Winona Ryder lifts Marc Jacobs image...

It's now official: Winona Ryder is to pose for Juergen Teller in Los Angeles later this month. Ryder has been signed up to star in the Spring/Summer 2003 advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs, the very brand that she was caught lifting at an American department store. Rumours about this deal have been abuzz since mid-december. Exhale.


more seasons greetings

So, everyone is sending christmas greetings - and adgrunts do it better. ;-) From Maverick Media a film celebrating mr J's birthday, then we found in the pile of dead ideas a rejected xmas card from Kranzler Kingsley - meanwhile in holland Cayenne communications lets us make our own card complete with soundeffects while their hard working crew take some days off.


The Banner Art Collective announces winner of Buy Nothing Day contest

The Banner Art Collective has announced the winner of their Buy Nothing Day contest!

The winner, "buy-sell(f) nothing," won its creator, Zebra3, a grand prize of $0 (USD) and display on the front page of until the end of the holiday shopping season.


banner art

The Banner Art Collective ( has implemented a new design created by Garrett Lynch. The new design brings a vast number of improvements to the site, which collects and distributes and poetry created according to the limitations of WWW advertising.


one excuse short...

This is the season to practice for the awards.

Drink heavily each night - and with weary eyes line up the One Show excuse generator to whine about why you didn't get in to the One show...



friday funny film dose

Droll friday when you need to waste office hours one something?

amuse yourself watching william shatner priceline outtakes in both quicktime and media player formats over at

If that doesn't tickle you - how about the japanese Apple switch ads? Their very own version of Ellen Fleiss is the charming student momoko kikuchi (i hope i got that name right).


ESPN SportsCenter Commercials

What's your favorite ESPN SportsCenter commercial? View 18 of their best spots (streaming video) and vote for your favorite one here.

My favorite one wasn't listed!


The Decline of Fashion Photography

The Decline of Fashion Photography.
A brilliant argument in pictures.
Check it out at:


Phone-sex ads disrupted mobile phone connections.

OSAKA - japan Asahi in english:
Phone sex telemarketing to mobile phones allegedly jumbled up telephone lines Monday morning in Osaka Prefecture and Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, NTT West said.

A sharp rise in calls around 10 a.m. hampered nearly 5.16 million phone numbers. Yes I said 'million' this is japan after all.

Complaints of jammed phone lines began flooding Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) West around 10:30 a.m, when the company blocked as many as 50 percent of all calls, on both cellphone and landline. NTT West partially lifted the restrictions at 11:42 a.m.

At 10:59 a.m., the company cut off the phone lines to a so-called one-call telemarketing company based in Osaka.

The firm had made thousands of calls to mobile phones that morning......


switch to a better campaign

When the switch campaign launched it was only a matter of time for the spoofs to appear. Though the best spoof, might have been stoned Ellen Feiss who's dad's PC just ate her paper.... bummer...

No rest for the wicked, Macboy muses on a possible switch ad with Bill Gates. "I mean, my life's been nothing but trouble since I started microsoft".