inside)