NY Times Magazine: Can a Dead Brand Live Again?

It takes years and millions of dollars to build a brand, but that doesn't guarantee immortality on store shelves. Even the best household name brands go the way of the dinosaurs (e.g. Brim coffee). Chicago-based River West Brands think some dead brands are worth buying and resurrecting them. Maybe one of your favorite dead brands could be making a comeback soon?


Link Lust: There she was just a-linkin' down the street

What the heck is that campaign really selling? All I've learned so far is that bunnies are prone to temper tantrums when stressed and frickin' cute with their tongues sticking out. I'm not sure what to buy now. Maybe some carrots.

Things You Can't Do Coked Up, and I have only one to add: "read that three page blog in it's entirety". What? Coked up is advertising related. Don't pretend you don't know what I mean.

Meatwater - oh my. Go around and read the product descriptions. It'll take you a while to find that it's a photographer's publicity piece. Nice work, and really icky product idea. :)


Fox yells "cut" on commercials

The Fox channel has recently announced that it will reduce the number of commercials on two of their new Fall shows - J.J. Abrams' "Fringe" and Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse". Will this make the shows more watchable? Maybe, maybe not.


Selling 80's music compilations in South Africa

If you were to ask me what is the best strategy to sell CD compilations of 80's/90s music in South Africa, you can bet that I wouldn't answer; "using apartheid, a transsexual and Roller Girl". I most likely wouldn't call my product "Kinky Afro" either, as "full of old, but cool music" is not the first thing that pops into my head with that name. This my friends, is probably why I'm not a bazillionaire, as BBDO Cape Towns campaign for Kinky Afro is really quite funny.
Terence Neale directed the flashbacks out of Humanoid & Egg production.


Sue Simmons dropped the F-Bomb on telly last night


Comedian Mo Rocca Tackles Banking on the Streets in New Web Videos

Comedia Mo Rocca is on a crusade to find out how you bank, you can see videos at He takes to the streets of New York (though he claims to be elsewhere) and asks random people probing questions like "What do you wear when you bank?"


Brand tags: Tag a brand and watch the tag cloud.

Brand tags is a site where you can tag a brand/logo and see what other people have tagged it. I have a feeling that the trademark holders won't like this place much, at least not when you look at tags that sound more like consumer complaints....

Starbucks is bitter black heroin bland branded burned burnt burnt coffee , Wal mart is bad evil harmful cheap crap junk treason, comcast is cable internet sucks, Splenda is cancer fake sugar. Coca-Cola fares much better with the big words being always classic coke drink red soda sugar.

Extra credit fun: play the reverse tag game and guess the brand behind the tags!


Link Lust: Don't link me now, cuz' I'm having a good time.

It's really weird getting "embargoed" submissions set to be released at a certain date that is already appearing on other adblogs. So I reckon I'll just point to the CULTIVATOR Advertising & Design campaign for New Belgium Brewing Co. at the Denver Egotist.

Welcometowallyworld notes that Amercan airlines goes gay.

Ilya vedrashko scanned these cute Boyfriend Girlfriend chocolates.

Graphic design blog lists 6 Reasons Why a Logo Should Cost More than your Lunch and they are all true.


The youtube clip that needed to save "What happens in Vegas"

The footage of Cameron Diaz, drunk getting hitched to an equally soused Ashton Kutcher was "leaked" on the web to help boost interested in the movie "What happens in Vegas" which opened May 9. Adage reported:

those surveyed were asked for their top three choices of movies to see this summer, only 13% of Marketcast respondents named "What Happens in Vegas." Instead, most mentioned blockbusters such as "Indiana Jones" (May 22) or "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" (May 16). In short, when a film is tracking behind pictures that don't even open until two to three weeks after it does, the studio releasing it has a potentially significant problem.

Complicating matters, Ms. Diaz was forced to skip its press junket last weekend after the sudden death of her father on April 15.

That has not been lost on Fox. The studio hastily cut new TV spots showcasing broader humor that might skew more male, and the planned leak of the illicit "wedding video" may yet stir up interest among heretofore unenthusiastic males.

"The 'wedding video' is only in the actual movie for a little bit, but they shot 10 minutes of footage, and it's fucking hilarious," said Shawn Levy, a producer on "Vegas" who has also directed the comedies "Night at the Museum" and "Cheaper by the Dozen" for Fox.

So far "What happens in Vegas" has received mixed reviews, and how many saw it the opening weekend hasn't been announced yet.


Top five best links in the "ad collection" adlinks.

So, I was doing some gardening, that is weeding out linkrot, from the Collections of ads links in the adlinks spurred on by the sudden spike in emailed questions to me this past week asking "do you know any good ad collection sites?" Well, yeah, but the links I know of, like most other things in my ad-sticky brain are actually already online y'all, so if you missed it here's me pointing with a giant foam finger at it. *points* ----> Adland's ad links.

American Package Museum. Oh aren't they so swell looking? "The primary objective of this site is to preserve and display specimens of American package design from the early decades of the 20th century." And they do it so well with nicely lit photographs that makes it feel like we've taken the Delorian to the past.

Good Logo! You know when your client needs a mockup yesterday and then sends you the logo in the shape of a badly pixellated .jpg? Good logo has saved my ass plenty of times, and serves as a inspiration site when creating logos so I don't make something far too similar to what is already out there.

Truth in advertising - Cigarette ads from back when "nine out of ten doctors smoke 'em". How fab.

Ad Classix - where you can browse and buy retro ads from the early 1900s to the 1970s. " has spent years gathering a unique collection of original, authentic print advertisements spanning the last century. We deal only in the original vintage advertisement produced for any given product. We do not deal in digital copies or mass produced duplicates."

The History of Advertising Trust Archive:"Over our thirty years of existence we have brought together the largest archive of UK advertising in the world. From the outset our mission has been to make this material available for study and research at the lowest possible cost. HAT Archive houses unique collections and study resources dating from the early 1800s to the present day and we are always looking for ways to develop them and improve our services."

You too, dear adgrunt, can add your link to the links, but you'll have to be logged in to do so (spammers really love to try and get one past me there - they have carefully scripted automated bots that hammer the site for days at a time, for real). You can help weed out dead links too, just "report dead link" if you find one that is, this way we keep the link archive fresh and choc full of gems for all adgrunts in the world.