advertising jokes


advertising jokes


Not a very good logo

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so your logo better be good, and not misunderstood!


Our love is sponsored by Monsanto

Reverend Billy had a completly different comment to all the hubub about bzzzketeers on the bzzagents blog. It read as follows:

Lover #1: Oh baby baby I love you so much.
Lover #2: I love you too… brought to you by Monsanto.
Lover #1: What’s that?
Lover #2: I love you brought to you by Monsanto.
Love #1: But, what does that mean?
Lover #2: I love you brought to you by Monsanto.
Lover #1: Oh God no, what?…
Lover #2: Honey, I do love you, but now my love is sponsored by Monsanto.
Love #1: But why? I’m not into three-somes.


Peter Gibbons, we've found your iPaQ

Claymore spotted this lovely iPaQ at expansys.com, which seems to belong to Peter Gibbons.

Quoted from the movie Office Space
Dom: Hello, Peter. What's happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports.
Peter Gibbons: Yeah. The coversheet. I know, I know. Uh, Bill talked to me about it.
Dom: Yeah. Uh, did you get that memo?
Peter Gibbons: Yeah. I got the memo. And I understand the policy. The problem is, I just forgot this one time. And I've already taken care of it so it's not even a problem anymore.


Anti pop-up ad T-shirt xmas gift.

Brandsuicide, the people who hate intrusive pop-ups and layover ads rabidly have created a T-shirt for all of us who agree. If you want to be really evil for xmas, buy this for a friend who is stuck at a job designing pop-ups - that is what I'm going to do. The reason santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls like me live.


Babes in the Biz

Adweak.com's top story for this week was related to Advertising Week in NYC.

Choice bit from the post:


Microsoft: Now I Know

Saw this on a Russian site and thought it is pretty funny. Picture below is a poster ad in the Moscow metro, advertising Microsoft and it's new "Now I Know" campaign they are running there.


The unspoken rules of graphic design.

1. Your fonts will default to the worst possible font available on the machine you are showing your work on.

2. If you have two versions of a photo, the wrong one will make its way to the printer.

3. The less time you have the more useless your computer will become.

4. Promises made by the sales staff have no basis in reality.

5. The sales staff will promise anything.


Marketing defined.

Michiel Krohne brings us this classic joke for the advertising joke archives. :)

The buzz word in today's business world is MARKETING. However, people often ask for a simple explanation of "Marketing." Well, here it is........:


Bad Brand Names on Tofusticks

Every so often you stumble onto a really bad brand names, some universially so, like Soma® the codeine-based pain reliever. It makes us think of Brave New World's happy pills, or An intoxicating or hallucinogenic beverage, used as an offering to the Hindu gods like the dictionary says.
Still, It can't hold a candle to the candybar in Sweden called Plopp which makes all the UK'ers laugh, just like the Danish candy Spunk does. Thanks to Sisil.net we have photographic evidence of what we think might be the worst brand name ever....


Death of the Doughboy

Please join me in remembering a great icon of the entertainment community.

The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and complications from repeated pokes to the belly. He was 71.

Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin.