Pot Noodle - Natural Noodling Viral

The Pot Noodle brand is misbehaving online again, further building on the recent above-the-line advertising campaign.

glue London have developed a brand new site ‘’ which has been added to the ‘noodle web’ – the interlinking collection of homemade-looking microsites reinforcing Pot Noodle’s ‘irresistibly trashy’ characteristics online.

The main focus of the site is the 'Car Park Kernoodling game' – a groundbreaking interactive video piece developed by glue’s recently launched interactive film division SuperGlue, where players assume the role of a first time ‘Natural Noodler'.


Flat viral revivals - Motorola flat phone

You can watch a dodgy (but fairly amusing if you like flattening things) video at Hank-makes-it-flat, of Hank flattening some poor innocent scooters. Behind that horrible wallpaper and bad-skill HTML exterior it's all a pitch for Motorola razor phones, put on the web with the help of Digital Oxygen Ltd London. The amatuerish style of the website might remind you of the RubberBurner story (interview and clips here) which spread all over the web back in 2000, however in that case it was a little less obvious they were actually selling jeans. Also, they were funnier.


watch out - here comes iBitch 2.0

Claymore tips us to Arkham Films little iPod spoof - iBitch 2.0. iBitch is compatible with iSuck:

"With iSuck, I never have to pay for sex again. Infact, I don't leave the house anymore. I'm unemployed, bankrupt but who cares? It feels better than the real thing!"


DIY Democracy launches last-minute effort to get out to vote in the USA has got links to help people get better informed, discussion boards to voice opinions, a vote predictor that shows the current (projected) electoral vote count and downloadable posters so people can take part in a little do-it-yourself democracy.

Even Eminem wants you to vote. His new video Mosh is out, animated and mad. Viewable @, and pharyngula.


Banner ads tenth birthday!

Banner ads turn ten years old. They've evolved, become flashy, carry sound, blink worse than the blink tag ever did and given birth to far more discreet things called TextAds.

So what did the first banner look like? Appropriately enough it was a future-predicting ad from AT&T in their "you will" campaign from 1994, according to the website that collects old banners and celebrates the tenth anniversary 10jahreonlinewerbung.

Otto gives more info about this banner in the comments;

For the record: the "Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE?" ad was created for Modem Media/AT&T by TANGENT Design/Communications of Westport, CT.
Principal Creators:
Copy Writer: Joe McCambley, Creative Director, Modem Media
Graphic Design: Craig Kanarick, Associate, TANGENT Design (pre-razorfish)
Executive Producer & Art Director: Otto Timmons, VP, TANGENT Design
Brent Hood, CEO, TANGENT Design
Research Intern, Tangent Design (I will have to track his name down)
The Client, AT&T (a great guy and ditto on tracking the name down)
Although we had the most popular ad on Hotwired (according to Brian and Matt...) there were at least five or six other banner ads that launched at the same time and they too should get credit for being "first". I can remember Club Med, AT&T, ZIMA. Last but not least, O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator, GNN, started accepting paid advertising at the same time (one banner ad on the home page, as I recall).

Care to see the commercials that go with it? Robblink gathered them together - knock yourselves out.


Mint Condition Copywriter for sale on Ebay

They've sold Gold Lions, SuperBowl ads and even Alex the art director.

Now is the time for a mint condition copywriter to be auctioned off, she even comes with accessories! The alfapet board game (this is an untranslatable Swedish copywriter joke) a citybike and a cool guitar! Ingenious strategic mind included, and an Art Director sidekick can be arranged.




Chicago, IL - Slothmore Institute, a national organization supplying responsibility shirkers with excuses to stay home and the tools to negate the need to ever leave the couch, announced last month that its members would execute a large scale work no-show and sit-in.

The protest was scheduled to occur last week around the very immobile Picasso sculpture in downtown Chicago. The movement, or lack thereof, wanted to forward the cause of not having to work, to demand more home delivery of food, and argue that Chicagos garbage collectors be required to remove the trash from the garbage cans under members sinks. The organization can claim a 50% success rate, as members across the greater metro, failed to show up for work that monday, but also failed to show up for the protest.


Designers want you to vote, creating catalogs.

This US election is getting everyone involved it seems, from swift boat people to slow truck drivers. Even designers are using their skills to poke fun at and enlighten.

The latest designers have done catalogs. Yes, like a Crew catalog, but this one is for flip-flops. What should a fashionable prez be wearing when he talks about WMD? Sean Bonner has done the G.W: Crew Flip Flop catalog. There's even a .pdf version in case you'd like to print it and hand it out to people who need flip-flops.
Not quite as elaborate is Jestmags Banana Republican Fall Catalog.


Crispin Porter and Bogusky chickenfight.

Yet another game of chicken from CP+B, as Claymore noted called chickenfight "...because not even CP+B would dare call it cockfighting". If you have a camera and microphone attached to your computer you can even control the chicken by screaming "peck"!


Spray gives away free screensaver that DDoSes spam-sites, a Swedish portal, search engine, internet place to hang and the second widest used free email host has begun a new campaign to attract more Spray users.

The evil geniuses at Starring have put together a campaign that doubles as a DDos attack. Seriously.

Banners on all large Swedish site declare: "Make love not Spam" and take people to where punters can download a screensaver. The screensaver 'visits' (hits) well-known spam sites whenever it's in use. Sites that sell dildos, porn and Vigra are targeted. The more people that download and use the screensaver, the more often these sites will be 'hit', creating the effect that the targeted sites will be very slow to surf as their servers work overtime to answer all requests.

"We don't make it so that any of the sites crash, we just slow them down and make them difficult to surf. With more people using the screensavers, the slower their sites gets, and then we hope they might understand that it's just not worth using Spam as they do." Said Calle Sjönell to Resumé.