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Carlsberg asks "Are you Beer body ready" spoofing Protein World

I suppose a congratulations are in order for Protein World whose trolling as a social media strategy made their Beach Body ad as famous as "Hello Boys" once was. Old adgrunts may recall that "Hello Boys" was spoofed a lot.


The Most Terrible fatal car crash ever - Intouch outsmarts youtube crash viewers

Dashboard cameras are common in Russia, and some of the most widely viewed youtube clips in Russia are of car accidents recorded on dashboard cameras. Armed with this insight, the INTOUCH Insurance company, which stands for responsible driving, wanted to convey the dreadful consequences of speeding to drivers - using the dashboard clips in a different way. BBDO Russia Group created a ten minute dash cam clip that shows a routine trip on a sunny day, and as the long clip drags on viewers get impatient and start using the scroll bar to try and find the accident.


Google, NPR, Pandora join Trojan Horse organization to help artists

Another day, another group of big data and evil corporations trying to influence public policy by lying to you. This new one is called Mic-Coalition. Pronounced "Mike," as in Microphone, as in "give the people a voice." Well, what voice do they want to have, and who exactly are these people? Let's examine. On their website you are greeted with this mission statement:


‘Killing Jews is Worship’ billboards in a subway near you soon (NYC)

The American Freedom Defense Initiative and Pamela Geller have been cleared to run even more controversial ads by U.S. District Judge John Koeltl. He ruled last week that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) cannot stop their most recent controversial ad from running on scores of subway cars and buses..


Bomb Threats and Protests - The Protein World Story Continues

In news which surprised no one, Protein World has reported a bomb threat against them, while protests are scheduled in Hyde Park for the weekend. But, I cannot stress this enough as UK Correspondent, 99.999% of Londonders could not give less of a shit about these ads. Even working in an advertising agency, I have not heard it discussed even once amongst colleagues.


If "grow up Harriet" becomes a meme, blame Protein World

Social media in general and Twitter in particular has become increasingly difficult for brands to find the right tone of voice to use in. It doesn't help either that most people like to use twitter to complain straight to brands, whether they are customers or not, about everything from delayed flights to choice of background color in a brands advertising campaign.


Adland Live from D&AD Judging Week

The walk into the Old Truman Brewery is deceptive. You enter up some stairs, following the neon yellow flags fluttering in an uncomfortable English breeze and before you know it an army of signs, loud and confident in their protestations, surrounds you. “The past is history, now is the future!’ says one, another boasting in all caps that “Good is not good enough.” You’ve entered into a large reception with an impromptu coffee shop, sofas, creative-looking people with their noses buried deep in MacBook Pros. This is not the deception.