Much ado about lovin'

Dial this number and you will receive in a jiffy a:

a.) Bubble bath
b.) Rubber Duckie
c.) Burger and fries

Read more for the answer and to view the clip.


Blix Krieg Bop - Advertising quote

Hans Blix on the War On Iraq:


Brazil Cracks Down on the Oldest Ploy in the Book

Please God, don't let this be a trend!


The Freshmaker gets a makeover

Mentos is launching its new packaging for Mentos mints with college football-themed television ads. The company will air 20 animated spots that feature Mentos marching out of their original roll


Advertising, a royal job.

Swedens prince Carl Philip is doing his Internship at Storåkers advertising agency in Stockholm. (I hope he gets one at King next) as part of his studies in Graphic Design at Forsbergs skola.

He's not the only one in the family with designer genes, ;) his sister princess Madeleine did her internships at Lowe Brindfors and Sandell Sandberg last year. Lets not forget his fathers uncle, Sigvard Bernadotte who designed for Bang & Olufsen and the swirly M logo for Marabou.


EFF launches "Let Music Play" campaign

The Electronic Frontier Foundation launched a campaign today urging the more than 60 million U.S. citizens who use file-sharing software to demand changes in copyright law to get artists paid and make file-sharing legal.

"Copyright law is out of step with the views of the American public and the reality of music distribution online," said EFF Executive Director Shari Steele. "Rather than trying to sue people into submission, we need to find a better alternative that gets artists paid while making file sharing legal."

read more to see their ad they're running in magazines like Spin, Blender and Computer Gaming World.


Instead of the dole - self-help promotions

A photo-album of unemployed art directors in Hamburg, that's the unconventional self-help idea by the freshly fired AD Dave Tiedemann and photographer Detlef Overmann. Together with Phoebe Schillinger and Nikolaus von Zitzewitz, creatives formely at Johannsen Hüttner Kersting, they're putting out a book with 25 portraits of unemployed art directors.

Tiedmann will distribute the work in 500 copies free of charge to agencies in Hamburg and to the ADC.

"It's a kind of self-marketing", Tiedmann says, "because the the situation for art directors in Hamburg is dramatic, jobs are hard to find."


Honoring "Cog" with dominoes.

The IPA has announced its contribution to the World Creative Forum, part of London's Design Festival. As the theme this year is creativity, Wieden + Kennedy have decided to interpret the sequence from Honda's "Cog" commercial with a 14,000 domino toppling event at Selfridges Department Store. For the week of the festival (September 22-26), Robin Weijers will be putting on the show at 1pm and 6pm daily.


advertisments or pregverts?

After Billboards for dogs came billboards on dogs, and now humans too rent out their body as adspace. Some early entrepreneurs sell their chests as mediaspace, although I suspect this ladies chest gathers more viewers. Then a guerilla adagency called Cunning Stunts started selling the vacant adspace on students foreheads. Now there is a new media growing ...


The Big Sn-Apple

Snapple has become New York City's drink of choice. After a $166 million deal making Snapple the exclusive provider of drinks in city schools, parks and other city facilities.