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If hospitals were like advertising agencies.

No that isn't a clickbait headline. It's an important analogy for all of you who want to explain to civilians (people who don't work in advertising) who insist they want to know what it's "really like."


Millennials: in wake of Chipotle, it's time to understand how the sausage gets made

Today's Bloomberg Business has an in-depth article about Chipotle's Icarus moment, and tone deaf response.


Time magazine the latest to screw content creators

While we often write about musicians getting a bum rap when it comes to getting paid in the digital age, we need to draw more attention to other content creators who are feeling the same pains.


What do musicians and car companies have in common?

In 1998, Jay Z's Hard Knock Life sold close to 5.3 million albums. His follow up, Life and Times of S Carter sold 3 million. This was in 1999, when piracy was just hitting its stride.


Publishers panic as Apple cleans their mobile platform from banner ad addiction.

Aug 31 we reported that Apple adds ad blocking ability to all devices: publishers panic, and they haven't stopped panicking yet.


For musicians it's trickle down misery

Here's a simple math problem for you: If a legendary musician who once sold 25 million copies of an album, now only sells 650,000 copies, how much will an indie band who used to sell 100,000 copies now sell? The answer: a lot less.


Something happened on the way to ethical journalism: bomb threats

Almost a year ago now, I recall speaking to a few friends who work as journalists about this budding story that lay buried in the depth of chan-culture, deleted threads, and chain-shared tumblr posts.


Music is the product.

Today Pitchfork wrote about an interview Grantland with Justin Vernon.


"Kimono selfie" at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston cancelled after accusations of Orientalism

It's 2015 and the selfie idea is dead. Though, not in the annoying social media oh-god-that's-been-sooo-done way that you might have expected.


Whose choir are you preaching to?

“Mr. Clean represents patriarchy from some disgusting bygone day.”

“In a horrible fat-shaming society like America, Kool-Aid’s mascot is body positive. And it’s about time.”