Trolls in Wonderland

Welcome to the hivemind, otherwise known as Collective Consciousness. You know: having a shared belief system. Similar group behavior. Polite society. In real life, anyway. Online the hive mind is the stuff of Kafka and Orwell, or their thirteen-year-old versions anyway.


Ad glossary

Work titles in advertising. There were many in the ad dictionary, such as Plannager, Account Consecutive, Copywronger and Tart Director. Kidsleepy & myself have found that we need to update this, as so many more interesting jobs at large agencies need to be represented, and other terms.


Is the internet only home to trolls these days? Luke Sullivan weighs in again.

Luke Sullivan has made a post about trolls, who are internet bullies and cowards after our recent email-chat on the topic. I posted what Luke told me here in The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion? and went on to ask more people for their thoughts.


The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: how many awards have you won lately?

In my search for why there are so many jerk-comments these days, I found that the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, or the Online disinhibition effect is partly to blame for this behavior. Simon White a.k.a Purplesime weighs in on it in this blog post "Don't feed the trolls".


The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: Dave Trott thinks you're a little child

So, Dave Trott thinks you're a little child, dear anonymous haters. Yes, that Dave Trott, the creative director of CSTTG, where he runs his own blog.


The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: Are trolls simply uncreative?

Still pondering the recent uptick of comments that shoot the messenger instead of talk about the work, I've decided to ask a few other people about this phenomena. In The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion? post I spoke to the ad legend Luke Sullivan about it. Today, I have a chat with the one of the cats from johnnyandangus, Johhny a.k.a @copybeard.


The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics: who is allowed an opinion?

I've noticed an uptick of a particular style of comments recently. There's those who will jump to "you are bitter / you are a hater" retort. Then there's the "what work have you done?" resumé-demanding retort. Then there's the scanner, s/he who reads the headline and will post replies on what they assume the article says, rather than finish reading it. The scanner might have been born from too much twitter.


Vote for Jordan Rich, and end democracy.

Tis the season when creatives jump on the election bandwagon to make whatever point they want to make about the election which usually doesn't go beyond "be sure to vote."

Give Jordan Rich credit for at least muddling the simplicity of "be sure to vote," by coming up with a scheme favoring technology and social media over substance.

Jordan believes Florida is the most important state in the 2012 election. Because it was the most important state in the 2000 election. How these are related is beyond me, but whatevs.

Apparently, too, Jordan doesn't actually care about the outcome of the election because he is allowing his vote to be influenced, via a hashtag.

Yes. A hashtag will decide who he should vote for.

What this has to do with Florida is beyond me. What this has to do with the fact that there are in fact nine swing states this year is beyond me. What this has to do beyond a clever hashtag to get some Floridian creatives' name out there is also beyond me.


Amanda Palmer pays musicians, spins it as kindness.

After all the articles and more articles and more articles and more articles and finally today's Gawker article, Amanda Palmer does the right thing and announces on her blog that she's paying every musician on stage, including the ones who didn't get paid during this tour retroactively, and oh by the way has been for three days neener neener neener and oh hey, my album is doing really well!

To which we say, bra-fucking-vo Amanda Fucking Palmer. Your fucked your own public brand hard, but it's never too late to start attempting to mend fences.

That was kind of our whole point to begin with.


The bully-discourse will only serve to distract from everyones point, Amanda Palmer

Since Adland's Kidsleepy first posted about the call for free musicians in who killed Amanda Palmer's career? we received mainly comments that were ad hominem attacks on Kidsleepy being a "bitter cynical person". Ah, well, haters are gonna hate as they say, but it's sad to see that so few of them can read. The update more on Amanda Palmer's greed has choice quotes from a live sound engineer who has worked with Amanda, making his points.