Polygamy-Porter offends mormons.

Polygamy Porter "why have just one?", is causing a bit of a stir. Guardian UK. Click the link kids!


Goodby's Reefer Madness

Judging from their consistently outstanding work, the grass seems to be greener
at award winning SF shop Goodby Silverstein and Partners.

But recently, their smokin' creative got to be a bit much for Jeff Goodby himself.


Amidst the bombing, the rumble of JWT

This is a story from the Guardian in the UK. Slightly mad, if you ask me but then you didn't so I'll just concentrate on getting the link right instead.

Yours, troutcrisis

article in the Guardian about JWT


Wireality list.

Another mailing list is born!

This one is a list about corporate identity.

Go to to sign up."an e-mail list discussing issues relevant to branding and corporate identity professionals... a carefully-blended mix of news, links, reviews, rants and anything else deemed as relevant and valuable for the corporate design and branding community."

Marius promises to moderate it hard. Those who are interested in this aspect of design and know how to use email - are wholeheartedly reccomended to join.


Ads target hackers

a series of public service ads to stop pro-US hackers vandalizing arabic websites and slowing down the internet will be shot, read all about it @ Nandotimes


Goodby's Dignified Good-byes

Even under the duress of the current economic climate, Goodby Silverstein & Partners remains a class act in both the quality of their work and the management of their agency.

In an e-mail obtained by fuckedcompany (which mistakenly identifies them as a "lawfirm"), they compassionately explain staff and pay cuts.


An Issue Of Taste

Just received the ill-timed new copy of Advertising Age's Creativity. It's titled "The Comedy Issue" with "King of Comedy" Cliff Freeman on the cover.

Editor Stefano Hatfield's introductory notes make reference to "Xtreme" humor and heightened violence that "negates the impact of that violence."

Of course, he wrote those insensitive words long before we witnessed the heartbreaking impact of real extreme violence on live television.


Dreamworks movie ad outrages citizens

This ad is peeving people according to the drugereport.


Agency of the Apes

By now just about everyone's heard of the "director's duel" between Tim Burton and Kevin "Clerks" Smith over "Planet Of The Apes."

Why is the alleged theft of a movie ending from an obscure comic book newsworthy, yet blatant ad pilfering is ignored by the press?


Cannes Fest Canned?

This might have been your last year to enjoy the topless bathing and naked ambition of the Cannes Ad Festival.

The Lions are reportedly roaring mad at Cannes city officials over some undisclosed issues (ironically, the mayor is an adman).

So now they're staking out new hunting grounds in either Barcelona or Venice.

Oh well, think of the bright side. At least you won't have to buy those overpriced drinks at the Carlton. Or a new thong.