Hyundai vs. Volkswagen

What do we have here? Two very different car companies with the exact same TV commercial, even down to the music!

Bates USA West is Hyundai's agency (for now!) and the Volkswagen commercial is a spec spot created by director Shawn Driscoll (now at Coppos Films).

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homage to a better ad?

Us adgrunts loooooove ads. Us adgrunts know adhistory. Us adgrunts are sometimes waaay up our own butts with self referential ads. Yes, we're wankers.

I mean really kids, look at this. A wee bit too much of an in-joke you think? Maybe. Perhaps. A tad uninspired? Maybe. Perhaps. Or maybe it's just a homage to a better ad?

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Randall Cosco gets Adbusters shown on CNN

Vancouver based photographer Randell Cosco has burned a few bridges and flags in his life, but he wasn't quite prepared for the hoopla his image that currently graces the front and back cover of adbusters would cause. A congressman held said magazine up on CNN and threatened to ask President Bush to sue Cosco. The flag was printed across the front and back of the magazine, with the words "You're either with us, or against us."

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Nokia: Mobile users are OK with receiving SpaSMS

Now that the "emailmarketing" phase has putered out as companies discover that the flooding of mailboxes wih useless and untargeted salespitches simply agitate people, Nokia paid to have some reseach done on if people would mind receiving marketing messages on their phones via SMS (SpaSMS). Suprise suprise - some people even said they'd like to receive messages!


Vardag offers application forms

Everyone is streamlining their operations. Staff is cut. Fallon in NYC fired all creatives (20 people from the agency) except their CD whom we assume, will have to do all the work now. Vardag a swedish agency that for once is not located in Stockholm, has come up with an unusual way of shortcutting the ordering of ads process.

Read more to see their "applications for personal art by mail form" form.



Err umm there is a disturbing similarity between the D&AD award winning campaign from Mother and the ADCNY award-winning L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art campaign from TBWA/Chiat Day. This is probably old news but it's my first post so there.


First Bankrupt Creatively, Now Financially

As readers of ad-rag know, justice isn't always swift for ad plagiarists. In fact, often they're rewarded for their misdeeds.

That isn't the case for Kmart, which in an act of desperation recently lifted the marketing strategy, broadcast campaign and tagline of retail leader Wal-Mart.


Legal - Court uphold homofobic ad rejection.

An appeals court in San Francisco has ruled that the city of San Francisco did not trample on religious freedoms or First Amendment rights when it urged a local boycott of an anti-gay advertising campaign backed by conservative Christian groups.


Penis Play Gives Agencies Hard Ons

Chicago's "hawk," the freezing lake wind that rips through the city, has been accompanied by a equally brutal agency climate this winter.

Layoffs abound, with DDB icing 37 and Frankel 100 just this week.

Though the new biz environment seems as barren as an Arctic wasteland, all it takes is a quirky little account to give agencies the hots.


Sponsors Strike Back

Though the public often forgets, agency folk know that broadcast TV is free
because ad dollars pay for it. In fact, back in the early days of broadcast, agencies helped clients produce the shows they sponsored.

Except for several soap operas which are still produced by P&G, this trend has faded over the decades--until now.