Little red ridinghood in Japan

We don't know how we ended up in Anabuki's theatre , but we did and watched their ads.
We really wonder what that little Red Ridinghood is trying to sell? Healthdrugs? Prostate medicine? Can someone explain her furry friends balls? This is a japanese ad worh watching, if only for the 'wauw' at the end. Onwards to the cryptic ad.


Vladivar vodka virals itself

Behold, the TV spots tailor made for viralocity. Har Mar Superstar dances about, he is the new Vladivar Vodka front man.

What does he think is the best thing about Vladivar vodka? "They have me as their spokesperson."

Who ever said suburban Minnesota white boys can't rock the palace?


Xiaoxiao animation does Matrix for Heineken.

Heineken in China premiere their second installment of Xiaoxiao stick animation Matrix flash movies.

You may get a better view over at MilkandCookies, where there are less chinese chars to run into... just click image below:

also at M and C - the Xiaoxiao series


apples ipod - has dirty little secret?

ipods dirty little secret

click on the image to reach a Quicktime movie.

Note that iPod Users Get Official Battery Replacement (Slashdot) and places like ipodbattery sell spare parts and extra widgets. You will void your warranty if you replace the battery yourself.


Kazaa plans defensive ad campaign

Now that Napster relaunched as a pay service, trotting out a campaign about the cat being back, Kaaza is planning an adcampaign of their own.

According to a brief statement previewing the campaign, the print ads will be a "call to action to peer to peer users to communicate the message that, given the chance, users will pay a fair price for movies, music and games from P2P networks." The ads are also intended to let traditional entertainment corporations know that they are 'missing a huge opportunity to reach file-swapping communities'. The print ad campaign will launch the 19th of November.


Alien Invasion

A new Greenpeace UK spot has aliens, portrayed by Eddie Izzard, Joe McFadden, and Jim Broadbent, pondering an invasion of Earth. Is it a worth while venture? Can their top man pull them together?

Check out the spot here. (quicktime and windows media)

Ad agency: HHCL/Red Cell.


bloggers strike back against comment spam

Spam (not the ham product) is the lowest form of
"Advertising". "Marketing" is a word that encompasses even the fly-by-night get rich quick and/or enlarge your penis 'businesses' who SPAM.

Spam is an ever growing problem, as peoples emails are getting more protected with blacklists, spamassasins and the likes, and those human authentication systems, where a human eye must pass a spam test before the mail is let through. Email is getting to be near worthless as a communications medium as many marketeers predicted in 97, and spammers are now turning to more fertile grounds.

Blogs, of course! Kalsey has written the anti blog spam manifesto and is getting hundreds of comments and trackbacks from blogs that agree.

Spam in blogs serves not necessarily to advertise the penis enlarger or free cable to the blogs readers, but to jack up the spammers Google Ranking. Rest assured that with MT comment spam blacklists and people who prune their blogs ever since the referral spams started to show up, this tactic is not very likely to work for very long.


Trojan Games: Masters of the precision vault

claymore "To quote from Reach and Frequency, competition is stiff". - Where the Americans are masters of the precision vault and the Ukranian pelvic weightlifting team hold arms out for three lights. A sure-fire viral condom campaign in the making, Trojan proves the brits have humor, if not sex even!


Florida Shorts Outside the Box

Film Florida presents Florida Shorts
A web based sitcom about creatives, producers, directors and other species. A series of short films that poke fun at the film production process, complete with stereotypes like the fussy creative director who demands perfection from anyone around him including cabdrivers and waiters. ;) shot by Mia Films director Massimo Martinotti.


Bigfoot or Elvis? In any case he's alive!

I've found a cool movie and website at:

click here to go to the movie page and select your language

Mystery solved ;-)