Pot noodle has recived the final blow to it's slag campaign


Lowe creates graphic memorial ad.

Lowe new york created this pro bono september eleven ad.

the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) will help newspapers and magazines nationwide pay commemorate the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by distributing a pro-bono ad that features a vertical American flag with two of its red stripes replaced by black stripes to represent the Twin Towers.


"Simone" the digital star

High definition Cinematogropher Derek Grover lenses Al Pacino - Starrer, "SIMONE" in new 24P HiDef format.


the Blade Runner of venue advertising?

Please - don't tell me this is going to be the future?

SignCast has begun decorating the walls of bars with screens that scream ads all day long.



Cable Network Victim of Drug Induced Frenzy

One of the biggest johnsons around, Johnson & Johnson, recently stuck it to the USA cable Network. Ouch!

For a graphic account of advertising under the influence of drugs, click here.* Should the advertisers really have this much influence on programming?

EDIT:* no longer archived by LA TIMES, so we reproduce the story here.

USA Network Cancels Film After Advertiser Protests
TV: Johnson & Johnson reportedly threatened to pull ads over a movie about drug-tampering deaths.

Drama in Detroit

There's a drama playing out in the Detroit ad market right now that some are saying is only the beginning of a change in trends in automotive advertising. Shifting of accounts with no consideration for the creative work is of grave concern to the tightly knit Detroit ad community.

I have cut and pasted an article from below but would be interested in what those of you outside of the turmoil think of the situation, or if you care. Please post comments. More information (although biased) can be found at the autoextremist's site and many other press released can be found at ad age and PR NewsWire.


Presidential stand-off source of inspiration

The Wall Street Journal has written a comprehensive article about all those ads with a presidential theme last week (leaving the Dutch ad out of course - god forbid they'd report on anything going on outside of Madison ave) which serves for good reading.
Amoungst ads mention (and depicted) are BBDO's Pizza hut ad,
E. James White Communications' ad depicting the poorly designed ballot and Swatch's "Congratulations Mr. GOREBUSHOFF." ad in the New York Times.


Apples marketing to blame for it's declining sales?

This article in Macweek rips advertisings marketing apart from Think different onwards. "Preaching to the converted" they say - well, I've been saying that for a while myself. (Hat tip to Clay for finding this link and mailing it to Adlist)


No Logo - Naomi Klein does documentary on brands.

British Adland readers take note: Naomi Klein - the author of
"No Logo" (excerpt here) has been scouting around Europe with a TV crew, making a documentary to appear next month on British TV - channel Four after the news.


Spike joins AtomFilms

Commercial and promo king turned feature director Spike Jonze joins atomfilms- see Ugo's little article about how we all should post nasty comments under various usernames. ;) ... Oh, but that would be mean...