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Tech Giants vow to end hate speech. This ought to go well.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have all vowed to respond to online hate speech in less than twenty-four hours."as part of a joint commitment with the European Union to combat the use of social media by terrorists,"


One in five smartphone users choose adblocker

A New York Times Article today is bemoaning the fact that Google and Facebook, who have given you a free service in exchange for collecting all of your data, now find themselve


Musicians take heart: bandcamp has your back

We're not even halfway through 2016 but the year is as bleak as still ever for musicians. Despite best efforts to convince the world that streaming/webcasting is the inevitable future and it is great for artists one need only look at some examples closely and skepticism sets in.


Facebook denies claims they manipulate trending topics

Gizmodo has an article where anonymous ex facebook workers claim that they manipulated trending topics.


The "Twitterati" are not served Twitter ads

On Twitter, you might see me as a little red TV adland, as that usually is me cracking snarky jokes at all hours of the evening, though I am not the only person here who has access to that account.


Is your advertising budget funding copyright infringment? The IWL can help you.

We've often spoken about advertising funding everything from piracy sites to allowing your brand to be associated with child pornography.


Facebook stops forwarding your emails 1 May 2016

To the surprise of no one, Facebook has announced that it will no longer forward your facebook.com emails to your actual email, thereby giving you yet another reason to open up that app or visit their page so they may collect that sweet sweet data about you and sell it to advertisers.


Buzzfeed missed its revenue target - by a lot.

An article in the Financial Times entitled "BuzzFeed slashes forecasts after missing 2015 targets" brings about the startling news that the Listicle makin' gif sharin' take-me-seriously-as-a-jou


Twitter's NFL deal might be a giant fumble

In the last three months of 2015, Twitter lost two million users and shares plummeted 12%. It's moments feature and the Orwellian named Trust and Safety Council


AOL responds to ad banner blocking with: "It's the creatives fault"

First Marissa Meyer believes that better creative will stop people from blocking banner ads, and now Tim Mahlman, AOL’s president of publisher platforms, joins in.