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Global brands shun Google advertising, finally - Google tighten content controls

We've been writing about the many issues Google ads have had for years, they way they appear on everything from ISIS recruitment to

Google and Bing will make it harder to find illegal streaming sites. *wink*

After all this time, Big Tech monopoly Google and its competitor Bing will start "self policing," and making it harder people to find illegal streaming and download sties that pirate content.

PewDiePie can teach us a lot--about Youtube's corporate sleaze.

According to journalists, PewDiePie makes a lot of money. Although no one knows exactly how much, they're sure it's in the millions, anywhere from 4 to 15. Up until recently, every article centered around the fact that that Swedish man whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, makes a lot of money.

2017 Superbowl commercials appear on Youtube pre-roll before ISIS videos

On Super bowl day, companies paid up to $5 million for 30 seconds to be seen by the right demographic. Meanwhile on Youtube, the same ads are pre-rolls to terror-linked videos.

Grave robbing David Bowie and other copyright issues

I am writing this three days before the one year anniversary of David Bowie's death. The man touched many with his music, acting, art, and mere presence.

Run-DMC sues Wal-Mart, Amazon for 50 million

Darryl "D.M.C.," McDaniels, founder of RUN-D.M.C has just filed a law suit against Amazon and Walmart for at least fifty million. for selling merchandize without their permission, including walle

Twitter ads and ad revenue on social media is tied to ISIS propaganda claims suit

The family of Nohemi Gonzalez, who was slain in the 2015 Paris attacks, claims in a lawsuit that Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google profit from targeted advertising linked to terrorist propaganda promoting violence.

The price of online ads and what goes to the middlemen

There's a really good article over at Adlingo that you creatives should take a gander at.


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