Mac Trojan in the wild asks you to download Quicktime codec - don't fall for it.

We interrupt this regular adbitching for a public service announcement. Since many adgrunts (soooo many) surf here on macs, and since this Trojan targets Quicktime users I reckon I should warn y'all. There's a trojan in the wild targeting macs specifically. It was only found on porn-sites a few weeks back but now it's making appearances on social sites where embedding of video is allowed - such as MySpace. The Trojan appearing on Alicia Keys page sounds exactly like the mac-trojan. The trojan reacts when you try to view a film, alerting you that "a quicktime codec is missing to play this movie" and giving you a link to download this codec. Once you download that, you'll have to double-click and install it of course, and then the Trojan resets your DNS so that you'll be directed to phishing sites on the web. I have a copy of this Trojan (one of my hobbies is to collects viruses, yeah I'm weird) and to a regular user it looks just like you're installing a Quicktime codec.

Once given root access, the trojan changes the computer's DNS settings to point to phishing sites or ads for other pornography sites. Even if the DNS is reset manually, a background task added by the trojan changes the DNS again automatically.

If you fear that your rig has become infected, Macworld has removal instructions.

Make sure that you don't get infected. To install Adobe Flash player 9 please go straight to the Adobe site. To get the latest Quicktime player please go straight to Apple's Quicktime download site. Never accept downloads from anywhere else. It's that simple. Don't install stuff from untrusted sources. Don't trust anyone but the makers of the software you should be using, not Myspace, not Ning, not Facebook. It doesn't matter how big and famous the site is, if they allow users to embed stuff from third party sites, they can be sending you malware. Kay?


Cars under street lamps

Just a coincidence ... again, and again, and again.

Above; Audi /

2nd Renault

Citroen C4 Picasso

C4 Picasso


Guinness "Tipping Point"

Last night, Guinness launched the most expensive TV ad in its 80-year marketing history with the help of AMV BBDO. "Tipping Point", a £10m spot, is a follow up in the 'Good Things Come to Those Who Wait' campaign, which will air in 30-, 60-, an 90-second spots. Directed by Nicolai Fugslig (director of Sony's "Balls" spot), the ad begins with 6,000 dominoes, leading on to objects such as books, paint cans, flaming hay bales, and cars.

Mr. Fugslig said the combination of the intricacy of the shoot, the high altitude location in Argentina and the use of hundreds of villagers made filming the ad the "biggest challenge" of his career to date.

"The ad is fundamentally a celebration of community," said Paul Cornell, the marketing manager for Guinness at Diageo GB.


T-Mobile wants to own Magenta

We've heard this song and dance before. UPS and Brown. Kimberly Clarke and Orange.

And now, T-Mobile and it's bigger parent company, Deutsche Telekom (DT) want to own the color magenta. In fact, they have sued Dutch company Compello, and they are urging "Slam FM" and "100% NL" to quit using magenta too. You can sign a petition here to RECLAIM MAGENTA!, as well as find more links to info on the subject.


Miller Lite, Bud Light battle results in charity

Miller and A-B are at it again, but this time A-B isn't biting, at least not the way they expected. Just three days after Miller Lite began airing ads mocking Budweiser with the intention to push Anheuser-Busch into another beer war, A-B responds with a charitable donation.

Miller last weekend began airing "Dalmation," a fairly transparent spoof of an A-B Super Bowl ad. In Miller's new ad a dog leaps from a familiar red A-B Clydesdale hitch into a Miller Lite truck, to the soundtrack of "Unchain My Heart." The ad began airing during Saturday's college football games and was created by Miller Lite's new agency, BBH, New York.

Click on the image below to see Dalmation:

Budweiser responded with a full-page ad on the back of USA Today's sports section today, with a large-type heading: "Keep up the bad work, Miller Beer. It's getting a lot of good things done." The text: "Apparently, Miller Beer believes they have to say negative things about our brands to sell their beer. At Budweiser, we're positive there's a better way of doing things. In fact, we're committed to creating something positive out of their recent negative advertising. Their latest attack? Our wagon-riding dalmation. Our response? A donation to a number of animal rescue groups across America. For over 130 years, Budweiser has believed in doing things right. We're not going to stop now." The foot of the page features a cuddly puppy, the Budweiser logo and a tagline: "Doing things the right way."

The quick response to Miller's mocking comes after Anheuser Busch execs had sworn they wouldn't again be provoked into another piss contest with Miller. In 2004 and 2005 Miller Lite and Bud Light heatedly poked at each other with comparative ads. You can see some, and the drama, in the stories below:
May 2004 - Catfight between Miller and AB
September 2004 - Bud, Miller at it again
September 2004 - Taste and Flavor vs. Freshness
December 2004 - Battle of the Brews
November 2005 - Round 74590 in the battle between Miller Lite and Bud Light

That fight seemed to benefit Miller, which gained market share in both years and didn't lose momentum until A-B slashed its long-held price premium in early 2005. A-B executives subsequently said they'd learned their lesson when it came to punching down and vowed not to do it again.

A Miller spokesman vowed to continue to pester A-B. "We are going to continue to have fun in pointing out that Miller Lite has more taste and half the carbs of Bud Light. We know we have a better beer and we are going to keep telling people about it."


Save Electricity Billboard

South African power company Escom put up this nice billboard in response to power shortages in the country and as a way to tell individuals and industry alike to cut power usage. Only one light at night saves electricity.


A perfect storm this Sunday?

USA Today thinks so. And some are calling it the "mini Super Bowl." We'll see.


Link Lust: Gimme Link.

If you're faster on the trigger than I, you might win the "Do it wrong quickly" challenge, aa no matter what I only get 60 points when the time runs out. arrgh!

Reuben Miller did a Designer Packing Tape Review and I have a sudden urge to tape everything in my house. Lace tape! Frame tape, bullet tape and Shut up tape, oooh that could come in handy....Bonus, the everlasting calender tape from laboratorium.

Last word goes to the musings of an opinionated son and his photograph of the Quirks Of Advertising … a bar table sign that he found in a Singaporean bar. Saatchi tsssk! Don't you guys have an office?


NY Times: A Consumer’s Spot for Apple Grows Up

Here's a homemade Apple ad that's so good, Lee Clow came calling.

Click read more to view the final produced version (airing now on TV).


Super Bowl ad slots almost gone

Adage reports that the ad slots for the Super Bowl on February 3, 2008 are 90% sold out.

One media buyer estimated News Corp.'s Fox has "less than 10, but more than five" 30-second spots left to sell. A person familiar with the situation said Fox has sold more than 90% of its ad time for the game.

Fox has been seeking as much as $2.7 million for a 30-second spot in next year's game and now might seek more, according to a person familiar with the situation.

As a bonus this year, Fox has offered advertisers the chance to place ads on corporate sibling MySpace, and the network will run on-air promotions during the game that will urge viewers to visit the social-networking website. Advertisers will be able to offer different perks to those who watch the ads online, including coupons, links to other websites or the chance to see movie trailers.