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Instagram launches "quote tweet" style re-sharing of stories.

On Instagram you can soon complement or trash talk other people’s Stories, or refer to something you posted previously with an embed a “see post” button. Yep, it's like the "quote tweet reply", but now on Instagram for stories.

Buzzfeed is losing the buzz - announces layoffs, and ad restructuring

Buzzfeed has long been the advertising agency darling of the digital native advertising trend, thanks to extensive tours of ad agencies around the world.

TIDAL & Mercedes-Benz Announce Partnership

Mercedes-Benz and global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, have announced a long-term partnership – in the next few months, Mercedes-Benz customers that have connected their car to the Mercedes me Portal will be able to access a complimentary TIDAL HiFi membership.

Sex traffickers hide in plain sight

Canada has a human trafficking problem. Young Canadian girls are forced into prostitution across the country. Most Canadians are unaware of this issue.

Dream Machine: The Backlash That Never Was

Photo by Steven Ruud

Rainbow flag designer has been commemorated with a free font family

On 31 March, 2017, Gilbert Baker a designer by trade and the creator of the iconic Rainbow Flag passed away. Gilbert was the creator of the iconic rainbow flag, which has been an instantly recognisable symbol of LGBTQ social movements since the 1970s.

The adaptive copywriter resume with "more hard sell" and "less hard sell"

If you are looking for a copywriter and have grown bored with the cookie-cutter portfolio ads sites you'll find Joe Coleman's Resumé website very refreshing.

A concrete resumé - we mean literally made out of concrete.

It's been a moment since we last showed a good business card or portfolio stunt here, but here's an interesting way to get noticed.

Futuracha Pro, the font that changes ligatures depending on context blows up on IndieGoGo

There's only three days left on this IndieGoGo, but they already made 1597% of their stated goal.

Oscilloscope promotes Cat Adoption in a Facebook Live event

Let's face it, at this point we're all avoiding social media (except Instagram) lest some Red Maga Hat or Pussy Hat Debbie downer comes along to kill the buzz. (What is it with politics and hats?) Good news, at least for cat lvoers.


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