Mitsubishi vs. Volkswagen

I scream, you scream, we all scream for originality! But, sometimes the creatives just can't help but have similar ideas.

These two car commercials have two things in common: 1) the airport and 2) kids eating ice cream.

The Volkswagen spot was created by BMP DDB UK and the Mitsubishi spot was created by Deutsch LA.

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Scwab leaves BBDO

Charles Schwab Corp dropped BBDO nyc after four years of dating. They said their Dear John's on friday (research shows that staff cuts and agency dumping is best done on fridays..) and BBDO has declined to comment.


Wall Street Journal Redux

On April 9, the Wall Street Journal went to the newsstands with a new redesign. With the addition of color graphics and a new section called Personal Journal, it is the newspaper's first design change since 1942.

Not terribly exciting news for us adgrunts...however, the trade campaign announcing the redesign is great. They are spoofs of other publication layouts such as tabloids, teen mags, car mags, comics, women's mags, etc.

The $21 million ad campaign was created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and the WSJ's new tagline is "Business. And the business of life.

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Badland get watered down - Big time

Good Grief - How blatant can you get?

Two products: Evian and Aquafina
Two awards shows: The 2002 Academy Awards and MTV 2002 Movie Awards
Two spots each.
Too many similarities to mention here, so read more to see more...


The Snuggle Struggle - a badland counterstrike

Back in 1999, Unilever had a big ol' hissy fit over a couple of now legendary 3DO Battletanx commercials that used a parody version of their effeminate and fey Snuggle dryer sheet bear. Seeing 3DO's Treddy Bear as a ripoff, they summoned the federal courts and poof! The spots were gone.


Sourze and comhem show swedish ads.

Happy go joy joy for all of those who tired of the lack of regional cool ads at the big sites. Not only will Resume add more and more films to their site of the creme de la creme of swedish advertising, Sourze.se/reklamtoppen and Comhem.se just opened a joint venture in showing swedens best ads as well. All the mentioned will be using realplayer.


Flour Mill faced loss due to low-cut Levis ad

In the story involving Zuckerman & Co. Flour Mill, their wall, a media company called Hotzot Yetzira, and a 1040 sq. meters large poster of Jennifer Lamira in low-hanging Levis, the happy ending is that the ad will no longer grace the wall of the flour mill overlooking the Ayalon expressway in Tel Aviv.

David Bresler, CEO responsible for the marketing and this ad called the 'censoring' of it a "public problem."

"The ad appeared in Western Europe, with 300 million conservative people who didn't have a problem with the ad."

Maybe it wasn't the picture, maybe it was it's size. Anything that big, is an eyesore. Read more in the Jerusalem post.


Death to advertising as we know it.

The gamers who play gory games out there are not easy to shock. In fact Acclaims new advertising campaign for (PS2) Second coming is likely to be very well received. The second coming is a game where the dead walk the earth again - so where else would they advertise but on actual tombstones?


The time for outerspace advertising has come.

The European Space Agency is looking for agencies to help brand and promote the International Space Station.

The ESA, in conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency, is seeking a company with expertise in areas including public relations, advertising and brand development.

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Test Drive the new Jeep Online

Check out the new Jeep 4x4 EVO2 Web-based video game, where you're given the chance to win a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, a trip or a Jeep mountain bike.

Consumer interest in the game resulted in increased traffic to the Jeep Web site by nearly 85,000 people in the first three weeks with more than 20,000 consumers registering for the contest since it debuted last month, said Jeep representative Heather May.
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