Walmart sues photographer's widow for photographs

Picture this. Walmart is still a small company, and the Walton family go to a photography studio to take portraits. Lots of portraits. Now, many years later when their company has grown to a megacorp, with 2.2 million employees and almost half a trillion dollars in revenue, Walmart wants the rights - as in copyrights - to all of those portraits.


Jura whisky crowd sources its tasting notes for a JuraTastival

Jura single Malt Whiskey crowd sourced its tasting notes to create a garden of taste that lived at their annual Whisky Festival. Famed food art curator Miss Cakehead created the interactive installation that illustrated the crowd sourced tasting notes. Thus festival goers were treated to a surreal Willy Wonka-meets-Beetlejuice world of rows of shoes for leather, a bed of chocolate as well as a leather suitcase and bones representing musky depth, or something.


Toyota Camry Thrillride vs #NissanROYL

Looks like it's time to Badland the car bait&switch. First Toyota showed us the ThrillRide last year, where a track was built outside Magic Mountain, and excited roller coaster fans got to try being passengers in a "boring" car doing all sorts of un-boring tricks. The stunt drivers went fast, up, down, in reverse and the passengers all were surprised that Camry could be so exciting. Like, wow.


Kip Cornett, father of beardvertising, talks creativity in Kentucky

Remember the beardvertising billboards we wrote about last year, created by ad agency Cornett? Well, Kip Cornett the ad agencies founder and namesake has been interviewed in the Kentucky paper, you might want to glance at it.


"The toughest job in the world" - the job interviews, twice in Badland

So it's time to Badland "the worst job in the world", the idea where one wastes job seekers time just to talk to them about an unpaid position as "director of operations" where you have to be on call twenty four hours a day, where there's no sick leave, no vacation etc. Now, Our friend Joelapompe already Badlanded it so lets just recap.


Agency 358 now has its own bags.

First came notebooks poking fun at Finnish life. Now, Helsinki-based Agency 358 brings you fun self-promotional bags. They don't poke fun at Finnish stereotypes (unless there's a hidden bag joke here I'm missing) but they still have that great color palette.

Wonder if this means they're thinking about opening a pop-up store?


Publicis & Omnicom world's biggest merger is world's biggest fail.

The $35 billion merger between Publicis and Omnicom has been called off. Despite getting the US antitrust greenlight which was apparently easier to get than the shareholders to play nice with each other, and for the two giant companies to agree on who the chief financial officer should be.


Agency 358 creates notebooks poking fun at Finnish life.

The headline sums it up but if you aren't familiar with Finnish people, the stereotype is they don't know how to make small talk. There's also no skyscrapers in Helsinki. And apparently they don't have sex after 40.
Rather than just get more notebooks to use, Helsinki-based 358 created their own, complete with titles to books no Finn could ever write. Hence the empty pages. It would be the equivalent of a novel in the American South called "UnSweet Tea," or here in L.A. 'Showing Up On Time."

Hey 358, can we get one? Adland could use a new notebook.


Hey interns: DDB California wants you to call them.

It says a lot about how technology has so overtaken our daily lives in 2014 that an ad agency wishing to find the most brilliant interns out there goes back to the telephone and presents you with a 1-800 number to call.

They're calling it a Launchpad, because ad agencies wouldn't be ad agencies if they didn't try to rebrand everything, including a 1-800 number. With an automated voice, no less.

They are looking for writers, art directors and creative technologists for the summer. But they'll take any discipline if you're awesome enough and know how to use a phone.


"Not available at app store" stickers for real life

Not available at App store is a tumblr where you can buy stickers or print stickers that you the put on places and things that offer adventure you can't find in the app store.