Hungarian government placed full page ads in Lebanese newspapers warning migrants

Last week, full page ads appeared in both Lebanese and Jordanian newspapers warning migrants not to come to Hungary, stating that illegally crossing the border will get them thrown in prison. "Do not listen to the people smugglers.


Banksy's #Dismaland takes over London ad space & is sent to Calais to shelter refugees

The 15th of September, Banksy and Dismaland artists pulled off quite the heist where advertising spaces all over the city where hijacked for protest art.


Costa Coffee to Periscope livestream barista battle

Costa Coffee will broadcast live on the Costa Coffee’s Periscope channel, the Twitter-owned live broadcasting app, a barista battle to create the perfect coffee art.


There are two sides of living with COPD

COPD of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is no laughing matter. It is a serious health problem.


Book a table at McDonald's for a fancy two course dinner

News outlets worldwide are reporting that McDonald's in Sweden are now taking reservations, see Yahoo news and


Dressman challenges the "perfect men" Calvin Klein stereotype in a "Dove real beauties" copycat.

Forsman and Bodenfors in Sweden has done today what Ogilvy Düsseldorf did ten years ago, a simple "Dove real beauties" like spoof ad, but with "real" men in underwear.


Craig Brownrigg Joins FRANK

The FRANK Content team is excited to welcome fellow Canadian & funny man Craig Brownrigg to the roster.


"Planting Peace" gay rights group erects billboard in Kim Davis' Kentucky town

The LGBTQ rights group "Planting peace" ( has erected a billboard Kim Davis' Kentucky town, with the headline: " Dear Kim Davis, the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow, means we've already redefined marriage."


Diana Giorgiutti Joins Luma as Executive Producer of Features

Santa Monica and Melbourne-based VFX studio Luma has secured Diana Giorgiutti as Executive Producer of Features.


Google redesigns their logo - to reflect the many Google products & the future

Designweek weighs in on Googles new logo, looking at how it was created.