advertising jokes


advertising jokes


Save the sausages says Dildo King in the worlds largest dildo ad.

Copyranter shares the worlds largest dildo ad, and my mind immediately went to Miami with their skyscraper billboards, because of words and pictures excellent joke on that. This ad could be even BIGGER over there.

The ad reads; "Save the sausages." and signs off with Dildo Kings logo. Oh and it's real. Very real.


Sartalics from BBH Labs - our dry asides will never be missed again.

BBH Interns have come up with a twitterblitz, twitter petition, twitter flashmob or whatever you want to buzzword it, idea to get the web to employ sartalics. The back-leaning italics that will make it perfectly clear to the reader that you are, indeed, being sarcastic. Hey this would be perfect for me, as I'm sarcastic most of the time and think this is a very

important world-changing idea

Lets get on this right away, shall we?


Social Fatigue - we've twittered, we've facebooked, we've G+....

The Marketoonist Tom Fishburne just took a stab at social fatigue with a spot on comic and blog post. You should have him in your RSS for a giggle-dose.

The arrival of Google+ is a good time to revisit and reevaluate how our brands interact with consumers. It’s not enough for communication to be good for the brand. It has to be good for the consumer.



Charlie Brooker takes on advertising (and slaps a creative about)

You have to love 'Confessions of an advertising insider - Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe - BBC Four' if only because they managed to work in the awful line: "Right, so the director is shooting a load in to the actresses mouth." Yipes!

Via @LondonAdGirl


Ryanair offers Rebekah Brooks cheap getaway

Ever tasteful Ryanair have this image up on their website today. Stay classy.


Stuck for ideas? Spin the "Wheel of Concept"

Thanks to wheel of concept I can piss off to the pub early, not only did it sort out what I should be doing for my next campaign, it even handed me a nice PDF chock-full of buzzwords that I can print out and impress people with. Really really gullable people.


Visual pun of the week: Hoovering Art Directors

We all know and love hovering Art Directors. Now there's Hoovering Art Directors! Tune in next week when the tumbr blog of time-sheets covering art directors shows up. "Worked on research for client X all Friday, was certainly not stoned in the factory gift shop for four hours."


The new and improved Copywriter Infographic. (sans typo)

It's Friday the 13th so it seems a good a time as any to giggle a little at George Ellis hilarious copywriter infographic that started the rounds on the web last week. The giggle-worthy twist here being that the word accessories was spelled with three s's until @lucalepori spoke up on Wednesday. While you're at George's site, check out his work for Shiner beer, that live band billboard idea is pretty nice. You can also follow him on twitter @thegeorgereport.


Microsoft + Skype = SkyNet?

By now you've heard of the high priced deal between Microsoft and Skype. You can consider how the Skype deal can pay off for Microsoft or look at it from the other angle and ponder how the Microsoft deal is good for Skype, or you can just be a silly little logo-geek with too many pop-culture movies references in your head and post the logos merged together. Skynet. Oh yeah.

Via @Coudal and thanks for giggling with us @LeslieBAP


Coal Cares! Free Inhalers for your child!

Coal Cares™ is a brand-new initiative from Peabody Energy says the website where you can find the Puff-Puff™ designer inhalers. Want Justin Bieber on yours? You got it - and if you order now you get a free pencil! The site also sports fun facts, like wind energy kills the poor little birdies. "Wind turbines can kill up to 70,000 birds per year, or 4.27 birds per turbine per year. Coal particulate pollution, on the other hand, kills fewer than 13,000 people per year.". Remember kids, coal kills people, not birds.