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Apple rejects game app for containing images of Pepe the Frog - saying that's "objectionable content"

Remember Pepe the frog? The cartoon frog that has now evolved into a meme God that did indeed decide the U.S. election?

Spotify settle class-action lawsuit filed by David Lowery and Melissa Ferrick

Nothing hurts an IP offering like a class-action lawsuit. With that in mind, nearly a year and a half after the class-action lawsuit was filed against Spotify over unpaid royalities, it looks as if it will be settled.

.@Sweden protects "freedom of speech" by blocking 14,400 supposed Nazis on Twitter. Removes block after pushback

The famously controversial PR account for Sweden on Twitter, is once again grabbing news headlines around the world. And not for winning countless ad awards.

Burger King redubs "Connected Whopper" ad, triggers Google devices again

It took only three hours for Google to block the "OK Google" voice command from the original ad, but Burger King isn't stopping their shenanigans just yet.

Youtube to small creators: No money for you

Imagine if your Executive Creative Director pulled you into his office and said "Hey dude, we're only interested in making creative that gets a ton of views and earned media so from now on I'm only going to start paying you if your ads register more than three million hits on social media sites

Martin Sorrell, WPP CEO says boycotting Google "doesn't make sense"

"They are media companies, they are not technology companies, they cannot masquerade as technology companies and they are responsible, just like you and everybody else, for the content that goes out on their channel and they have to take responsibility," Sorrel said in a

"36% of consumers think that brands endorse YouTube’s offensive content"

In light of recent news about the Youtube/Google advertising exodus, Adweek commissioned Survata to run an online poll and found that 36% of consumers think an ad is

Be wary of buying ads on Reddit, the numbers are cooked.

Reddit, the famous "front page of the internet" works by users gathering & generating the content and posting it to the appropriate subreddit.


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