Google's bluetooth enabled shoe can trash talk your lazy ass

At SXSW Google unveiled a talking shoe. Their ad innovation program “Art, Copy and Code” just birthed sneakers that can talk your ass into getting off that dang couch. ABC news spoke to Aman Govil, the lead of the advertising arts team;

"If you put what the shoe knows through an algorithmic logic engine, it can translate it into copy," Govil explained. "Now if you give that copy to an interesting copywriter, you could give the shoe personality. One shoe could be the trash-talking shoe."


Nutella gives us hazelnut high heels on International Women's day.

Nutella's facebook page is currently celebrating international women's day with a pic of Nutella high heels and handbags... because this is of course all we women wish for. We are a gift to the world, and when we gift things to ourselves it's shoes...


WWF: All for Bear

BBDO Moscow has created All For Bear, to help save polar bears.
As you know, ice in the arctic is shrinking. Between that and pollution and poaching, it is thought the polar bear population may halve itself by 2050. Thankfully you can do something about it. Sign up through social media, click on the blue sea, donate some real money and "save a bear."

Donations support coastal monitoring, anti-poaching activities, environmental projects in the Arctic region and increase the survival chances of polar bears.

Head on over to All For Bear for some feel good low-engagement clicking!


WWF Russia

Victor Nikiforov Head of programms

Alexander Evgrafov Head of online

Maria Vinokurova Media officer


Referer spam still going strong - but who checks these days?

Referer spam has been around since at least 2002 when Wired wrote "When the spam hits the blogs" and even interviewed little ol' me about it. The nuisance was taking off then, and as many blogs had automatically updating link lists on their blogs these might have been the ultimate target. Because honestly now, one person checking their logs on occasion does not a great target make. Similar tactics are used to do trackback spam, which then allows the spammed link to appear in the targeted blog.
Back in 2002, this is what Pollak said:


How Instagram killed Firegram

Remember this? Cuckoo for Instagram likes? Then download firegram, right now at Techcrunch? That was the rolling start of a good idea™ designed to solve one wee problem Instagram had. As people maxed out their hashtags, searching "sunset" brought you thousands of sunsets but also junk that had no sun at all in the image, making searching tags ever more useless. Why are people tagging so much? To get likes. And on night it dawned on iAdam that if he made an app that people could only choose one tag for the photo, but then blast it, making the image end up in the top 150 in searches for that tag.. attention-seekers will get their fame and people looking for sunsets will get that. Awesome!


The end is nigh: Twitter announces their advertising API

Twitter has created an advertising API for those pesky promoted tweets that sneak into all the fun trend and your feed in general. Now, the first five partners who are currently bilding on this API and tested it with a select groups of their clients are Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital.


Funny Guy Fieri fake menu-site full of plagiarized twitter jokes.

Welcome to the latest funny-har-har on the intarwebs which is the domain-joke GuysAmericanKitchenAndBar that developer Bryan Mytko bought because GuysAmerican did not. Then they proceeded to fill the menu with tres funny jokes poking fun at Guy's style of cooking. Example:

Deep fried snake with a printed out picture of David Lee Roth stapled on it and a sparkler sticking out of each eye. Served with a side of Bud Light you have to wring out of a Hawaiian shirt.

This was announced on twitter and people applauded, laughed, and sent virtual high-fives to Bryan.


Amnesty International censors your tweets

Has your twitter feed been inundated with black bar-style censored tweets from your advertising friends?

If you haven't already figured it out, it's a new social media initiative promoting freedom of speech and whatnot. Head over to an Amnesty International microsite Tweet Censurado so you can see what your tweet would look like if it had black bars over it.

Interesting awareness concept, I guess. But censorship from governments doesn't look like this. Instead they just block internet access.

If you had partnered with Twitter to 'shut down' for a day to approximate what it really feels like,


More brands compromised on twitter - now it's MTV / BET & it's faked

This is actually getting tedious, but here we go again, now MTV's twitter account has been hacked and it's... awkward. BET has been hacked too. Why, it is as if someone was faking it.

Some say it's been easy password guessing, but here's whet we can say for definite as outsiders: all of these accounts have twitter in common. This makes it Twitters brand issue more than anyone elses.


Jeep on twitter copy-cat hacked: "Just Empty Every Pocket - Sold To Cadillac"

Remember yesterday when Burger King turned into McDonald's on twitter? Well today Jeep is suddenly taken over by scriptkiddies who are basically doing the exact same thing as the Burger King / McD cracking posse. None of these stunts are as funny as when Patrick Carney turned into Justin Bieber on twitter which is the gold standard of twitter-trolling now. I can't help but feel that the @Jeep & @Burgerking identity brand-swapping is a little bit inspired by that and a sudden discovery of a java exploit.