advertising jokes


advertising jokes


Charlie Brooker takes on advertising (and slaps a creative about)

You have to love 'Confessions of an advertising insider - Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe - BBC Four' if only because they managed to work in the awful line: "Right, so the director is shooting a load in to the actresses mouth." Yipes!

Via @LondonAdGirl


Ryanair offers Rebekah Brooks cheap getaway

Ever tasteful Ryanair have this image up on their website today. Stay classy.


Stuck for ideas? Spin the "Wheel of Concept"

Thanks to wheel of concept I can piss off to the pub early, not only did it sort out what I should be doing for my next campaign, it even handed me a nice PDF chock-full of buzzwords that I can print out and impress people with. Really really gullable people.


Visual pun of the week: Hoovering Art Directors

We all know and love hovering Art Directors. Now there's Hoovering Art Directors! Tune in next week when the tumbr blog of time-sheets covering art directors shows up. "Worked on research for client X all Friday, was certainly not stoned in the factory gift shop for four hours."


The new and improved Copywriter Infographic. (sans typo)

It's Friday the 13th so it seems a good a time as any to giggle a little at George Ellis hilarious copywriter infographic that started the rounds on the web last week. The giggle-worthy twist here being that the word accessories was spelled with three s's until @lucalepori spoke up on Wednesday. While you're at George's site, check out his work for Shiner beer, that live band billboard idea is pretty nice. You can also follow him on twitter @thegeorgereport.


Microsoft + Skype = SkyNet?

By now you've heard of the high priced deal between Microsoft and Skype. You can consider how the Skype deal can pay off for Microsoft or look at it from the other angle and ponder how the Microsoft deal is good for Skype, or you can just be a silly little logo-geek with too many pop-culture movies references in your head and post the logos merged together. Skynet. Oh yeah.

Via @Coudal and thanks for giggling with us @LeslieBAP


Coal Cares! Free Inhalers for your child!

Coal Cares™ is a brand-new initiative from Peabody Energy says the website where you can find the Puff-Puff™ designer inhalers. Want Justin Bieber on yours? You got it - and if you order now you get a free pencil! The site also sports fun facts, like wind energy kills the poor little birdies. "Wind turbines can kill up to 70,000 birds per year, or 4.27 birds per turbine per year. Coal particulate pollution, on the other hand, kills fewer than 13,000 people per year.".


Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals - when will Ikea sell the TJARDIIS?

College Humor has created sci-fi Ikea manuals for the Dr Whos, time travelers and Jedis of the world. There's a manual for "LITSABBUR", "TJARDIIS" and of course the "DJILORRIAN". Get cracking now and you'll soon have at least two ways to go back to 1977 to buy Apple stock.


Can we get #advertisingbandnames to trend?

It's @strawberrycough's fault, as he went on a roll making up #advertisingbandnames last night, and we, of course, had to tag along. With so many creatives on twitter who have gotten wind of this hashtag by now, it's getting funnier by the minute. Join in.

Some examples from the massive hashtagflow:

No Concept #advertisingbandnames

The scamps #advertisingbandnames

Death on the foamcore #advertisingbandnames

Has to play 80s or earlier: Exacto Cut and the Spray Fix #advertisingbandnames


April Fools: No we're not part of Starbucks Digital Network. But we even had them going.

GOTCHA! I've been playing all the news with a straight face today, and only one single piece of news was actually real, I'll leave it up to you to guess which one. The announcement that Adland joins the Starbucks Digital Network was not though. I honestly thought terrible coffee-stained background, a parodied starbucks mermaid and a misspelling of my own name, plus a Starbucks banner that leads to The Museum of Hoaxes were clues enough to set y'all straight, but apparently not.

Stephen Gillett, ( @stephengillett ) Business & Technology Leader CIO & EVP, Digital Ventures at Starbucks, drinks enough caffeine to keep track of who they're actually doing business with though, and saw right through it. He tweeted us

: @adland I would love to have you on our Digital Network, email me directly: [email protected] @adambrotman @starbucks

- and had me going for a split second there (damn, I need more coffee!) before I spotted the "yahright" in the email. Well played sir. LOLs were had, and in a few short hours, we'll be going back to the regular adland look.

P.S. My mom would like you all to know that I'm grounded forever. Apparently she had time to call half of the family with the news before I cracked. Sorry mom.