Turks live on minimum wages in `Survivor' style reality program

From AdAge Global:

ISTANBUL - Turkish broadcaster Kanal D will monitor two contestants 24 hours a day as they attempt to survive on a monthly income of $68 -- like millions of other minimum-wage earners struggling in Turkey's financial crisis.

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Capitalism is Dead and the Commercials are Great!

What better way to promote Six Feet Under, "HBO's newest drama series takes a darkly comic look at a dysfunctional Pasadena family that runs an independent funeral home," than with fake commercials from the Death Care Industry!

There's four killer spots thus far:
Living Splendor Embalming Fluid
Crown Royal Millenniun Edition Funeral Coach
Wound Filler Molding Putty
Franklin's Leak Proof Earth Dispenser from Franklin Funeral Supplies

For big versions of the commercials, go here.


Baja men?

In Barbara Lippert's Critique on adweek this week she cites that "Who let the Dogs out" was performed by the Baja men.
"Dogs," by the Baja Men, was a monster hit a couple of years back."
Proving once and for all that time moves faster in New York Adworld and no-one will remember your name.


Internet Urban Legend gets her own category at yahoo

Metafilter (and nowadays - you must be a member - sign up!) is where I find brownpau saying that Kaycee Nicole does indeed yahoo.

This hoax - hoaxter? - gets her very own categoy at yahoo. Winner of the mass-manipulation award goes to..well whomever it was that created what is now called "the first major scandal in blogging communities".


Winner takes all in $100 Mil. Energizer Shootout

Adweek online has just declared:
"CHICAGO -- Energizer has tapped lead agency TBWAChiatDay to handle the $100 million rebranding of its main brand following a creative shootout with DDB Chicago, sources said." Agency officials referred calls to the client, who kept going on and on and on and on....

Adweek online continues unabated:

"The move consolidates the St. Louis battery maker's business at TBWACD in Playa del Rey, Calif., which had the Energizer business all to itself until last year when DDB was added to the roster to handle the $50 million e2 battery rollout.

Now you too can be a rioting activist!

"....from the comfort of your own home."The News Journal Online tells us about a video game that allows players to re-enact World Trade Organization riots. Players earn points by busting a plate glass window, punching out a police officer in riot gear or attacking innocent bystanders.


Someone is lauging at that.

People calling the salvation army have instead been connected to a sexline called "Intimate Connections" according to ananova. .
There is a joke in that, I'm sure.


TBWA/Chiat/Day just/shiat/their/pants

...and Steve Jobs is going to pop a brain vein over this one.

Source: MacNN - New York Times sports writer Mike Wise's coverage of the weekend's Western Conference Finals Game 3 between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers contained mention of a just-completed mural near the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. However, the mural was attributed to the wrong company.

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The Commercial Combobulation Cavalcade

It appears that a small but growing number of commercial Web sites have finally figured out a way to tie their online presences together with their traditional advertising efforts by (gasp!) posting their commercials on their commercial Web sites! Wow! Genius!

Continue on for a taste of what's been found thus far (20 links inside)...

(I) Move over, Great American Melting Pot. We've got a frying pan!


An absorbing story - Does this mean that advertising actually works!?

(SOURCE: The Wichita Eagle)