Whitehouse Post Gets a Taste of Gold with McDonald’s via DDB Chicago

The biting of the medal has become an iconic symbol of victory at the Olympics. Coincidentally, the iconic Chicken McNugget is sometimes used to celebrate life’s smaller victories. Whether you’re a world-class athlete or a child who’s scored his first goal…The greatest victories are celebrated with a bite.


Whitehouse Post Cuts Pizza Hut Campaign for Super Bowl

Whitehouse Post Editors Tim Warmanen and Carlos Lowenstein sliced together a YouTube-inspired Pizza Hut Super Bowl campaign with mcgarrybowen this year, serving the jaw-dropping stunts of eight formerly anonymous individuals and groups to the world’s largest TV audience.


The Gunn Report: Most awarded commercials in 2013

The Most Awarded Commercials in The World in 2013 according to the Gunn Report - few surprises on the top winner, but surprise, Dumb Ways to die set another record: it's the most awarded campaign in the history of the Gunn Report. Seriously McCann Melbourne, everyone involved in that campaign should be randomly high-fiving people today.


The girl from Lego ad 1981 is all grown up - why the pink today?

Women you should know .net found the little girl in the lego ad, Rachel Giordano, who is all grown up, and she has a few things to say about gendered (pink) toys.


Fattal Hotels uses instagram Direct to give you perks

Fattal Hotels, Israel's leading hotel chain, are the first to jump on Instagram's new service, Instagram Direct, which allows users to share private photos with others.
The premise is simple: Stay at a Fattal hotel and share a photo of the hotel, and the hotel will send you a private photo. Share that photo with the hotel staff and you'll get perks, like a free massage. You also get entered in a chance to win a vacation.

Nice idea that makes use of ingrained behavior.


Saddleback Leather shows pirates how to counterfeit their bag.

Love this. Dave Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather, waves a giant conceptual middle finger at the people ripping off his bags, by showing them the best way to copy his bags using lesser grade materials. In the process, he positions Saddleback as being the premium bag, and the cheapo reproductions as being just that.

Even more than that, he paints an accurate portrait of those counterfeiters: smarmy, unethical, and employing child labor.


Panasonic wants to cut out the darkness.

Hard as it is to believe, nearly 1.3 billion people on this planet live without electricity. They have no choice but to use either fire or kerosense.

Panasonic wants to do something about that, with your help. By 2018 they plan on donating 100,000 solar lanterns to those places around the globe that so desperately need light. Cut Out The Darkness is a cool, if not slightly punny initiative to add some beauty to the process.


Duran Duran Pulls a Morrissey on Yoplait

According to Slicing Up Eyeballs Duran Duran issued a statement condemning the use of their hit "hungry Like The Wolf" in a Yoplait ad.

In a statement on their website, they had this to say:


Indonesian copywriter dies after working three days straight.


Christmas came early: Spaghetti-O's makes a Pearl Harbor tweet.

Yes, this is real. And yes, it's insane.

Huge props to @it's_Elliot for the hat tip here.

This tweet has been up for three hours and hasn't been taken down, so we can only assume the social media team went home after the holiday bar binge. Somehow, the social media intern at Spaghetti-O's pulled a fast one. Either that or or this amazing piece of WTF-ness was approved by the SpaghettiO's higher ups while they were busy "multi-tasking."