advertising jokes


advertising jokes


That Verizon "Can you hear me now" idea is as old as Chaplin films

Can you hear me now? Good.

Either this woman is a "Time Traveler" with cell phone spotted in this 1928 Charlie Chaplin flick, yapping about how marvelous the roaring twenties are.. Or she might be working for Verizon and just testing the future (and past) cellphone network they're building now.

Via Geekologie who also have another film with our mystery lady and a chat-up from George Clarke who watches way too many films who spotted it.


ArrrrrrR! It's international Talk Like a Pirate day

Arrr, ahoy, gar! Today, matey, is talk like a pirate day, and t' celebrate, I have a hack har that makes all ye retweets o' anythin' adlandy look all piratey. Well, har on adland at least - see screenshot abo'e, tis' doin' it right now t' all retweets e'er seen undeneath each post/ad. Tis' also muckin' with menu-titles and 'arious other bits that it can change har, so if the site seems t' be talkin' pirate at you, tis' because it is talkin' pirate at you. Hoist t'Pirate Flag, gar! Team Pirate salutes ye me hearty, gar!


Wait, what does your startup do?

Running low on elevator pitches? Need to shake things up a little? It's this for that.com will put sites/services together with targets and now you can generate as many bogus startups as you want in no time at all. This is almost as good as what the fuck is my social media strategy, but it needs moar f-bombs.


What the fuck is my social media strategy?

Oh yeah. I though this was brilliant when it did what the fuck should I make for dinner, but then they went and made it all betterer™. http://whatthefuckismysocialmediastrategy.com for all your fucking social media strategy needs. The internet rocks.


Friday happy hour: the Gin & Titonic

At the end of a long hard work-week, we could all use a little bit of cheering up. Thanks to Leslie for showing me this, I love myself a pun. It's the Gin & Titonic ice cube tray. Cheers!


Hairvetica - the stalker font

We tweeted this yesterday and it's going around like a bad flu, but we really wanna give some Google love to Vladimir Koncar's "Hairvetica", the font made out of ... hair. Yes, it's likely that hair too by the looks of it. This is the font stalkers will use to spell out "I AM CALLING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE" in your bathtub.

This is not the only nutty font that Vladimir has created though, in the Dairy Type Project there's gummi bear type, meat type and condom type as well.


Agency is? Client is? Stop fighting kids, you can both have the c-word.

Creatives You're stuck at work on Easter Friday when you'd much rather be out in the park playing ball, because you have to come up with yet another concept to fit the new strategy your wishy washy client has come up with. Vent at The client is a cunt.

Clients You're stuck at work on Easter Friday when you'd much rather be out relaxing with freinds, because you have to go through the fifteenth revision of the campaign proposal from that agency who keeps changing the basic strategy. Vent at The Agency is a cunt.

Illustration, the cover of the Cunt Coloring Book


Qualcomm explains recent butterfly attacks on men: due to stolen prototype

Butterfly attack #1


Youtube launches new film format: TEXTp saves you bandwidth

You've heard of 720p och 1080p, well youtube can save $1 a second when they use the new format TEXTp - and this is what The Toshiba Space Chair Project looks like in this groundbreaking new format. Technology really is amazing.


Perlorian Brother breaks new directing ground : Remote direction with Tele Direct Robotics

The Future of Commercial Directing in Two Words: Plastic Avatar
Duo Call Action From Miles Away With New Directing Technology.

Directors the Perlorian Brothers have proven that Woody Allen’s adage that ninty percent of life is just showing up doesn’t hold true when it comes to the game of commercial directing. That’s because they’ve perfected a new system of directing actors remotely, without ever setting foot physically on set.