Tabacco Advertising Self-Banning

Well, I don't know how about you guys, but I wouldn't be happy about any cigarettes brief (yes, I'm a non smoker).

And not even after the new "advertising rules" of the 3 major tabacco companies BAT (Lucky Strike etc), JT (Camel, Winston and others) and Philip Morris (every brand you can think of) agree on the International Tobacco Products Marketing Standards they're just now working on.


advertising for Muslims

It strikes me that the powers that be in the communications business are missing a trick. Why hasn't (to my knowledge) anyone set up an advertising agency that targets Muslims. There are more muslims on the planet that Christians and Jews put together. They have special needs and need to be spoken to on a level that befits their beliefs. The fellows to do this will reap fine rewards.


Web Marketing Trash Treasured

Web icons don't die, they just get auctioned away.

Forget e-Bay. Auctions for dot-com bombs are 2001's premier flea market events.

What's more, souvenirs emblazoned with deceased e-trepeneur logos like Webvan, Kozmo and have become hot new advertising collectibles.


Afflicted Affleck Bounced from Beer Ads

Seems like an Oscar and a few lead roles was all it took to leave actor Ben Affleck drunk with star power.

After Affleck voluntarily checked into the Malibu-based Promises rehab facility for treatment of alcohol abuse (with the help of former occupant, Charlie Sheen) , Samuel Adams beer dropped him as a celebrity pitchman.

Considering his lead role in "Pearl Harbor," he might prefer kamikazes to beer. Nevertheless, reports of Affleck's activities prior to his decision to sober up would hardly encourage one to "drink responsibly."



If you haven't surfed requiem for a dream yet, you haven't surfed.


Yes, teabaggers is dead.

Those of you who keep asking me "whatever happened to teabaggers" can go read the
last entries in the archives and figure it out yourselves. It went bad, thats all. :(

Sad. This is why we can't have nice things!


Condom Commercial Busted

If the upcoming sequel to teen sex comedy, "American Pie" involves pie-humping like the original, a promo tie-in with Lifestyle condoms would seem to be a perfect fit. What's more, it could help protect millions of easily influenced teen boys from direct exposure with fruit filling. Unfortunately, the deal to air a Universal Pictures produced TV spot just went bust.


HHCL's howellhenryland is very fucking strange.

It's weird, it's poorly implemented, but fuck it looks interesting.

I quote: "howellhenryland is an interactive virtual reality that is our integrated web presence, extranet and intranet. It won't give you the same experience as walking around our unique working environment - but it's as close as we can get in the digital world."

What the hell is it?


No New Tricks for Old Spice

For ad folk, "PG" refers to a style of safe, over-tested advertising popularized by Proctor & Gamble. In recent years, P&G has made pronouncements and organizational moves toward breaking this stereotype. However, according to a recent stink over fresh Old Spice deodorant spots, some think the P&G creative process is still the pits.


This is relevant

The other day, aptly named Art Thompson of handed me his sites card, and stopping by I realized it's an art directors dream! Random scrapbook pages, strange record label designs, weird labels from forgotten brands. Aaah, inspirationville.