The Roots Manosophy Machine

Roots Manosophy Machine

Do you need help? Are you dumbfounded when making that critical decision? Uncomfortable at being forced to make a choice? Well no longer put life's stressful questions and consequences to one side. Roots Manosophy is here to help us through those moments in life, when our family, friends nor teachers have the answers and all we're left with is a solitary dribble moistening on our chins. The founding father of the Manosophy, Mr Roots Manuva, a usually misanthropic individual gives you a unique look into his psychic powers that allow him to provide universal answers to uplift and guide the soul to a spiritual plain of harmonious enlightenment. The Roots Manosophy will provide colossal insight in its own unique and all encompassing way.

As well as discovering the wisdom of Mr Roots Manuva, you can also join the movement and see what happens when the Roots Manosophy is put into action. Have a listen to his forthcoming single 'Too Cold' and watch him in action on a day like any other, in the video. Enter a fantabulous competition to win an evening out to see Roots Manuva, the man cited with the creation of the Roots Manosophy. Don't be scared, come in out of the cold and be disarmed by your newest and favourite Manosophy.


Pimp My Burger - BK Germany

Burger King in Germany are closing in on the subservient chickens fame, with their spoof of the TV show "Pimp my Ride". Instead of rides, they're pimping burgers. The attention to detail in this spoof is excellent.


John Cleese at the Institute of Backuptrauma

At the Institute of backuptrauma John Cleese plays Dr. Twain Weck in the film where he educates the unwashed masses on the horrors of using tape backup. Hat Tip to Clayton.


Harry Egipts cult following, remix his ads.

At StevenF's blog there is a Hakkliha Remix Competition going on. Remember those Estonian and hungarian 1980s commercials we mentioned here a little while ago? The entire web has discovered Harry Egipts Estonian advertising gems and now there's a game going on - remix the surreal Kana Hakkliha chicken mince ad to new music and post the results to StevenF's blog. See if you can make it even weirder than the original.. It's hard to top...


A real red nose day for Paul Kaye

Red Nose Day is a UK wide fundraising event organised by Comic Relief every two years. It culminates in a night of TV treats on BBC ONE to raise funds for charities in the UK and Africa.
This year, Asa Bailey Viral Advertising has helped out by producing a hard-hitting (literally) viral campaign for the UK charity. But now the charity have distanced themselves from it asking Asa Bailey to take of any reference to the charity, after the viral was deemed far too violent.
The viral clip is violent for real as the comedian Paul Kaye and a group of UK break dancers put on a skit but in the midst of shooting a fake headbutt went terribly wrong. On his que Paul Kaye entered the breakdancing ring and accidently headbutted a dancer for real, splitting his own nose in the process (ow!) and knocking the unlucky dancer unconscious...Brings a whole new meaning to red nose day doesn't it? After a few tense minutes both actor and dancer were given the all clear and the show went on. See the violent viral that Red Nose Day '05 don't want you to see here.


Font fetishists rejoice, P11 has made a kinky site just for you

Are you the nerd at the office who knows what Hermann Zapf meant by serifless Roman, who obsesses about the difference between Grotesque and Humanistic faces? You can tell your Arial from your Verdana, without them getting into a streetfight?

Then font fetish is for you. Any page that combines Betty Page and fonts wins us over. You might want to look at this page when you are at home..... Late at night, as the sounds are not safe for work baby.


Photos, blogging and fair use

PDN online has a story on photos blogs and fair use, as Naomi Harris recently found her picture on the popular soft-porn blog fleshbot, part of the ever expanding Gawker Media empire, which posted one of Harris' photos without her permission and linked to a documentary photoessay on Harris' site titled "Porn Star Academy." The traffic-bump from fleshbot forced Harris to find a cheaper ISP, bittersweet popularity; "For all I know most of these are probably perverts who were too cheap to pay for online porn," Harris said to PDN online.


Super Bowl versus, er, everyone else

You knew it was coming sooner or later. It wasn't enough we've got everybody in America rating the Super Bowl spots, now comes the big one.

That's right. It's America vs The World! (Which I guess in light of current events is kind of appropriate).

For you adgrunts in the States, you can catch The Greatest Commercials: Superbowl vs The World on CBS tomorrow night, February 4, at 8PM ET/PT. The results were tabulated from an online vote. But even though the polls are closed, you can still catch a montage of the combatants at


Having trajectile dysfunction?

Fellas.. If you are having trouble with your... swing.. you might want to check out the website

There you will find a spoof of those annoyingly cryptic ads where ye shall "ask your doctor if X is right for you", and by using it you'll recover from whatever and be able to throw footballs though tire-swings like a young lad again. Right down to the tire. And the missus only dressed in her hubbies shirt, in some alternate universe called suburbia-land this is "sexy". One wonders what they use that club for.


CP&B site spoof has nothing to do with CP&B

So that site has been making the blogrounds, as they are like CP&B but not CP&B and everyone and their aunt are weighing in their two cents on how funny that is.
A CP&B rep who's in the know said to me yesterday "As it made rounds here, we all got a huge kick out of it. But we don't know who made it. We tried to figure it out to no avail." - in other words CP&B have nothing to do with that site.
As soon as I heard that I phoned the number of the domain-owner to find out just exactly who was behind it, a man with a Korean-American accent answered the phone and I asked him if he owned
"No, I don't, what is that? This is the second phone call I'm getting about that today, do you know who they are?" I explained to the poor guy that CP&B are rather famous so that's probably why he's getting the calls, and that his number is listed on the WHOIS information, he was not amused.
"Could you tell them to stop calling and get my number off that?" he wondered, and all I can do is ask that anyone who reads this, don't call the WHOIS information domain owner number, it's an innocent third party.
Personally, I think the stunt went from funny-ish to crap at the moment they put someone elses phonenumber on the WHOIS info, if you are going to do that, at least put some robot-number or an answering machine, not another persons. For all I know I could have just called the korean neighbourhood deli in White Plains New York.