Lee is a social disease! The Buddy Lee strategy revealed!

I remember some of you wondering "What's the point?" of Fallon and Co. creating the rubberburner, borntodestroy and supergreg Web sites for Lee and how the heck they were supposed to sell pants that way. Well, Channel Seven has an article on the whole viral thing that may answer a question or two for y'all...


Hi my name is altavista! launched a contest where you can win a wad of cash -5000 USD - if you name your baby after their site.
A proud father has already won.

Iuma Dylan-Lucas was born to Jessica and Travis Thornhill last friday.

"My wife liked the idea because the child's grandma said this baby would bring prosperity, and this contest could be what she was talking about," he said. "Plus, the kid will have a cool story when he grows up."


More SAGgravation!

As if a months long strike with no resolution in sight isn't enough, now striking actors are facing the threat of synthetic scabs. The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online and Empire reported yesterday that Al Pacino will be staring with a computer-generated leading lady in his next film--"Simone."

The disturbing part of this news for the acting community is that the CGI starlet isn't a "character" like Jar-Jar Binks or Roger Rabbit, but essentially an actress who just happens to be digital. A SAG spokesman noted that "an actor is losing his job."


Buddy Lee and Co. eventually make the news

The regular net media is finally catching on...

See the Wired News Article about The Mahir trick from Fallon

Course, we knew this already. See: Paul and Linus at Fallon do a Mahir

A couple of new, cheesy personal home pages have started making a buzz on the Net. and were passed around via email and picked up by numerous weblogs -- link sites that function as an informal, unofficial Net underground.


Sony's phony audience.

As Clay pointed out earlier, film studio's can get really creative when trying to get good quotes about their movies by inventing their own film critics.

They just topped themselves, by inventing their own audience as well.
I heard Pearl Harbour was crap...but this bad?


Room 101 - a random collection of advertising Quotes

This is the advertising quote collection that used to be on the front page and change to another random quote every time you revisited. I got bored with that setup. Besides, everybody is doing that these days. ;)


"I will have clients rather than people who just give me orders"
Francis Wayland Ayer-1848 1923

"How many times do I have to tell you guys? Media does not enter before strategy and idea!"
Åsk Wäppling

"The same amount of space that exists over your head exists under your feet"
Tia Wolfe

"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research."

"Thou shalt speak softly and carry no stick, except lipstick"


IBM and SUN finally co-operate

After their graffiti campaign backfired IBM get unexpected help to clean up the City - from SUN.

Sun Microsystems has offered to help IBM, one of its fiercest rivals in the server market, undo a Linux marketing campaign that backfired.

IBM's "Peace, Love and Linux" push involved spray-painting symbols on sidewalks, a move that didn't sit well with city officials in San Francisco and Chicago. The symbols--a peace sign, a heart and the Linux penguin mascot--were supposed to have been written in an impermanent medium, an IBM spokesman said.


Burton=Usher? Fresh fodder for the Adland Megarumour Mill

Man oh man, this is a fun one - Does one of Hollywood's most stylish and original directors have a secret alter ego in the advertising world that would put even Batman/Bruce Wayne to shame?

Read more to, ummm... read more.


Honey - where are my ideas?

Ikea rocked the advertising world all the way from Canada to Denmark. Must've been all that jumping on the beds!


Nazi Meat.

The illustrator who traced the old Nazi Germany propaganda poster was by no means trying to imply that american beef (and it's eaters) were Nazi's. We think.

Nazi Meat?
This ad was spotted by Noah Spurrier. You might, as a reflex, begin to rub your eyes here. It is like seeing double isn't it?