Are you SURE you want to be a brand?

If I had a nickel for every last social media guru ninja wizard who said breathlessly "You are your own brand," I'd have enough money to shut the internet down. And why would I want to do that?

Because I am not, repeat, NOT a brand. I don't need to add a ™ next to my name. I do not live in fear of declaring bankruptcy on myself. I have not once gone public with an overvalued stock price. And I certainly haven't had to do a massive mea culpa on social media for something stupid I've said.

See, the only human brands out there, are the ones who work really hard at to become a brand. All the while unaware that any of the above circumstances will happen to them sooner or later.


I'm down with TP on the FB

A little backstory. Cottonelle had a problem on its hands. People who bought moist wipes were keeping them out of view in the bathroom, down in the cabinets somewhere. So they were forgetting about them and not going through them fast enough.

Cottonelle’s solution was simple: Make moist wipes part of your daily ass-wiping regimen as opposed to a some-time thing. And create a social media space where fans could share their thoughts on moist toilet paper wipes. To Cottonelle’s credit, they crowd-sourced the name of their product care routine. Genius, huh?!


Depressed Copywriter "Liberates" a 35 year old art movement.

Have you heard about Depressed Copywriter?

It's a website where someone takes little strips of paper and changes a headline on some ad to make it more, well, depressing. The site is one instagrammed photo after another, with depressing additives to random headlines.
Oh, and there's a quote by Banksy in the about section. Because you know, adding a Banksy quote makes stuff become very intelligent.

It's getting all the raves now. On Creativity and Huffpo and the San Ramona High Senior School newspaper, too. Have you seen it? Have you seen the image above?

Have you seen it anywhere else?


Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw beer bottles.

Work Labs is mad and they're taking it to the interwebs. According to their site they are convinced their campaign concept for craft brew Work Beer was stolen by another agency for a different beer.

If you look at the first set of ads (and the rest on their site) it does seem to be a prime Badland candidate. Same headline. Same work-inspired art direction.

Further reading explains the kerfuffle. It seems Work Labs showed their Work Beer ads to New Belgium Brewery, who then may or may not have gotten their current agency of record to create work in the same playground.


Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, part 2

Continuing on with an exploration of U.S. Armed Forces advertising.... Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, Part 1 is under that link.

The Air Force

While The Air Force's official .mil site is RSS heavy and more like a community bulletin, the recruitment website is the most high-tech and modern I've seen so far. It's modern in the same way “Tron,” is modern.

Its navigation borders on futuristic, making its tagline “It’s Not Science Fiction,” quite ironic. The center navigation is easy enough, leading to separate three-dimensional components for more information, a video game and other things designed to get you learning.


Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, Part 1

We harbor the somewhat delusional opinion that consumers are waiting with bated breath to follow our communication across all media channels. See the Youtube video, click the Facebook link at the end. See the sneak peek behind the scenes short at the cinema, so you can then share it on your special app.

The reality is that it’s hard enough to get someone interested in viewing even one ad. But let’s assume for a second it is true. Some brands do an excellent job of maintaining the unified message. Adidas and Nike and Starbucks are consistent across all media. So no matter where you are, you see the same message, even if the executions change.


Nike Free: I would run to you.

And hand you a toothbrush so you could scrape the saccharin off of your gums.

Nike spells twee with a capital T in this spot for Nike Free Run+. It's a duet between a man and a woman in a Long Distance relationship who have made a pact to run across the country to be with each other. Except the man craps out early, ends up in the hospital like a pathetic schmuck who can only lay in a heap until his lady woman shows up to smother him with kisses and cause his EKG to go on the fritz.


Pinterest, the copyright-infringing advertising board for cupcake-lovers

Pinterest. The confusion of it all. Why is it that Pinterest gathered so many worrying about the copyright holders interests, when so many (buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter, and so on and so fourth) others have not?

It could be because of Pinterestes own confusing terms, vs copyrights vs etiquette pages. Lets check!

Pintererest Terms of Use


"Invisible Children" 30-min clicktivism film takes web by storm, is this the future of activism?

By now you, your mom, and even your chia pet has seen the film Invisible Children unleashed in the world on tuesday. This film with 5.35 million Facebook shares and 3,277 blog posts out-viraled every funny cat and car advert on the internet this week, despite, or perhaps due to, the fact it's thirty minutes long.

This chart found at Campaign is produced in conjunction with Unruly media ranks how often the video has been shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. It was a runaway suceess in sharing.


Why your digital ad is a ‘fart button’.

A rant about digital and the future and that kind of stuff.
Or why your digital ad is a ‘fart button’.

Lately I’m meeting more and more people who ‘know about digital’ and to be honest I think I’ve uncovered a latent tendency to self-harm. Or Tourette’s.

Time was when we (that’s not the royal we btw) could impress people with our digital magic. “And when you click this here, tadaaaaa that thing happens…” Sigh.

Not now.

Advertising has caught up. Clients have caught up. And now they know that if you click ‘this’ then ‘that’ happens. Because any tool can do that. And when I say tool I mean dick. Or Tom or Harry.

Digital is now a staple on the media plans. It’s a channel. And for a lot of agencies that’s it.

There’s a formula now. They do a TV ad. They pull some stills. That’s the Digital Display ads done. Yay! And now we’ll put the ad on You Tube.

Stabs leg. FUCK!