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Google Glass app watches the CCTV's watching you

Sander Venhoof, a Dutch artist who uses his digital skills to explore new frontiers, has created an app for Google Glass that alerts you to security cameras watching your every move: Watch Your Privacy. The app will also alert you to any Google Glass wearing people nearby, and for that to work, your Glass also uploads your co-ordinates whenever you're out, making the surveillance circle complete.


Spotify does not want you to make money.

Hey kids. Remember Vulfpeck? Sure you do. They are a really great band who had an ingenious idea to make some money on Spotify by creating Sleepify. They released an album of silent tracks and asked their fans to play it on repeat while they slept, to help them raise money for their tour.

Everyone thought it was hilarious. Until they raised 20,000. And then Spotify put an end to it.


Dropbox DMCA takedown in personal private folder

We've known since last year that Dropbox will block public links to files that are infringing on copyright, and for a brief tweet moment, it seemed that they could do more than that. This here screendump makes it look like they can delete the files too, as Darrel Whitelaw discovered this message in his personal folder...


Goldieblox issues non-apology apology - WHO IS SURPRISED?

Goldieblox has posted the apology that they legally settled to do, instead of continuing into the court battle that Goldieblox started. It's a non-apology apology, hiding behind semantics, and its served as an image at the bottom of their website.


Beastie Boys settle for Goldieblox apology - and profit donated to girls charities

It's almost been two months since Golideblox and Intuit danced disruptively into the Super Bowl sunset. High fives and beer all around, copyright infringement be damned. Yay, Yay, Narrative Play!


Slate's Anti Copyright rant sounds like a letter from your psycho ex.

Slate has a new blog post out under their Future Tense section entitled "Hollywood's Copyright Lobbyists Are Like Exes Who Won't Give Up."


HistoryPics and Gawker media: building audiences on copyrighted works, without permission.

"Look at Buzzfeed. Their business model is more or less using copyright images."


Silicon Valley: where free labor is even better than cheap labor.

An article in the L.A. Times, mentioned there's a new scheme to help rehabilitate prisoners. Thanks to our friends in Silicon Valley. A high-tech incubator known as The Last Mile has been launched in Northern California's San Quentin State Prison. I guess it's kind of an incubator within an incubator, considering they're prisoners and all.


Did Iron Maiden turn piracy into paying customers? No.

Jeez Louise you'd think at this point people would smell a rat quicker but apparently not.

Back on December 20th, CITEworld posted this glowing article about how heavy metal legends Iron Maiden were learning how to profit from piracy. The article implied that UK-based analytics company Musicmetric were tracking analytics from Iron Maiden downloads on torrent sites to see where they were most popular.


Kanye West sued for infringement

First the guy has the audacity to create the world's worst video for "Bound 2." Now we come to understand that the amazing sample--rhe one that gets stuck in your head over and over of the child singer dripping with darkness and queasy greasy awesomeness repeating "Bound to fall in Love" over and over, has been straight up ripped off.