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Regarding all the #MeToo posts, here's a thought.

In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, many professional women in advertising are sharing their stories in the #metoo hashtag spirit.

Quick thoughts on Publicis

Now that I'm back from Cannes and putting aloe on my sunburn, and getting a blood transfusion to replace the toxins I ingested at Cannes, I wanted to say a few words on Publicis' decision to pull out of Cannes (and SXSW and CES) next year. I'm just kidding. I didn't go to Cannes.

Stockholm city gets more truck-blocking lions, and now lionesses too.

Stockholm city have placed ten new lions on Drottninggatan after the terrorist attack where a lunatic stole a truck and used it to mow people down on a pedestrian street, maiming several and killing 4 people including

New Youtube "ad friendly" video rules spurs creative ways of bypassing them

We've previously discussed the Youtube ad cleanup, triggered by the massive brand boycott due to

Do you harp on about diversity in advertising? Put your money to making it happen.

The School of Communication Arts in London has launched a clever fundraiser in these pre-Cannes days.

Tyler Shields, the decapitation of Trump and stolen inspiration

We've seen this so often that we have an entire section named Badland, usually to discuss the copying of ideas - everything from media ideas

It's not only ex-BuzzFeed employees who need to get a life

Variety recently published an article called BuzzFeed’s latest viral craze: Ex-Staffers Bashing the Company on Youtube.

Super Bowl 2017: Home of the outraged

In Hero's Journey, Kia's spot for the Niro hybrid, Melissa McCarthy's valiant attempts to save the environment at the behest of someone on a loud speaker telling her what to do are foiled by the very things she wi

Dare to be diverse when you hire people in advertising

When I wrote ”Våga anställa annorlunda – på riktigt” for Sweden's leading advertising & media paper Resumé, it came hot on the heels of another opinion piece titled


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