The Decline of Fashion Photography

The Decline of Fashion Photography.
A brilliant argument in pictures.
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Phone-sex ads disrupted mobile phone connections.

OSAKA - japan Asahi in english:
Phone sex telemarketing to mobile phones allegedly jumbled up telephone lines Monday morning in Osaka Prefecture and Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, NTT West said.

A sharp rise in calls around 10 a.m. hampered nearly 5.16 million phone numbers. Yes I said 'million' this is japan after all.

Complaints of jammed phone lines began flooding Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT) West around 10:30 a.m, when the company blocked as many as 50 percent of all calls, on both cellphone and landline. NTT West partially lifted the restrictions at 11:42 a.m.

At 10:59 a.m., the company cut off the phone lines to a so-called one-call telemarketing company based in Osaka.

The firm had made thousands of calls to mobile phones that morning......


switch to a better campaign

When the switch campaign launched it was only a matter of time for the spoofs to appear. Though the best spoof, might have been stoned Ellen Feiss who's dad's PC just ate her paper.... bummer...

No rest for the wicked, Macboy muses on a possible switch ad with Bill Gates. "I mean, my life's been nothing but trouble since I started microsoft".


Lucky Star

bmw sets a trend?

It's a trailer to a movie called Lucky Star featuring Benicio Del Toro and directed by Michael Mann.
However there is no movie. It turns out that it's a commercial for a Mercedes SL.
But of course, according to a spokesman from Mercedes-Benz, they're thinking about making a movie based on the trailer.


apple disinformation.

apple switch campaign - the spoof of the entire apple 'switch' website.

suprise, it's still up. We thought someone would have sent a C&D by now.


Fuck That job!

straight from Mefi we follow links down to Keith's page on - man does Keith know how the underemployed creative/designer feels when he reads these ads.

"Soooooooo sick of seeing EVERY storyboard job trying to ply me with credit in lieu of pay. Even worse is promises of FUTURE work. Jiminy Jillikers, that sounds really lucrative!!

All I have to do is work for free this ONE time and I'll be set!!
I mean, gosh-a-rooty, they wouldn't lie or anything, would they? The Entertainment industry is nothing if not ethical!!!

The problem with these carrot-on-a-stick offers is that when you look closer you see that the carrot is just a week-old dog turd painted orange."


andy roddick's new powerade commericlas

good commercials (see link above for streams), but are they real or faked?

*note the films are windows media player.


x-box banned ad still viral.

Lots of people were passing the banned x-box advert around via mail - to the point that some figured it was pure viral.

But it did actually air in the uk, and the 136 complaints echoed in news reports across yahoo , BBC news and even stirred up a good discussion/ thread at metafilter.


Google Adwords: the most expensive word is free

Most artists are resigned to the fact they won't make money through their art. Christophe Bruno, however, decided to try use his art to lose it instead. And in the process he came up with a fantastic way to subvert search engine advertising.

His site tells an interesting story about how he bought Adword space on google and used it for his poems, and how google ended up censoring him.

It raises an interesting question about how the nature and value of words has changed - with 'free' being the most expensive keyword on sale.

Something to think about next time those focus group results come in...

Adland: The cheese lottery This promising site needs your help in finding the very worst the industry has to offer, including a couple of badland candidates.

It's fresh invective on a familiar theme - so submit your own suggestions and help build a worthy anti-tribute.

Or just blame the clients.