From Catfights to Pillowfights

Miller Lite, now famous for their Catfight ads which broke in January, are taking the concept even further. New spot stars Pamela Anderson joining two other scantily clad women having a pillow fight.

"The commercial will run concurrently with at least another ad in the "Catfight" series in which a buxom Catfight woman a man is wrestling turns into an overweight man. That spot will run during network sports broadcasts."


Tivo - advertisers best friend?

Today, the San Jose-based company plans to start selling the data it collects from the more than 700,000 recorders in viewers' homes. This data will give the TV industry a moment-by-moment breakdown of how TiVo owners react to their commercials or shows, the LAtimes report


six feet under poster banned

Advertising posters for US drama "Six Feet Under" have been banned.

Depicting corpses the posters sold luxury to die for , embalming fluid and wound filler presented the same way luxury perfumes. The ads parody cosmetics adverts.

The body copy carries on to say that the items are available from Fisher & Sons funeral home - the name of the fictional funeral home in the show.


Ad campaign against Murdoch

As US media laws face deregulation MoveOn.org , Common Cause, and Free Press are beind a campaign that hopes to alert the public to the dangers of deregulation.
The television adverts can be viewed at Moveon's site, and the press ads that ran in New York times and other papers can be downloaded as .pdf.

"Murdoch wants more. Much more," the campaign warns. "Unless we act now Rupert Murdoch is going to get his way."


Children exposed to ass in UK

My my my but the Brit censors have been busy lately.


Advertising - the ultimate advertising supporter. For better or worse.


A Wrench in the Cog.

Hmm... They took their time with this one. Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss are now considering legal action against Honda and Wieden & Kennedy, saying that the Honda Cog spot is a wee bit too close to their award-winning 1987 masterpiece, Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go). Independent story here.

The Way Things Go from Jay on Vimeo.


Some Complaints Just Don't Float

The latest UK ban: A Sun newspaper commercial.

Reason this time around: A man inhales helium from a balloon.

Shocked! Shocked, I am!


The Mini Cooper's Rep's a Pooper

...but at least it has damn good advertising. Story here.


Little Red Chevette?

Chevy has finally learned to exploit its legacy - by harnessing the more than 200 songs that make mention of its products. Story at Automotive News.