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advertising jokes

How a web design goes STRAIGHT TO HELL

New Years Resolution 2010: Never work for these clients again.

The Oatmeal has the story of how a web design goes to Design Hell to show you, complete with insane requests from clients.

New bulb joke I haven't told you before.

Q. How many designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. I think really the issue is not so much the lighbulb in this case, but the relationship between the lightbulb and the ceiling around it, and if were to introduce a lighbulb at this point, what knock on effect would that have on the room in general. A lightbulb in this context may seem like a small addition but in actuality could have an effect on the whole which will require a considerable amount of subtle work to be carried out on the general interior design which would, of course, result in budgetary issues for you. Not saying we couldn't screw it in, but best to establish a baseline for this at an early stage.


You'll read my, You'll read my, You'll read my Neutraface: Ode to a font. (set to Pokerface)

creative director and mouse

7 ways to kill an idea: the illustrated guide

Bytesized labnotes has An illustrated guide to seven ways to kill an idea. Enlarge the image to see the delicate illustrations by Scott C in their full glory. If you like his style you should check out his Double Fine action comics.

Update To kill an idea is competing in Eurobest.


CGI-brows - "This will literally change the face of the motion picture industry" Mark Kermode

Congratulations to Andrew Gaynord the Virgin Media People's Choice Award winner 2009 who brings us this Friday Fun, a mockumentary of CGI-brows.


Packaging Is Advertising, Right?

Eh, really I'm just using any excuse I can to mention Richard Thompson's awesome comic strip Cul De Sac.

Ah, but those mascots figure prominently in this weeks-old (see how I'm continuing with that?) Dunkin' Donuts ad. Good for a laugh, and the folks at AdFreak (where I first saw this) like it too.

But it's not getting me any closer to trying those biscuits.


Mad Men - Boston 2009 / Red Sox Joey McIntyre and the f-bomb.

What would happen if Mad Men was MA Men set in Boston 2009 instead of New York cirka 1960? We'll, theres be a lot more fucking swearing that's fer fucking sure. Wicked awesome.

cheese or font

It is time to play CHEESE or FONT?

It is time to test your skills, and try not to get too hungry as we play cheese or font a game made by @mogrify because @dickchiclets said something funny on twitter. Take THAT all ye doubters who think twitter is all about announcing what you had for lunch, it's a nerd-game-development tool you fools!

In the game of Cheese or Font almost everyone gets stumped at least once by Helvetica.

Next game: Fonts that sound like medical conditions.


In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics! *

Dear stupid banner ad. How I love thee. Let me count the ways.

You blink like it was Netscape 1999. Looking at you makes me think of Jakob Nielsen screaming "it is simply evil" in despair.

You promise me a way of generating free electricity forever. In a software box. Software. So whatever I'll be doing in order to break the laws of thermodynamics, I'll be doing it on with a computer running on electricity. Good to know. You're selling a perpetual motion machine - oh sorry a "zero point magnetic power generator" - in a software box. This makes me laugh so hard I've ruined my makeup today.

You link to the most useless and complicated diagram of all time, and that alone makes me laugh out loud. It's "the grid" see? So thank you dear Magniwork, for all the laughs. Good luck in rounding up the suckers with that banner ad.


The most interesting man in the world. Not.

xkcd homages the "Most interesting man in the world" campaign by introducing us to his complete opposite.


The "Sign Police" are coming to a sign near you.

There are many many signs out there, and it seems almost as many people who get annoyed by how the signs are written.

lowercase L has a funny example of peoples bad habit of writing "please" as "PlEASE", and sign-cop has RETAlIATED.

Then there's The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks that has us in stitches showing off signs like the "healthy" snack one.

Then there is this guy, who photographs the horror in New York, he has pages & pages of misspelled signs.

ultimate sign-fixing heroes are Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, still, even after they got arrested for fixing a typo in the Grand Canyon.

What's your hobby?