Link Lust: Let Your Link Flow

Arnold uses amateur youtube video as basis for new McDonald's spot.

Burger King expands to sell chips, flavored like fries and ketchup.

Modern Drunkard Magazine shares their list of the top 10 alcohol icons of all time.

A new site for Sprint - Waitless - is filled with ways to help you...wait less.

Slate presents a slide show of the 12 types of ads.

Celebrities kids in new ad campaign for Lord & Taylor which will launch in October. Headed by David Lipman, the ads will feature Lydia Hearst (Patty Hearst 's daughter), Sean McEnroe (child of John McEnroe and Tatum O'Neal), and Scott Reeves (son of Clint Eastwood).

Have you ever wondered what happened to Gorbachev? Well, he's in an ad campaign for Louis Vuitton shot by Annie Leibovitz.

The Vuitton ad, however, is part of a campaign to emphasize the company's heritage in luggage and travel accessories. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, the ads include other celebrities using Vuitton bags: Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf cuddling in a hotel room, their bags not yet unpacked; Catherine Deneuve resting on a trunk in front of a steaming locomotive; and Mr. Gorbachev in the back of a car with a duffel bag on the seat next to him. Of the group, Mr. Gorbachev appears the least comfortable. He is holding on to a door handle, as if the bag contained polonium 210.

Nice ad:


Luvs' uses Beatles song and gets some fans riled up

Some how we all knew it was going to happen when we read the news that Luvs "All You Need is Luvs" marketing campaign was using The Beatles "All You Need is Love" song.

The campaign is designed to offer a fresh approach to keep the brand relevant and top-of-mind with mothers. Saatchi & Saatchi, N.Y., created the execution.


John K does Comcast.


New ad media: the back of envelopes.....™ think they have a winning concept with their free postage paid advertising supported envelopes available to anyone that lives in the US. Seriously, you can stop bothering with stamps now as long as you're cheap enough to use advertising supported envelopes. Nothing signals "I care" as much as a handwritten perfume-drenced love-letter with a Pizza-hut coupon on the back.


What the hell is this? Brand suicide?

Someone just emailed me this "Hover" car ad, what the hell...? The torn middle suggests that the ad is real but would anyone really run an ad like this? Scam or portfolio piece, what do you think?


Nothing sucks like an ad myth

Oy vey. I've spotted this in a few Swedish blogs recently, and then to top it all off someone mentioned it at work - the old "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux" myth. It goes a little something like this and can be found on countless funny pages, in silly list emails, and spoken during water cooler chats in offices around the world.

Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux used the following in an American campaign, "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux".

The funny of course being that Swedes are unaware of the double entendre.

Here is the mythical ad poster.

(originally posted in the comments for "both of these ads really suck")

So lets be clear, it was not an American ad, it was a British advertising poster, and the pun was intended. Look, the Electrolux sucks so hard it explains the leaning tower of Pisa.


What is the republic of ideas? Why wait until sept 3rd?

The is some cryptic new website that asks for your email and will let you know what it is September 3rd. Hmmm...


Dirk the tramp - stunt in Düsseldorf spotlights homeless plight

BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH has done this film where they sent a very special type of beggar out on the streets and secretly taped peoples reaction to 'him'. Quicktime video addicts, click the pic to see the film.


Is it splitsville for Playstation and TBWA/Chiat/Day?

Yesterday, Adweek reported that the Playstation account, which has been in TBWA\Chiat\Day's hands since the introduction of the product in 1994.

The estimated $100 million Sony PlayStation has been said to be put into review.

It is believed that TBWA parent Omnicom Group tried to keep the review contained to its agency network, but Sony has hired consultancy Select Resources International to oversee the process, sources said.


Bombastic makes the english rose come to life for VH1

Design & branding company Bombastic has collaborated with VH1 to create the graphics package tat surrounds the Concert For Diana, the concert is a tribute to the Princess and a fundraiser for the charities she supported during her lifetime.