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The making of Ad creators as Rockstars

Pardon me, but I feel an adrant coming on.

After throwing away the mind-numbing device in my house - otherwise referred to as a Television - I quickly grew addicted to other visual stimuli, movies on DVD. There seems to be no DVD out there without a "making of" section, showing "behind the scenes" of each film. Most of them have countless games interviews and a quick link to the movies web site as well.


It's sacrilege! It's funny! It's blasphemy! It's advertising! It's your call.

This has been an interesting find -- Never before have I found a(n) homage to advertising that has created such enthusiastically opposing responses from those I have shown it to. Produced in 1998, it somehow remained underground... until now.

It's a short film entitled New Testament, created by the folks at Swankytown. It won a handful of US film festival awards, received a nifty write-up by Apple, and miraculously cost under two grand to make.


I'll miss the dot-coms

They may not have had actual products, and we now know they never made actual money, but several dot-com companies ponied up some nice ads over the past two years. Even the Super Bowl won't be the same without them. and their funny little sock puppet? Buh-bye. and the baby girl who raised her fist high? Barely breathing.


Cannes cyberawards pick jury.

Considering entering some work into the prestigious Cannes lions award show this year?

Do so, the awards have high quality, good competition (from all over the world) and the week of the show is a blast. However, if you want to enter the Cyber-lion awards - you might spend your money better elsewhere.....


Dots Drop Spots

The Access Hollywood show reports that while dotcom companies made up 80% of last year's Super Bowl spots, they'll only represent 10% of the sponsors for the 2001 gridiron gala.

With the past few months dotted with e-casualties, many may fear they'll kick off before the kick-off.


Freeze dried food again?

The gimmick. Everyone has at least once, tried to use a gimmick. I'm not talking about dancing penguins in beer ads, but the way you put together, or in your portfolio. Will it explode when opened? (I'm guilty of that gimmick) Does it have a mirror cover? Does it contain framed artwork? A statue? Freeze dried foods?


BBDO is sweeping up

Has everyone seen the new business wins lately by BBDO?


The land of political correctness strikes again...

...but a plucky columnist retaliates and uses advertising to illustrate how silly the whole thing has gotten.


What is this spot selling?

I just have to show you this spot. What on earth are they selling? Are actors and stuntdrivers in the same union?


Ericsson want us to see the everyday revolution.

Come october 2nd, Ericssons new campaign will launch, the message: "The Mobile Internet revolution. It's an everyday thing" is going to appear everywhere - TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, the Internet - making it Ericsson's largest ever advertising campaign.

In a message sent to Ericsson employees, Kurt Hellström and Torbjörn Nilsson, president and vice president respectivly share their vision of the future: