Grrrgame sells Honda Diesel

Somehow a cute fluffy rabbit game created by w+k for Honda UK is supposed to sell diesel engines. Search me how, as I just wasted all my billable hours on this.


A little music while you pee?

Is there some strange fasination with advertising to men in the loo? It seems like it with all the urinal advertising making the press lately, like Twist on bathroom advertising. This time, the ads on the urinal cakes take a unusual twist- they have recorded messages and music which is activated by motion.
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Clientcopia - a new place to vent.

Oh my! It's like an entire AdVent site - Clientcopia is where you can browse and add the dumbest things clients have ever said to you. Like "can we have four colours but we only want to pay for one". You can browse all the inane things that are in there already, or add your own. Can't get enough - bookmark this old dreamless client quote discussion for your chuckling pleasure.


Internal Nokia commercials? (UPDATED)


Elite Designers against Ikea campaign

Elite Designers against Ikea

The big blue place is odious, its affordable design is sickeningly shallow and we loathe it even more than we loathe football. Please join us in our unqualified hatred.

Call van der Puups number and you'll be greeted with a "funny accent" message +44 (0) 20 7729 4636 - a little reminiscent of Ugoff - the great pouch designer. This campaign is supported by commercials, posters and press where van den Puup headlines with the choice quote: "Ikea, you disgust me to my kidneys".


The world votes for US president

If you (as a non US citizen) could vote in the US election, what would you vote for? That's what GlobalVote wants to find out.

The crazy creative agency/team also known as Benrik have set up the site and promises: the result will be communicated to the US media 48 hours before the real vote and will no doubt swing it!. So vote, all you non US people, go on.

Update; Never heard of the Benrik folks before? Get aquainted by reading their Fonk for thoughts over at blogfonk.

Poke London and Cow PR had a hand in creating this toy as well.


The invasion of the advertising blogs

Once upon a time there were precious few sites in this vast world wide web that talked about advertising - Zeldmans ad graveyard was one of the few back then, appered way back in 1995 as well and in 1996 the humble first steps of Adland were made.
These days there are ad sites everywhere - and a new niche is blooming, advertising blogs, dedicated to advertising, PR, Branding and snarking the ad blogs are booming - I've decided to list a few, say 70 odd links for your surfing pleasure.


AUDI internet film is personalised car marketing

This was a link sent to Sam Deutsch as part of a mailout this week. A short film showing technicians discovering a match between his DNA and the VDT of Audi. Vorsprung Durch Technik.


90-Foot babe blogs for BuddyLee

A new commercial for BuddyLee jeans stars a 90-foot babe walking down the street to the tunes of Pretty Woman, view it here.


Nike viral - watch out for squirrels