The Sadie Cam is Back, dog with go-pro goes live again tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, Toronto-based design, animation and vfx studio Crush put a GoPro on top of their office dog Sadie - a French Bulldog - and streamed the video live on their website. It was pretty awesome and a lot of people tuned in. Serious.

So, they are doing it again tomorrow, Friday, August 23rd, from 1-3pm (EST). It will be streamed at


Yes men strike again? NZStuff news has Royal Dutch Shell giving polar bears to Auckland zoo

Someone has pwned, and/or Gazprom and Royal Dutch Shell with this article Auckland Zoo to welcome polar bear . It seems innocent at first, but then you read that the polar bear has been removed from the Russian Arctic so that they can drill for oil.


PR bait&switch - Maria Sharapova's namechange to "Sugarpova" a cheap ploy

Maria Sugarpova.. er, sorry Sharapova announced that she was going to change her name during the US Open to "Sugarpova". What a great idea. Every time she was mentioned in the open, the brand "Sugarpova" would be mentioned too. This is thinking like an SEO master.


Coca Cola launches mini coke bottles with 3D prints of mini-you

I'm telling you, Israel is doing their darn-tootingest establishing themselves as the high-techiest ad-country in the world. Coca Cola Israel launched mini bottles, much like everywhere else, and instead of just announcing it with something on TV, they went all out with an app and 3D print-outs of people. It could be you. But first you have to jump through tamagotchi style hopps designing a mini-you in the phone-app and keeping it happy.


Art punk band Pere Ubu turn visa delays into subversive marketing campaign

Abstract Project. Conceptual Art Punks. Leaders of the post-apocalyptic ice cream social. Whatever you call them, Pere Ubu has challenged music conventions for nearly 40 years with dissonance, chaos, and humor.

They just did the same thing with self-promotion.


99Designs launches Swiftly: where a design change is $15 an hour

99Designs, the crowd sourced design firm is now launching Swiftly a crowd sourced design-fixer firm. Billed as a place where you can get a title changed on a business card, a tweak done to a photo, headlines changed on websites, vectorizing images and other simpler tasks (provided the original fonts & layout documents are available), the idea is already unappetizing to many designers. $15 an hour is below minimum wage in Australia but a neat chunk of change in Thailand.


Welcome to the future: Glass opens up for pay-per-gaze ads

Mashable has spotted a new patent called pay-per-gaze that opens up for a possible future of advertising where pay per gaze is only the start.

So to recap: the world's largest search engine was just granted a patent for the most sticky form of advertising possible — ads that literally flash in front of your eyes. Google gets paid when it can ascertain that your pupils pointed in that direction, and for how long. And all of this on the device it is currently seeding among the influencers of the tech community.

In other words, Google Glass is going to bring a whole new meaning to "made you look."


Seattle Police hand out free Doritos at Seattle Hempfest

Dude, the police are giving us Doritos! Yes, the Seattle Police have chosen the famous munchies chips as a vehicle for their information campaign A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle, now that the weed is legal, but regulated. Katu news reports on the chips bag as information campaign:


This is the picture that got Patch creative director fired by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong

This is it. This is the photograph Abel Lenz was taking which made the AOL CEO fire him mid-meeting. Like the sound recording from the meeting which leaked days ago, the last photos Abel Lenz shot before getting fired can be found at


Norwegian prime minister Stoltenberg's taxi stunt confirmed to be "street cast"

Only a couple of days after we concluded that Norway's Prime minister driving a taxi stunt has successfully been seen all around the world, and even The Lede (NYT) has written about the Norwegian leaders not-so-Candid-camera, the Norwegian Labour parties communications director Pia Gulbrandsen has made a blog post in English that confirms that some people were cast for the ad. Taxi Stoltenberg - English.