Ulf Dahlsten leaves Icon - effective immediatly

Ulf Dahlsten - the man who was chosen to head up the Cannes Lions Cyberaward mentioned earlier here announced today that he is resigning from his position as President of Icon Medialab.

Sarky comments at Resume say: "I heard he's leaving to learn how to make banners, so that he can judge the Cannes awards better. Good on him."

Will he still be in the Cannesjury?


Is this an ad?

Thanks to Zeldman I find this bizarre review of a book about
a duck named ping (scroll down for the brilliant Unix-bullshit). Curiosity gets the better of me...


Back down to five agencies pitching on Diesel

This week is fashion week in Milan, the terribly hip are attending parties and Diesel is throwing their own party tonight to celebrate ten years of great ads and great clothes.

So how is that pitch going then? Well, the six agencies pitching are back down to five agencies....


The Design of a Cool Cat

If you're like me, you've probably spent many a sleepless night pondering, "Gee. Why the heck aren't there any groovy serial comix based around the goings-on of graphic designers and slightly vicious office pets?"

Well, last night I happened upon a groovy site/strip going by the nomenclature of Cool Cat Studio based on life 'n' stuff of characters workin' at a design shop, and of course, using plenty of Apple product. Darn good stuff, with creds and nods going to artist/writer Gisøle Lagacå -- With a name like that, you know you're gonna dig it.


My name is Joe, and I AM AMERICAN!

It was only a matter of time I guess, but I just heard this morning that the actor who plays Joe (Jeff Douglas) on the Molson Canadian 'I Am Canadian' rant spot has moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in the states. I guess his head got too big for this country (even though we are the second largest one in the world, as he once so enthusiastically informed us). Talk about biting the (mittened) hand that feeds you! Let's hope when he says to his new L.A. employers 'about my salary...' they don't misunderstand his Canuck accent and give him an old boot in payment instead. Well, we all know where he'll end up anyway. In a made for TV movie with Gary Coleman and Richard Hatch.


Diesel invites five agencies to pitch - or six?

Diesel - considered by many to be the most fun account to grab - is on the pitch.

Invited to pitch for their account are: Paradiset in Stockholm, who created the current image of Diesel from the ground up, Cave Arnholt Jonason in London, with Joakim Jonason who founded Paradiset, Mother in London, KesselsKramer in Amsterdam and Devarrieux Villaret from Paris. The 19th of January these agencies will show their work to Maurizio Marchiori and late January Diesel will announce who they choose to co-operate with. Best of luck to the pitchees - please save the Diesel image before it dies a slow ironic death.


Dream garden' ad leads to lawsuit

A "Dream garden'" ad leads to lawsuit screams a June 7 article on the bottom front page of the "City & Region" section of the "Boston Globe".

Well kids, here's the scoop. Say hello to one Bruce MacDowell, professional landscaper and nursery owner. Bruce has a big fat green thumb, which "labored over every bush, tree, and flower on his verdant (must look up that word „ Pablo), which he showcases in photographs to tout his business".

Now it gets interesting.



Pot noodle has recived the final blow to it's slag campaign


Lowe creates graphic memorial ad.

Lowe new york created this pro bono september eleven ad.

the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) will help newspapers and magazines nationwide pay commemorate the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks by distributing a pro-bono ad that features a vertical American flag with two of its red stripes replaced by black stripes to represent the Twin Towers.


"Simone" the digital star

High definition Cinematogropher Derek Grover lenses Al Pacino - Starrer, "SIMONE" in new 24P HiDef format.