Heavyweight Championship Fight: Hormel vs. SpamArrest. Place Bets Now!

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Boobies and Weapons

After 189 complaints that the ads were demeaning to women and trivialized the war in Iraq, EasyJet "Weapons of Mass Distraction" ad gets the green light. From the ASA site:
"The advertisers stated that the advertisement was the latest of a series of topical, humorous and irreverent advertisements. The advertisers said they believed the advertisement was not sexist or demeaning to women; they asserted that they had received positive feedback from both male and female customers."


"Big Guy" retires from Maytag campaign.


Mama Mia that's a ballsy rip-off ...

Those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it.

But repeat it this well? This is a carbon-copy of the idea - with herring instead of meatballs.

Two quicktime films are waiting for you to click "read more.."


The Sierra Club rolls over Hummer.

Suppose you're an organization that encourages other to explore, enjoy and protect the planet...

Are you properly supposed? Good.

So what do you do when rich yahoos start threatening Gaea with their behemoth Hummer H2s? Why, you'd make fun of them, that's what.

The Sierra Club is roasting Hummer at their new website,, complete with Flash commercial. The New York Times reports here.


Exclamation Constipation

Some call it a mark. Others call it a point.
Old schoolers refer to it as a bang.
And hacks? They call it their best friend.


Smooth and Fatiguing

Mountain Dew Code Red... Mountain Dew LiveWire... 7up's dnl... Pepsi Blue... Dr Pepper Red Fusion... Sprite Remix... Mr. Pibb's Ravin' Bladderbuster... America has been swamped with a deluge of soda pop brand extensions, much like last year's flood of "premium" malt beverages.


Chase with a turkish mustache

The Chevy Chase ad for the Turkish alternative Cola 'Turka' that I told you about yesterday is available to view at Adage today.


US brands stronger or weaker?

MSNBC and Forbes take the high road and proclaim Us Brands still going strong while the Daily Herald says that a survey shows; "30,000 consumers in 30 major economies found that those who felt an increasing alienation from American culture were also likely to report a growing disinclination to eat at McDonald's, or to buy Nike shoes."

Zaman Daily reports that Turkish consumers are shunning US brands, based on The Roper Report 2003, from RoperASW (NYC). Down in SouthAfrica, IOL read the ropert report with interest and concluded that american brands are indeed slipping. Or showing no change at all on the brand-power index, like Coca-Cola and American Express.
Back in april The Guardian ran an article warning about 'flag waving' ads, saying that Advertising agencies in the UK warned clients in the UK and US to play down the nationality.

Meanwhile, Chevy Chase stars in a commercial for Turkeys brand Cola Turka. Much like Mecca Cola in france, Zam Zam Cola from Iran (also sold in Denmark)and Qibla Cola in Britain, this cola is marketed as a political statement alternative to Coca-Cola .


Too sweet for sugar free soda?