3 reasons why Buzzfeed is poisoning the well.

At the risk of going against the hive mind, Buzzfeed is the biggest ad platform masquerading as social content to hit the internet since Facebook.

Let me explain it another way: Buzzfeed is a scam. And advertisers and clients hellbent on becoming the most social brand ever are all too eager to buy into the bullshit. I use that choice word, because if you work in advertising and you spent five minutes thinking about it, then there is no other way to describe it.

1. "Carbon copy content."


Go Green Screen to support VFX artists.

Thank you @VFXrex for your astute image observation earlier on twitter..

In case you're scratching your head about those green twitter and facebook avatars popping up, allow me to illuminate.


Google passes the buck - seeks to "cut funding" to pirate sites via Mastercard, Visa etc

Google is doing an elaborate bit of hand waving around those pesky pirate sites, by look


Updated: Black Keys Drummer now the King Of Twitter

The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Justin Bieber got into it with each other at the Grammys. When asked what Carney thought about Bieber's lack of Grammy Nominations, Carney replied "Grammy's are for music, not for money. He's making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess."

First of all, why the hell is anyone asking the Black Keys about Justin Bieber? What world do we live in where this makes sense?


Instead of counting all his money Bieber turned bratty and tweeted this to his 34 bazillion fans:


Rep. Honda: Another democrat exploiting workers for cheap.

First President Obama solicited poster ideas for free. Posters that had the theme of "job creation." Despite sitting on 60 million dollars in campaign funding, he wanted us to work for free.

Now U.S. representative Mike Honda is crowdsourcing his website redesign for a paltry $1,050 dollars.

The press release makes it sound so magnanimous:


The Advertising Industry State of The Union: Fux0red

Tonight, the President Of The United States will be giving a State Of The Union Address.
That time when the dear leader will lay out an agenda that supposedly propels things forward, instead of just the usual status quo.

It makes me wonder. Does the advertising industry have a plan for itself? A way to change? Can we fix what's broken?

Ask yourself how many times this month you've been at the office past nine o'clock on a weeknight, or heading in on the afternoon during a sunny weekend day. How many times over the years have you sat there filling in your time sheets only to realize you worked a month, or two months straight?


Everybody's talkin-- out their asses.

As you know, big ad agencies, especially traditional ad agencies, are full of shit. They want desperately to seem relevant and current and will say whatever it takes to bring in the most relevant and current people, especially in digital and social media. Notice I said "say" and not "do."

They'll tell you about all the cool stuff they want to do but it's all talk. They'll bring out the shiny objects, mood videos, apps, and show you where the pet project incubator is in order to convince you how with it they are. And how valued and needed your contributions will be. They'll throw a bunch of cash at you to sweeten the deal. And you take it either because you want the money or you truly believe they mean it. Poor you.


Online pirating: sponsored by many brands, and now, one government.

Two bits of news today in the world of online piracy.

On the unsurprising note, our friends at the Trichordist point out over 50 major big brands are supporting movie and music piracy.

What we find frustrating is that the major content companies and corporations must have existing relationships with these brands as the content and media distribution companies own the television networks (at the very least) that these brands are dependent upon for the mass scale and mainstream promotion of their products and services.


When your boat is sinking, hire a celebrity for a Super Bowl spot

So now the news is out that Amy Poehler will do a Super Bowl spot for Best Buy.

Poehler, seen above and strangely without Tina Fey, is described as having the kind of frank humor that will get people queuing up for Best Buy's electronic goods.

According to online and global e-commerce President Scott Durchslag:

"Because of the complexity of technology today, folks have lots of questions. Amy is this comedic everyperson who can make things simple. And Best Buy is trying to accomplish the same thing — making technology simple."


Advertising at the stage of Relational Aesthetics

How Relational Aesthetics, a concept issued from Contemporary Art, can open up a new way of thinking Advertising.

Years after my Art studies, I saw one of my former university lecturers again. She told me she had followed my first steps into the Art world, and didn't understand how I got "lost" into the Adland.
I explained to her that on many levels, mechanisms at work in both fields are the same. That's why I never felt lost at all.
In fact I believe that the mutations that happened in the Art world during the last few decades can help to better understand those that brands have to face today.