Scorching Girls for Virgin Mobile

Found at Revolution Magazine:
Virgin Mobile breaks a new advertising campaign spoofing "both East End gangster flicks and chicks-with-guns videos" in an effort to get people to check out their latest deals.

The ad is only available online, and is titled "Scorching Girls." Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R created the ad.


3D street chalk art used for ads.

You might have seen the 3D pavement images in emails, but did you know who the artist was?
It's Julian Beevers work, and his homepage here boasts more photos. Commissioned work includes ads for Sony Computers as well as potential ad ideas for fly spray to soft drinks, all very skilled anamorphic illusions, guaranteed to stand out. ;)


Leg it on Leap Day

Revolution Magazine gives the low down on a new viral campaign created by Lowe for

"Leap Day is traditionally the one day every four years where it is acceptable for a woman to propose to a man.
In the viral campaign, called "Leg it" a woman goes through a series of unappealing ablutions as she prepares for her lover to come over for a romantic dinner." She adds the final touch to her dessert, a male engagement ring. The door bell rings and the spot ends with the woman opening the door to an unseen boyfriend as "February 29. Time to start running lads" supers over her.


Volvo's spoof within a spoof for the S40- Mystery of Dalarö.

A new Volvo ad , a "documentary" (rather, a mockumentary), tells about the "mystery of Dalarö" where 32 families bought the same model car, a Volvo S40, on the very same day. The mocumentary ad can be viewed here, and in cinemas in the UK.

Now the site of Carlos Soto, the "director" of the mocumentary has a film where Carlos questions the authenticity of the Dalarö-mystery.

"I have posted a personal edit of the footage here. I point out inconsistencies that occurred to me while reviewing the footage, and show an accurate and impartial view of what I saw. The original edit tells what I thought was a genuine story, that I no longer do."

The kicker is, there is no Carlos Soto............


Rats in Quiznos subs?

Where did the Quiznos 'rats' come from? I thought they came from under the restaurant's refrigerator, but then a friend pointed me to the web.



Sign a contract with Satan, so you can bleed and succeed in advertising!

Or join the one Club. (either way, most people will suspect you signed a contract with the devil....)


Little red ridinghood in Japan

We don't know how we ended up in Anabuki's theatre , but we did and watched their ads.
We really wonder what that little Red Ridinghood is trying to sell? Healthdrugs? Prostate medicine? Can someone explain her furry friends balls? This is a japanese ad worh watching, if only for the 'wauw' at the end. Onwards to the cryptic ad.


Vladivar vodka virals itself

Behold, the TV spots tailor made for viralocity. Har Mar Superstar dances about, he is the new Vladivar Vodka front man.

What does he think is the best thing about Vladivar vodka? "They have me as their spokesperson."

Who ever said suburban Minnesota white boys can't rock the palace?

See also TheFuckingBest , Har Mar Superstars own fab website, where all films are available for download.

hat tip Claymore


Xiaoxiao animation does Matrix for Heineken.

Heineken in China premiere their second installment of Xiaoxiao stick animation Matrix flash movies.

You may get a better view over at MilkandCookies, where there are less chinese chars to run into... just click image below:

also at M and C - the Xiaoxiao series


apples ipod - has dirty little secret?

ipods dirty little secret

click on the image to reach a Quicktime movie.

Note that iPod Users Get Official Battery Replacement (Slashdot) and places like ipodbattery sell spare parts and extra widgets. You will void your warranty if you replace the battery yourself.